Perfect love is real, and you don’t even have to chase it.

Yes, you read that right. It’s true, everywhere we look it feels like love has become confusing and difficult. Yet, true love really does exist.

Even after failed relationships, there’s still hope. I know because I’ve seen couples experience their own perfect love after getting through the 5 steps that I’m about to show you.

The perfect love isn’t something you chase. It’s something you attract because it is aligned with all of your standards. It is easy, yet passionate. It’s challenging sometimes, yet simple. The challenge isn’t in your connection. It mostly is in recognizing where the love is. Simply pit, you are learning how to actually recognize love.

Here are my tips and signs to recognize your one true love:

1. They share their feelings openly

Your ideal partner recognize the importance of sharing feelings for a healthy relationship. They validate how you feel. A healthy relationship is based on communication. Through your life together, you should be able to learn how to love yourself.

Because yes, perfect love is actually a relationship that makes you look at yourself. It’s healing and it’s safe. You can be vulnerable, you can make mistakes. You can discuss it with your partner and become stronger, more confident.

Above all, true love really is a mirror of your being and feelings.

2. They feel comfortable expressing their feelings to you too

True intimacy isn’t about sex. Or at least, sex is only one form of intimacy. Your true love understands that, whereas another partner would focus too much energy on physical intimacy.

Truly, they understand and love you at your most vulnerable.

3. Challenges are opportunities, not dealbreakers

As I said earlier, your ideal partner is a mirror to your own feelings. Obviously, some these feelings are going to feel bad.

But your partner won’t run at the face of a challenge. Because of healthy communication, they see challenges as opportunities to learn more about you. And you about them. They choose to work on finding solutions together.

Having real love is an experience of maturity. It will feel like you have never been able to go deeper with anyone else emotionally.

4. Your visions for life are complementary

With your one true love, you find that you both have a complementary vision for your future together. Many people come together and later discover their values are different. This is often the cause of rifts between the two.

The perfect love will also be the one that supports your dream and vision. You actually don’t have to make sacrifices when it comes to love.

With your ideal partner, it’s easy to see how your lives work as a unit.

5. Your relationship gets better every day

Having true love means you will never get bored. Love will never die down and passion will grow instead of extinguish.

This is a big difference from other relationships. Your ideal partner enjoys things that are similar or complementary to your likes.

They will really be your best friend. A relationship like is complete and fulfilling.

Relationships take work, but perfect love is worth it

All relationships take effort and work, but people who have found their true love all say the same thing: it’s easy to work through things with your perfect partner.

Hearing from others who have gone through this process and can be very reassuring and can help you gain clarity. One member of our community, Julia, shares her experience:

When I first met him I didn’t get that fireworks feeling, the love came in gently and built over a period of time. But, as I took time to get to know him, I realized he was exactly who I’d been looking for all along. He was actually so much more.

Just by keeping my heart open to Love and staying true to my values and what mattered most to me, I discovered he felt just as strongly as me on all the important things in life. I think that was what made me feel safe enough to open up my heart.

Then the love between us grew over time and I have never felt more secure and safe in a romantic connection. I have a partner that wants our relationship to be strong and is willing to invest time and care, just like me. That is so soothing to my heart. Our Love is always growing; we’re still getting to know each other and it’s so much fun, it gets better and better every day. I didn’t even know this was possible before. I wish everyone could experience this.

Why many people aren’t with their perfect love today

How many people do you know are actually experiencing true love? Compared to people who are experiencing unhappy relationships? Why isn’t there more people in healthy relationships?

The truth is that the majority of us learned about romantic love from family members and society. And even with the very best of intentions, if they didn’t know how to achieve a real love relationship, then the chances are we wouldn’t be able to either.

Learning real love is like driving a jumbo jet, you need training

‘Normal’ relationship are a bit like having a car. When you were taught to drive a car, you would learn how to start the engine, how to stop. You’d also learn how to control the speed and maneuver with the steering wheel. You follow the rules of the road and everyone around you is doing the same.

But say you want to have a ‘true love’ relationship. That’s like owning a jumbo jet. It’s a lot more powerful. There are many more gears, levers and control panels and a lot more that can go wrong too if you hit the wrong buttons.

So don’t be hard on yourself if what you’ve learned about romance hasn’t worked so far. Having real love really does work in a different way. It might come as a relief to know that there are answers to all of these difficulties.

If you would like to receive support for your own journey and want to learn more about how to have a true love relationship and release old patterns that keep you feeling stuck, we would love to help. Check out our Ascension Coaching page and connect with a Coach who can show you your next steps.

Written by Julia Martin-Woodbridge and Yoreen Marcin

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