Carmen and Daniel reunite in Germany this summer – on the day before traveling to the U.S.A. for the Spiritual Life Summit. Committed to their healing, they now look forward to a life together with a supportive job and community. Check out the details of their journey and be inspired in deepening your commitment to Love.

Q: Congratulations on your choice to unite in person in Germany later this year! How does it feel to take the step to live together?

It feels really good to have this spiritual achievement. We are aware that coming into physical Union means so much more than having a relationship, it means God wants us to be together to enjoy the fruits of all the inner work we have done these past years. We also just figured out that getting Daniel to Germany is easier than we thought it would be for Daniel to stay in Germany permanently. It feels very light and supportive and easy with the inner work.

Q: Can you tell us more about your spiritual practice? What is important to healing your Union and build up your financial stability? 

Since we found out we’re Twin Flames, we meet constantly to do inner work together and we each watch TFAS (Twin Flame Ascension School) courses regularly. We also have Twin Flame Coaching and MAP (Mind Alignment Process) Health & Wellness [group coaching] every week. We know the power of this work so we choose to be fully supported in healing the blocks that arise in our Union. We receive guidance from people who have already walked the path and have more experience than us. This allows us to move faster and more efficiently through our own challenges, blocks and mistakes.

Q: You mentioned, Carmen, in your post that you are working in a supportive job for the first time in your life. What did you do personally to manifest this in your life?

All the jobs I had before felt very stressful, draining and chaotic. I felt very abused there and like I am trapped in a rat wheel. My new job is the complete opposite. I feel like I can be myself there. It felt to me like going from “slavery jobs” to finally feeling abundant and free. I manifested all of this because I persisted to work through all of my feelings with the Mirror Exercise. I let go of the belief that I am a victim and I started to realize that I have the power to create in my life. When I finally let go of the belief that having a job is abusive, this job showed up. In a nutshell, I applied the Teachings of Union, everything that Jeff & Shaleia teach in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class.

Q: You are both coming to the Spiritual Life Summit this summer in Traverse City, Michigan. What are you looking forward to experiencing? 

It will be our first week together, so we are not only looking forward to getting to know each other better while on our first vacation together, but we also really look forward to meeting everyone in person. It has been our greatest desire to meet Jeff & Shaleia and all our friends and coaches in person. We can’t wait for that. We look forward to the workshop, the art show and the wedding. To be honest, there is nothing we are not looking forward to. It feels like a family reunion of family and friends we never had before. 

I’m [Daniel] very excited because I have never been outside of México before. I did all the inner work I could to heal my finances, my Union, my Life Purpose and my personal life. When the event in Michigan was announced I had the money to purchase the tickets and fluidly got my Visa. I’m very grateful for the work and I’m very proud of myself. I did the work when it was the moment to do it. I see now that life is about allowing ourselves to receive God’s love.

Written by Angelika Lee

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