“My Father gives you true bread from Heaven.”

– John 6:32

Beloved Ascended Master Jesus is a Twin Flame in Perfect Union with his feminine counterpart Mary Magdalene, and he has come through and within Shaleia to share with all Twin Flames of the world his special annual Christmas message:

“My most beautiful and cherished brothers and sisters of Earth today. I come to you now to share with you the importance of believing and trusting in the love my Father in Heaven has for you, and for your pursuit in being forever united with your Beloved and Divine Counterpart: your Twin Flame.

To hold the Flame of Faith strongly in your Heart is to burn away any and all doubt that could slow down your goal of unity to your Divine Lover.  This Flame of Faith, recognized so well in the life of Mother Mary, is the testament to the Truth: as you turn your Hearts, Eyes, and Soul steadfastly to Heaven, there you will see that you are and always were One with your Love and with your Loving Father in Heaven.

This realization and inner knowing will lead you all the way Home to and with your Twin Flame, and in the Arms of God the Father who forever has been loving you and has never abandoned you in your pursuit of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Twin Flame Christmas message from Jesus

Just as I came and pronounced in Truth, that I am the Light of the World, so too, the same Truth is yours to behold. You are the Light of the World and this world needs your light of love to shine brightly, because you are in the process of attaining Harmonious Twin Flame Union which is the way to Perfect Union with All.

This is no small feat or pathway to your Beloved Creator in Heaven. This is a new way to be and live Heaven on Earth, as I lived and still live. The world 2000 years ago was not equipped to learn or hear about Twin Flame Union as an Ascension Path to God the Father.

But the world today is, and I am helping to assist this Twin Flame movement and momentum as it is aligned with my Message, and is aligned with the Will of the Father in Heaven who perfectly created everyone with a Twin Flame. He did this as a way to experience Himself in the Truth of Love, and for you to have an eternal partner to Love and to be loved the way God loves you.

Pursuing and becoming the vibration (Living Reality) of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union automatically makes you a shining Light in the world.  Do not shy away from your destiny, for it will fulfill every inch of your Soul, and you will finally know what it’s like to have true love and compassion for others, especially those who are not yet aware of Twin Flames, or are consciously choosing separation from their beloved Twin Flame. A significant handful of the first Harmonious Twin Flame Unions on the planet will have a Life Purpose aligned to teaching, healing, traveling, and supporting others into their permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Unions.

Being the Light of the World is your true and natural place in Heaven, as it is on Earth. Acknowledge to yourself now with the awareness in your Heart of Hearts that YOU ARE THE LIGHT of the World, and anything otherwise cannot be true because you are created in the Perfect Divine Image of your Holy Creator, who creates only perfection, and loves you so much that He created you with a Divine Counterpart to eternally be in love and share Creation with.

This is how much God loves you and how the love you have for your Twin Flame deep deep within, is only a glimpse of the true love God in Heaven has for you.  As many of you are already aware that your love for your Twin Flame runs limitlessly deep and expansive. It is okay and safe to acknowledge the love God has for you is pure, abundant, and without condition. You are His Love of Love’s.  In here, you can find the peace you have been seeking since you incarnated and the Way forward into your Divine Harmonious Union.

The weight of your faith determines your outcome. Your faith is not some “hopeful maybe,” but your faith is strongly rooted in the knowing and confidence that nothing is impossible when you are truly with God, as my own life on Earth reveals. Your desire for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is an inevitably in God’s Eyes because He has placed that desire there, for it was His Will that you were created with a Divine Complement.

In this Truth of your creation then, how could it be impossible for your reunion to occur? Yes, you do have free will to extend your separation out of fear, but your fear offers you nothing but illusion and blankets the progress you wish to have in your life.

Your relief comes in the form of surrendering all your fears into the Hands of the Heavenly Father, and choosing to permanently unite in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Only by doing this do your fears cease to manifest and your dreams become your Reality.

The Way to Harmonious Union has been laid at Twin Flame Ascension School and the Living Body of work that Jeff and Shaleia have created with God is a beaming Light attracting more and more people to their permanent Harmonious Unions. God has not placed a desire in your Heart with no way of attaining it. Trust.

You need not fear that somehow you are unworthy of your own love, or God’s love. God has created you perfectly worthy of Heaven and all creation, for you are His Beloved and it is His pleasure and honor to give you the Kingdom of Heaven and all its glory.

To believe you are unworthy of your Twin Flame’s love and presence is to deny your own.  Believe as I believe, see yourself as I see you. In the Light of Truth you are already One with your Beloved and the possibility of your reunion is a spiritual law and Truth, and lastly, your undeniable Divinity has the power to move mountains and attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Claim this Reality in your Heart now for you are already created in this Reality since your conception with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Christmas message from Jesus

Blessed are those who hear the call in their Hearts to become and attain Harmonious Union with God, Self, and their Twin Flame. Blessed are those who awaken their faith in a world calling for this Light, and walk the path of Divine Union. Blessed are they who humble themselves on the meadows of this teaching and become the Truth of Who They Are. And blessed are they that hear this message of Love in their Hearts and forever keep it. And so it is. Amen.”

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