For Twin Flames Hannah and Dylan, marriage has been a life-long dream with a deep desire to heal any blocks in their way. Step by step, they healed fears of acceptance and letting go of control in their Union. In surrendering to Love, they received spiritual gems…and revealed that the diamond for Hannah’s wedding ring has been with them all along. Dive into their story of peace and true Love, and hear what’s next for this beautiful couple.

Q: In the Open Forum, Hannah described a breakthrough experience in your Union. As you both discussed your future marriage, Hannah, you learned that Dylan has had a diamond ready for you all along. How did it feel as this news sunk in?

Hannah: I instantly teared up and felt a wave of gratitude and disbelief wash over me. It was a fairytale moment where I realized how loved I am by Dylan and by God. It was an incredibly healing experience that brought a deep relief and peace to my heart. The casual way that Dylan revealed this secret, like “Of course I already have the diamond for you.” All I could do was cry tears of gratitude and joy as we hugged one another. I felt so accepted and claimed by him. Past fears melted away as reality hit me of how loved I am in our Union. It surprises and humbles me every time we realize another level of the Love we have. We both feel so loved and cherished by each other, and it really felt like I was living a dream in that moment.

Q: How would you describe your relationship with Love throughout this breakthrough in your Union?

H & D: Leading up to this breakthrough we went through a lot of healing around our foundation and knowing we are good enough as we are. We had to surrender a lot of control and again and again choose to allow God’s flow in our lives. Since this healing, a new level of peace has come over us and we’ve grounded into the truth that our life is really incredible and we have nothing to worry about because we know that God walks each step with us. We can simply be happy now and trust God to bring every dream in our heart to fruition in our life. It has been a very humbling and Divine experience to witness our dreams come true one by one. And this is one dream we will remember, forever.

Q: Were there any major barriers to heal through in this part of your journey?

H & D: We had to surrender A LOT. For me (Hannah) I had to surrender my Union and engagement completely to God and fully trust God to come through Dylan in the perfect order for us. I would say that the biggest barrier was control and being able to surrender. To let go of control and instead, replacing that with trusting fully in our Union. Marriage has been a dream of mine since I was a child and at the same time, something I have tried to control in the past out of fear that I would never get married to “my person.” Like trying so hard to hang on to a past relationship that I knew in my heart wasn’t right. I’ve worked a lot on this fear throughout my healing journey and I feel this moment put it to rest, once and for all. We have claimed our worth and our power to have our Divine marriage, and that’s enough. The rest we trust in God.

Q: You spoke about the “group victory” in your post. Can you share more about how you both felt supported by the Twin Flames Universe community?

H & D: Absolutely! Twin Flames Universe has supported our Union since the beginning. We feel so held and supported by everyone at TFU. No matter what we go through, there is an entire family behind us cheering us on and loving us. It’s an incredibly safe and Divine feeling to share this success with those we love and trust, those who have seen us move through countless challenges and barriers to get to this place. It’s been almost two years now since we came together and through the support of our Ascension Coach, Dany, our gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, and the entire community we have grounded into a life of purpose, Love, and peace. Without the tools and support we’ve received, this break-through would not have happened and who knows where we’d be!

Q: Now that you have integrated this spiritual break-through, what do you desire for yourselves? Any wedding bells ringing soon?

H & D: We desire to get married in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family, in a beautiful location with great music and lots of Love! Marriage is a dream we both have and we believe it is a sacred way to show our commitment to each other and our love. It feels like this dream is closer than ever before and we can’t wait for when our moment comes. We also desire to marry in the Church of Union when we achieve Harmonious Union. Engagement and marriage is definitely the next step for us and we are totally surrendered to God’s perfect order for when this happens. Knowing that our Love is eternal and ever-expanding, it feels incredible to solidify the commitment to our Union in this symbolic way.

Interview by Angelika Lee

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