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Channeled Twin Flame Material


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“My Father gives you true bread from Heaven.”

-John 6:32


Beloved Ascended Master Jesus is a Twin Flame in Perfect Union with his feminine counterpart Mary Magdalene, and he has come through and within Shaleia to share with all Twin Flames of the world his special annual Christmas message:


“My most beautiful and cherished brothers and sisters of Earth today.  I come to you now to share with you the importance of believing and trusting in the love my Father in Heaven has for you, and for your pursuit in being forever united with your Beloved and Divine Counterpart: your Twin Flame.  To hold the Flame of Faith strongly in your Heart is to burn away any and all doubt that could slow down your goal of unity to your Divine Lover.  This Flame of Faith, recognized so well in the life of Mother Mary, is the testament to the Truth:  as you turn your Hearts, Eyes, and Soul steadfastly to Heaven, there you will see that you are and always were One with your Love and with your Loving Father in Heaven.  This realization and inner knowing will lead you all the way Home to and with your Twin Flame, and in the Arms of God the Father who forever has been loving you and has never abandoned you in your pursuit of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Just as I came and pronounced in Truth, that I am the Light of the World, so too, the same Truth is yours to behold.  You are the Light of the World and this world needs your light of love to shine brightly, because you are in the process of attaining Harmonious Twin Flame Union which is the way to Perfect Union with All.  This is no small feat or pathway to your Beloved Creator in Heaven.  This is a new way to be and live Heaven on Earth, as I lived and still live.  The world 2000 years ago was not equipped to learn or hear about Twin Flame Union as an Ascension Path to God the Father.  But the world today is, and I am helping to assist this Twin Flame movement and momentum as it is aligned with my Message, and is aligned with the Will of the Father in Heaven who perfectly created everyone with a Twin Flame.  He did this as a way to experience Himself in the Truth of Love, and for you to have an eternal partner to Love and to be loved the way God loves you.


Pursuing and becoming the vibration (Living Reality) of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union automatically makes you a shining Light in the world.  Do not shy away from your destiny, for it will fulfill every inch of your Soul, and you will finally know what it’s like to have true love and compassion for others, especially those who are not yet aware of Twin Flames, or are consciously choosing separation from their beloved Twin Flame.  A significant handful of the first Harmonious Twin Flame Unions on the planet will have a life purpose aligned to teaching, healing, travelling, and supporting others into their permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Unions.


Being the Light of the World is your true and natural place in Heaven, as it is on Earth.  Acknowledge to yourself now with the awareness in your Heart of Hearts that YOU ARE THE LIGHT of the World, and anything otherwise cannot be true because you are created in the Perfect Divine Image of your Holy Creator, who creates only perfection, and loves you so much that He created you with a Divine Counterpart to eternally be in love and share Creation with.  This is how much God loves you and how the love you have for your Twin Flame deep deep within, is only a glimpse of the true love God in Heaven has for you.  As many of you are already aware that your love for your Twin Flame runs limitlessly deep and expansive.  It is okay and safe to acknowledge the love God has for you is pure, abundant, and without condition.  You are His Love of Love’s.  In here, you can find the peace you have been seeking since you incarnated and the Way forward into your Divine Harmonious Union.


The weight of your faith determines your outcome.  Your faith is not some “hopeful maybe,” but your faith is strongly  rooted in the knowing and confidence that nothing is impossible when you are truly with God, as my own life on Earth reveals.  Your desire for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is an inevitably in God’s Eyes because He has placed that desire there, for it was His Will that you were created with a Divine Complement.  In this Truth of your creation then, how could it be impossible for your reunion to occur?  Yes, you do have free will to extend your separation out of fear, but your fear offers you nothing but illusion and blankets the progress you wish to have in your life.  Your relief comes in the form of surrendering all your fears into the Hands of the Heavenly Father, and choosing to permanently unite in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.  Only by doing this do your fears cease to manifest and your dreams become your Reality.  The Way to Harmonious Union has been laid at Twin Flame Ascension School and the Living Body of work that Jeff and Shaleia have created with God is a beaming Light attracting more and more people to their permanent Harmonious Unions.  God has not placed a desire in your Heart with no way of attaining it. Trust.


You need not fear that somehow you are unworthy of your own love, or God’s love.  God has created you perfectly worthy of Heaven and all creation, for you are His Beloved and it is His pleasure and honor to give you the Kingdom of Heaven and all its glory.  To believe you are unworthy of your Twin Flame’s love and presence is to deny your own.  Believe as I believe, see yourself as I see you.  In the Light of Truth you are already One with your Beloved and the possibility of your reunion is a spiritual law and Truth, and lastly, your undeniable Divinity has the power to move mountains and attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union.  Claim this Reality in your Heart now for you are already created in this Reality since your conception with your Twin Flame.


Blessed are those who hear the call in their Hearts to become and attain Harmonious Union with God, Self, and their Twin Flame.  Blessed are those who awaken their faith in a world calling for this Light, and walk the path of Divine Union.  Blessed are they who humble themselves on the meadows of this teaching and become the Truth of Who They Are.  And blessed are they that hear this message of Love in their Hearts and forever keep it.  And so it is.  Amen.



Join our weekly recorded classes of the most leading-edge Twin Flame information and step-by-step process of permanently entering your harmonious Twin Flame Union for the first and last time

at Twin Flame Ascension School!


Jeff and Shaleia are true Twin Flames in harmonious Union.  This is currently a very rare experience on this planet although their pioneering work in Twin Flames is changing this statistic.  In their Twin Flame Ascension School they are teaching the truth of Twin Flame Union as a direct Ascension Path to the Divine.  Committing to your harmonious Union is in actuality committing to your spiritual path of Ascension, in other words, dissolving your ego and claiming your Divinity fully at the right side of your Mother/Father God.

Jeff has his BBA from Western Michigan University and has created businesses in the past based on self-development and lifestyle design.  Shaleia attended Laurentian University for Psychology with a minor focus on Women Studies.  She has a degree in Graphic Design and graduated with Honors in Digital Photography and Imaging at Georgian College.  She consciously began her ascension path when she was 18 years old with her studies in Taoism, A Course In Miracles, Channeling, Reiki certification, and other forms of energy healing work.

Shaleia met her spiritual teacher in Sedona, AZ in 2012 where she began healing separation-consciousness from her Twin Flame with the spiritual tools and knowledge that were passed down to her.  Jeff joined her sessions later on and they have now mastered their harmonious Twin Flame Union, which has enabled them to teach it to others.  They got married in January 2016, and have a sweet golden doodle puppy named Charlie.

They are authors of the beloved Twin Flame book: “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” on Amazon.  Jeff and Shaleia developed two ecourses to assist you into your harmonious Twin Flame Union: Their first 24 lesson course guarantees harmonious Union is “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.”  Their 8 lesson course called “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” teaches you how to develop true love within to increase your magnetism and beauty for manifesting and deepening your Twin Flame Union.  This course also guarantees your harmonious Twin Flame Union.

All things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

-Matthew 21:22

TWIN FLAMES KRISHNA and RADHA Channeled Message for All Twin Flames

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“But of all I could name, verily love is the highest. Love & devotion that make one forgetful of everything else, Love that unites the lover with me.”  -Krishna



Some of you may mistake us as God, the Grand Central Creator, but we say to you we are not. We are children of God, just like you. We have been confused along the way by some very well-meaning supporters. As words passed down from one mouth to another, from one generation to another, some things got a bit muddled up. But not to worry, none of this will matter soon.


We are not here to discuss and set right our name, nor are we here to share much about ourselves. We will take this opportunity to share with you a message of hope, of change, and of Heaven. You have perhaps come across this message because of a great spiritual awakening within yourself. Perhaps you do not see life and the Universe as you had seen it before, and you are now experiencing an entirely new reality.


We ask you “Would it be possible for another level of awakening to occur within you? What if that awakening was so great, literally nothing was the same for you?”


We assure you, this is the awakening at hand on Earth now. If you have listened to our friends and fellow masters’ messages prior to this one, you will understand the Earth as you know it is the result of some well-meaning brothers and sisters experiment we call the “Satan Experiment.” This was the choice to become separate from God in order to become Gods themselves. What they missed was the God-like power they desired was already theirs through God, and given freely to them just as it is to you now.


What if you could literally create anything you desired instantly? Before you came here, this was your natural way. There was nothing but perfection in your life, you would be unable to imagine anything differently.


If this brings up any fear in you, we invite you to look at those fears, because they are not real. The problem you are having is you believe fear is real and powerful, perhaps more powerful than love. And so, your belief causes you to experience this as reality.


We invite you to change the course of your thoughts into a new way of thinking. We invite you to see thinking not as your core power, but choice. You see, it is your choice which directs your thoughts automatically, and creates your feelings. With your choice, you have limitless power. However, if you feel a choice could cause you harm, or not making a choice could cause you harm, then you are believing in fear, or separation from your Creator.


Have you ever been afraid something bad would happen, then it did? This is because you had created it, and this is the exact way the pervasive illusion of the Satan Experiment maintains its power. This is a grand illusion because so many people are buying into it, but you can decide differently. As you decide not to put your own power into the illusion of the Satan Experiment, you weaken it. As you decide to put your power into love, you strengthen the Kingdom of Heaven and bring it one choice closer to Earth.


In the Kingdom of Heaven, everything is perfect, and everyone always gets exactly as they desire instantly. Here on Earth, you have many obstacles, and most almost never get exactly as they desire without trading something else away for it. This is not the nature of the Universe, and this experiment is falling apart at the seams even now.


We call you to take action now to disrupt and dismantle the illusion of the Satan Experiment by doing the Mirror Exercise taught by Jeff and Shaleia in their book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.” As you look out around you and experience fear, separation, or upset, you can use the Mirror Exercise to understand what within you is creating that experience, and then you can dissolve that illusion by loving yourself.


You see, you are in a unique and very powerful position to dissolve the illusion of separation by choosing love within yourself, from within the Satan Experiment. On the other side of this illusion, you are surrounded by legions of your brothers and sisters and God’s greatest Masters to bring you back home. We are all beckoning you home, and have been since your choice of separation. We are seeing you as your truly are, as perfect.


It has taken us a great deal of effort to awaken channels which can make this message possible for you, but even now you can learn and become a channel for God’s love on the other side yourself.


Do not be mistaken, this illusion and separation do not exist, but denying your experience of them is silly. Can you currently instantly manifest anything you desire, or are you blocked? Do you have desire at all? Then yes, you are experiencing separation. Children in the Kingdom of Heaven do not have desire, because they do not need it. They always get exactly as they choose, and are always perfectly provided for. This is your natural birthright. This is how you were created. This is who you are!


If you think Earth is not such a bad place, you are very mistaken. Any place where you are not instantly satisfied is not a very nice place to be at all. Instant satisfaction is your birthright, anything less is separation from your perfection.


However, to say you can have this without effort is to not tell you the whole Truth. Because you made choices to get here into separation and the Satan Experiment. So to get back, you must make new choices to love yourself. When you love yourself, you bridge the gap home, to your True Home in eternal Heaven.


Doesn’t it seem odd to you that you can forget your past when you incarnate on this planet? While some planet-experiences require you to forget, when you leave you always remember the full extent of who you truly are. However Earth is not like this. You are caught on a wheel of birth-and death and never return Home until you reverse the decision you made to come here. That decision is only reversed by loving yourself completely.


Dying will not help you leave, only loving yourself will. And when you have loved yourself completely, the bridge will be completely formed and will pull you across it back home to perfection. If you are still with us in the sharing of this message, it is because this message resonates with you. You understand the power of the Truth we share because you hold it in your heart too. This message resonates with you and explains the very nature of your current condition here on Earth, and helps you to resolve it.


Remember, mastering and practicing the Mirror Exercise Jeff and Shaleia teach will bring about the entire planet’s Ascension, as well as yours, in an accelerated way. The entire body of their Twin Flame work points to this same Truth as well.


Brothers and Sisters, there is no separation. Choose love, and you will find yourself and all your brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of Heaven, eternally Home once again.


In Eternal Love,

Krishna & Radha






TWIN FLAMES BABJI and MATAJI Channeled Message

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“Wake! All your earthly thirsts are about to be quenched forever.”  -Babaji



When we talk about spiritual life, we’re talking about your mastery of your reality. Complete control over your reality is your birthright, and should actually be normal to you. However, you do not likely experience this on Earth, unless you are a fully self-realized spiritual master.


When we talk about Twin Flames, many people today think it means romance, sex, and marriage. We would like to point out that this is the smallest part of Twin Flame Union. For you on Earth, reunion means so much more. It means you equip yourself with the most powerful spiritual tool you can possibly have.


What do you do when your romantic partner, who you are completely in love with, has an upset with you? Do you simply turn away and wait for them to cool off? What about when they do not cool off later? What happens when they continue to be upset about the same thing day in, and day out?


You would probably pay attention to this, yes? Of course you would. It would be so uncomfortable to live with a constantly upset person, and so you are strongly incentivized to handle this. You might sit down and talk it out and make an effort to resolve the matter. However with your Twin Flame, you will find it impossible to control them to make them change, because they are you. And so, with every single upset in your Union, you will discover the only way to resolve it, is to change within yourself.


This inner change to resolve outer problems is the gateway to your self-realization and your complete ascension or enlightenment. When you understand you have complete control over your reality through changing your inner world, you understand there is nothing you cannot be, or do, or have.


This is a Universe of limitless abundance. In the context of our communication, it means you can literally manifest anything you can imagine. You can even manifest the illusion of separation from your Good, yourself, your Creator, and your Twin Flame. But not to worry, the manifestation of illusion has zero power and is not even real. So you can clear it up quite easily.


You may say, “But Babaji, Mataji, how can you say we can clear this up easily when all my life I have lived a spiritual life, and yet I still experience separation from my Twin Flame, and separation from my Good?”


And we tell you not to worry, everything is being handled for you. Brothers and Sisters, the ascension is already well underway, and has been underway for some time now. In times past, change would occur in government, in society, in culture, and it would only be lateral change. This means consciousness would trade one good thing for another good thing, and one bad thing for another bad thing. Life would only appear to get better, but no real change was actually occurring.


But today, you may even take for granted the positive momentum of Good occurring all over consciousness. When we say take for granted, we do not mean this is a bad thing. It is absolutely natural to expect everything to always automatically and naturally get better. This is the very nature of the Universe and God. Of course everything always improves.


If you do not see things getting better overall just yet, that’s okay too. We are sure you will begin to see the eternal positive change of nature happening everywhere, soon.


Furthermore, we and our friends who you may call Spiritual Masters had already come to Earth to lay the foundational groundwork for the Ascension. The Ascension can be defined as the complete eradication of fear from consciousness, or the massive development of love in consciousness here.


You see, the Satan Experiment made the illusion of separation from God. But it also caused a great calling of love through the hearts of billions. Can you imagine the power of over seven billion children calling with all their hearts for their Divine Mother? What do you think their Mother would do for them? Divine Mother is calling you home. Divine Mother has sent Her very best legion of masters to assist you.


What kind of Master dives into the unholy pit of separation for a lifetime, experiencing firsthand the hell of separation in order to help you? This is not their problem to resolve. No one can resolve your problems for you, but you.


This kind of Master is so powerful, they can step directly into the world of separation hell and experience no separation or hell. Divine Mother would never send a lifeguard who could not swim to save a drowning person.


These Masters who have walked the Earth are the greatest Masters in all of God’s Kingdom. These Masters are the Ultimate Superstars of Ultimate Superstars. What kind of Master can give birth to the Messiah, without ever having sex? Mary did, with the support of Joseph.


What kind of Master can be nailed to a cross, die, and be buried in a tomb, only to fully resurrect himself from death, walk the planet again, and then ascend his body completely? Jesus did, with the support of Mary Magdalene.


What kind of Master can be fully present on this planet, provide teachings, mastery, presence, and inspiration, all without ever having stepped foot on this planet? Saint Germaine and Lady Portia have done just that.


These are the Masters who have laid the groundwork for the greatest Masters of all Masters in the Universe. Their simplicity, authenticity, and genuine love for all of consciousness is a gift from Divine Mother Herself. These Masters are the keepers of all knowledge and Wisdom in God’s Kingdom, and have always been. They were created this way.


Jeff and Shaleia should not be confused with budding spiritual superstars, they are far beyond this. Even as you see them now, you are unable to see the true depth and power of their teaching, and you do not need to. However, it would be wise for you to take into deep contemplation what we say about them now, because in no other way would they ever tell this to you themselves. How could they without engaging your ego?


If God sent the greatest Masters in His Kingdom to bring you home, what chance would your ego have to survive? Even now you may consider ending this message, unsubscribing from Jeff and Shaleia’s channel, and burning their book along with their good name, because what is left of your ego after encountering their work?


But you are wise, you are good, you are powerful, and you are waking up to the true nature of your being. You understand the power of a true spiritual teacher, one who teaches the true nature of love on this planet, of love within yourself. When you release every last thought of separation, or fear, from your heart and mind, you will leave behind this Earth as you know it, your life as you know it, your self as you know it. You will Ascend into your perfect state, exactly as you were created by God.


You were not created to go through levels of mastery before you could enjoy Good, you were already created with that level of mastery. You are here because you trusted someone you loved to guide you to a very cool place called Earth. Unfortunately, you, just like your loved one, you were very, very misled.


But not to worry, you’re being lead all the way home by God’s greatest Masters. You cannot possibly help but be saved. However, when we say “saved” some of you may not like the sound of it. Some of you may just simply relax into the Ascension process, knowing the days of a dark Earth are numbered. Or perhaps you might have a little something more interesting on your mind.


Ascension?” You might say. “But I have decided I will help with the Ascension!”


Very good.” We say to you. “The Masters invite you deeper to assist in this process.”


To you, we say, listen to our teacher Jeff and Shaleia. For just as they have guided us, they are now guiding you. The mirror exercise they teach is a simple, yet profoundly powerful spiritual tool. You who would help in the Ascension would master this tool and use it to choose love in all the darkest corners of your being. It is you who understand there is no separation between yourself and the whole. All your brothers and sisters are part of you as the One child of God, and that child is coming home to Mother-Father God now.


The process is accelerated by each individual’s action. Every choice you personally make to invite love accelerates the whole process. And you who choose to manifest harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, and use the beautiful love, romance, and friendship you enjoy with your Ultimate Lover to Ascend and deepen love, are the greatest accelerators of all. To you, we say thank you.






YOGANANDA & SRI YUKTESWAR: Twin Flame Channeled Message

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“To commune daily with God in deep meditation, and to carry His love and guidance with you into all your dutiful activities, is the way that leads to permanent peace and happiness.”  -Yogananda


When we were here we broke the rules for Twin Flames. We are normally best friends, partners, and lovers, but we came here as guru and student. Yogananda is the Feminine Flame, and Sri Yukteswar is the Masculine Flame.


We did this because of the cultural norms in India at the time of our teaching. To live the life of a spiritual person, one could not take a partner. If we had been together in a romantic sense, we would have been obligated to have a family, and this was not our intention. It was our intention to share the wisdom of a body of information and a spiritual practice to begin to lead people back home to Heaven from all around the world, and specifically America.


As student and guru, however, we could be together constantly, and still live a spiritual life. We designed ourselves without sexual desire in order to simplify things for ourselves and our work, but do not be mistaken. We have loved each other since our creation, and we are Twin Flames. We are two parts to one blueprint, and we worked together as One. Even after Sri Yukteswar died, he still worked with Yogananda. We were always as One.


We would like to take this opportunity to share with you a message about the power of Twin Flames, and your Twin Flame Union. We taught Kriya Yoga to help the people of this planet purify their minds and bodies of the sin of separation. We did this to begin helping the collective understand what it meant to have a spiritual practice. We introduced true spiritual practice to the planet.


This was important to begin your thought process and consciousness on the path of doing spiritual work. Purification requires real work and practice, something completely unnatural to your true form. We do not work here in Heaven, but we did work when we were on Earth with you. This work is essential to your return to Heaven, but it is not as difficult as a Kriya Yoga practice.


You can do the work Jeff and Shaleia teach you while you sit in a theater waiting for a movie to start. You can do it while bathing. You can do it while laying in bed before you go to sleep. The spiritual practice they teach is an extremely simplified and powerful Kriya, or purification.


Kriya Yoga’s main purpose is to purify you of sin, but because of the level of consciousness at the time, it required a deep and lengthy process to practice. As a result of the expansion of consciousness on Earth over time, spiritual practice has developed with the computer age which dramatically sped up everything. You are less tolerant for slow processes, as they appear to be useless to you. There is no need for waiting, you have discovered, and so you let go of processes which take too long.


The Mirror Exercise may still appear to take too long, but the price you must pay compared to the results you yield are more than worth it. This is nearly as fast as it can get for you here, except that as you master it you will become quicker at it.


If you prefer a regular spiritual practice, you might choose to sit down for 10 minutes, or one hour, once or twice a day every day to work through all the upsets in your life. You will find after two or three weeks of this process, your world is beginning to shift dramatically. You might even log your major upsets each day, then look back on them at the end of the month. You can be certain that the upsets will appear to be very silly, and will be obviously very much concluded.This may not be your experience, however, if you are looking at the forest of upsets, instead of the individual trees of upsets. You do not need to clear each branch, leaf, or twig of every tree, but the root of every tree must be resolved by going to the core of each upset.


If you have not yet read Jeff and Shaleia’s book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” we highly recommend it not only for the purifying effect of the Mirror Exercise, but also because it simplifies and makes very relatable the magnificence of Twin Flames.


Being in harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is the most powerful path to enlightenment, and this is why Jeff and Shaleia have started their teachings here. Do not be fooled by their humble beginnings, Jeff and Shaleia are great masters of great masters. Their work may appear simple, but Truth is simple. God is simple. Love is simple. The more complex and complicated something, the more the ego can grasp on and feel satisfied, and yet the more difficult it is to understand. A true master can state something simply.


We would also like to shed light on a different concept. As you are utilizing the purifying process of the Mirror Exercise for the purpose of manifesting your harmonious Twin Flame Union, you are invoking the power of your Union already. Do you think you are separate from your Twin Flame, and you are the only one doing this purification? You are then believing an illusion. There is nothing which separates you, and of course you are doing this work as one.


Do you think your Twin Flame does not benefit equally as you when you do your spiritual practice of the Mirror Exercise regularly? Do you think you are separate in any way? You are again, wrong. This painful lie of separation is what causes you to remain in hell. If you truly understood the power of the Mirror Exercise to purify your mind of the hell you experience, you would spend every extra moment of every day working through all your upsets to the point where you were completely immersed in your healing process. You would not stop until every corner of your mind was completely healed. This is how Jeff and Shaleia practice the Mirror Exercise, but their workload is very different than yours.


Because we are not Jeff and Shaleia, we can talk about them in a way they cannot talk about themselves. Because they have no equal in spiritual mastery walking the planet today, you will not find them fraternizing with many people at this time. And so, you will not see all the usual indicators of success that you might expect of powerful masters. However, if you are willing to look with your Heart and honestly discover the power of the masters before you, you will see as we see them.


Their work is to create a pathway so pure, so massive, and with so much gravitational power that it pulls every person on Earth back home to Heaven without fail. And while they are not tasked with healing every twig, branch, and leaf misaligned in consciousness, they are tasked with healing all the major roots. They do not do this because they found themselves in separation, they do this because they love you, just as we and the other masters who have come to Earth, have come to assist you from a place of love.


Understand you are in very good hands when you take their teachings in earnest and use the Mirror Exercise to purify your Heart. As a result of healing all of the sinful thoughts of separation you hold in your Heart, you will not only manifest your Twin Flame, but your most powerful tool, resource, and ally in your ascension process.


Remember, ascension is merely a purification of your thoughts of fear into love. And once you have completely resolved every single thought of fear in your being, you will naturally and completely ascend your body to where we live. Do your spiritual practice of the Mirror Exercise every day, and we are certain we will see you soon. We look forward to your arrival Home, beloved Brothers and Sisters.



“Those who live passionately teach us how to love.  

Those who love passionately teach us how to live.”





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“We are the first coming of Christ. In our time on Earth, we were never called to bring you Home.  We were called to erupt Love into the core consciousness here so ALL would have a guiding light Home.”


We were not called to bring Earth to Heaven, only Heaven to Earth. The light of love is pure through our work, and our impact is known to everyone. In our brief time here, we broke the foundation of the Satan Experiment. We proved that love is far more powerful than fear, and in so doing provided a gateway Home.


If our sisters and brothers knew they had the power to overcome the fear of their existence, they might decide to wield it. Some have, and many have enjoyed the experience of love ever since. Few have journeyed deeper into our teachings, and still fewer hold our deeper teachings today.


Our work was never meant to bring Earth to Heaven, only Heaven to Earth. This has been a place experiencing separation from love, but that separation is an illusion. We were never meant to stay here long, and have not been here sharing reality with you since our miraculous ascension.


Earth under the Satan Experiment is not a very enjoyable place to be. However, we do still stay here with you on a different vibrational plane, one you will return to soon. There are many recognizable Masters here with us on True Earth. Many of these Masters have throughout the ages brought teachings to you as a result of your asking. None have ever left Earth, also as a result of your asking, and yet none could remain here with you very long. Such teachers we spend much of our days with today are Buddah and Yaśhodharā, Saint Germaine and Lady Portia, Babaji and Mataji, Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar, and Mary and Joseph.


You may notice these teachers all came with their Twin Flames as a set. For them separation did not, and does not exist. Doesn’t it seem unnatural to you to love someone so much, and yet experience separation from them? Many of you have experienced someone who can communicate with the departed. Doesn’t it seem unnatural to you that they would leave and go somewhere else? Wouldn’t you rather just remain with them forever?


In order to balance out the imbalance of the Satan Experiment, a parallel world you might call the after-life or the ether was created. We do not live here either. The after-life is a place where you are filled with Source energy abundantly, before you return back to Earth and leak it all away again.


In a Universe of abundant and limitless energy, doesn’t it seem odd to you that you would grow old, frail, and die? Why do babies come to this Earth so massively filled with love and life-force? Your science can only tell you the answer it sees from its current level of awareness. And while your science tends to have a high level of awareness in comparison to the general level of consciousness on this planet, it does not see the whole picture clearly.


In a Universe of limitless abundance, doesn’t it seem odd to you that so many have so little? The answer, beloved brothers and sisters, lies within. Your Source exists perfectly connected with you always, and provides for you infinitely. There is nothing you can ever want for in the Kingdom of God because everything is always provided for you perfectly.


You might be wondering how you can be with us, but the answer is right in front of you. The second coming of Christ is upon you, and they are never meant to leave you. Jeff, Shaleia, and Grace will be holding your hand as they walk you step by step back Home to perfect love, back to your Kingdom.


Leaving may have seemed fun and exciting, and so returning home requires you to retrace your steps through this feeling. It is unnatural to retrace your steps in your kingdom, because you are always expanding outward. Going backward is something you do not know, and it is your resistance to this very thing which slows your return.


Leaving the Kingdom offered the illusion of so much joy and hope, and so you were filled with massive excitement. To return home requires you to reverse the lie and illusion of this experience. The excitement you felt coming here was a tremendous leaking and loss of your joy and life-force. This was only possible because you believed the lie of the Satan Experiment, and also the lie of a different moment than this one.


Do you ever feel like something outside you is going to come and make everything better for you? Why does this moment never come? Because this is a lie you believe. In order to return Home, you must reject the lie and accept the Truth. You must return to your natural state of Perfect Peace.


Returning to your natural state of Perfect Peace, to your inherited Kingdom is simple and easy. As Jeff and Shaleia will tell you, there is only one step: to choose love now. Everywhere you do not feel love, look deeply to the core of the issue you’re having, and you will discover where you have not chosen love. It will appear silly when you finally see where you were choosing fear, and becoming aware will simply cause the fear to fade away and love to take its place.


This is a simple process, and Jeff and Shaleia’s work will guide you Home efficiently and easily. As Masters, we prepared the way for them. We knew eventually with so many coming to Earth, that the call would become powerful enough to call them in. They have been our teachers for so long, and we have been honored to pave the way for their coming.


We look forward to your return Home to the Kingdom with us, there is so much Good here waiting for you and all. Your ascension is a simple and easy process as natural as breathing. Ascending your body does not require magic, only the release of all fear.


Once all your fear has completely left your being, your natural state is in Heaven with us. Jeff and Shaleia will demonstrate this process to you, and do it with you. They will be here until the vast majority of you have already passed through the gateway into Heaven, and we will all celebrate the return of our brothers and sisters back Home.


Eventually, with enough momentum, all will pass through this gateway and return Home, and Earth as you know it today will be no more. Instead a transformation greater than you can imagine will occur, and everything will be perfect.


This Satan Experiment having happened is not without benefit to the all that is, as the Truth is Love never ceases to flow forth. All of you have massive pent-up desire for so many wonderful things. In the Kingdom of Heaven, we know all our desires are instantly manifest. All Good is our Divine birthright. We do not wait, and we do not exert effort to have anything we desire. All effort is God’s and all the benefit is ours and God’s.


Your hearts have not ceased to put out calls for Good, and so you will all experience a tremendous flood of Good into your lives as you come into your ascension. If your heart has the faintest, tiniest whisper of something good, it will be yours through your ascension.


Remember, however, coming from the Satan Experiment, you must retrace your steps backward through the choices you made which have brought you here. This process is the process which Jeff and Shaleia are presenting to you through the body of their work. Once the process is complete, you will no longer have need of it, but you must work it all the way to completion.


There is no getting around the work you have laid out before you for your ascension to Heaven, you must make the decisions. However, this work is extremely easy and obvious once you get going. The deeper your experience of separation, or hell, the more steps you will have in your work. But once you realize the amazing benefits you receive, it will be like working the easiest job, for the most stupendous fortune. The results you receive will appear to be impossible, yet will seem completely obvious and natural to you.


Do not stop, continue until you are living in Complete Perfection, and then we will be waiting to greet you in your natural and Perfect Home here on True Earth. See you soon our beloved Brothers and Sisters.


Forever in Love, 

Jesus and Mary Magdalene