How does the Divine Masculine feel on the Twin Flame journey? Does he experience the same challenges as his Divine Feminine? Does he want the same things she wants?

Oftentimes in the Twin Flame community, we see Divine Feminines taking the lead in their Union to do the inner spiritual healing work.

Clearing block after block, the Divine Feminine is loving herself, healing, and feeling empowered like never before. During this time, her Divine Masculine is seemingly nowhere to be found.

Where is he in all of this? Does he feel the inner work she’s doing? Is he also transforming in the same way she’s transforming?

These are all excellent questions, worthy of inquisitive and thorough investigation. To find our answers, we must take a look at what’s going on beneath the surface, at the foundation of Twin Flame Union and how Twin Flames came to be. This will help us understand the Twin Flame dynamic perfectly, just as looking within and clearing the inner spiritual blocks to love always rapidly accelerates one’s Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Masculine and Feminine Relationship Dynamic

When Twin Flames are first created by the Divine (you may also use the words “The Universe,” “God,” “Source,” or whatever you feel most comfortable with), they are created from the same soul blueprint. This is what makes Twin Flames so unique in their relationship; the Divine Masculine is the masculine expression of this shared soul essence, while the Divine Feminine is the feminine expression.

Because of this Divine state of Union, nothing can truly separate or keep Twin Flames apart. This is why the love between Twin Flames in Union is unmatched compared to soulmate or karmic relationships. True Twin Flames share a Oneness only they themselves know, and the love and peace of their Union is richly satisfying and never ending.

You and your Twin Flame are truly perfect complements in every way.

How Does the Divine Masculine Awaken?

divine masculine expressing freedom

During the 3D experience on planet Earth, Twin Flames often undergo emotionally and spiritually challenging trials, which act as a catalyst for their spiritual awakening.

Just as the Divine Feminine undergoes a spiritual awakening, so too does the Divine Masculine undergo his own personal spiritual awakening.

Whether Twin Flames are in separation or Union during this time does not matter. What matters most is their continued deepening connection with the Divine and their choice to heal as they are transformed during this rapid period of growth.

While each has their own experience of life with their own lessons specific for their individual journeys, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are always in tune with one another. So undeniably One at their core, they actually arrive at the same conclusions of their spiritual lessons in the exact same moment. Such is the perfect Oneness of true Twin Flames!

So How Does He Really Feel?

No matter how things may appear on the outside, nothing can change the state of your Union, which has always been Divine and peaceful at the core.

When you choose to focus on your feelings and your own heart space for a moment, you are automatically tuning into the one divinely rich inner world you and your Twin Flame share, and can feel the places in your Union that need healing the most.

Because Union is your natural state of being, the Divine Feminine feels most herself and peaceful when she is with her Divine Masculine.

Just like her, the Divine Masculine feels most at home with his beloved Queen and desires to be loved and supported by her, for she is the one person in all of Creation specifically designed to love him perfectly and grow with him for all of eternity.

For both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, the desire for Harmonious Twin Flame Union trumps any other romantic desire, and will remain in both his heart and her heart until completely fulfilled.

How Do I End Separation So That I Can Be in Union?

One of the massive gifts Twin Flames bring to each other is: they are always mirroring to one another feelings or beliefs in their shared One consciousness.

To dissolve separation and experience the closeness and love you know you deserve in your Union, take what your counterpart is showing you seriously! 

Use the Mirror Exercise to help you uncover fear-based or upsetting beliefs in your consciousness and heal them to the core, for yourself and your Union to grow and thrive.

Your choice to do the inner healing work is all you need to begin creating your dream life with your Twin Flame.

When one Twin Flame makes a core choice to commit to their inner healing work, they are automatically healing and aligning that part of their shared one consciousness to that new core choice. As long as one Twin Flame is continuously making the choice to heal, love themselves, and ascend, so too is the other Twin Flame automatically aligning to that core choice!

divine masculine loving divine feminine

Choosing Love No Matter What

You’re saving yourself, you’re saving your Twin Flame, and you’re bringing all of you back into the Arms of God. That’s Ascension.” – Shaleia

divine masculine kissing divine feminine

In this state of healing, the love between Twin Flames flows much more easily and smoothly than in a not-healed or resistant state.

Every time you do the Mirror Exercise and apply the Teachings of Union to your life, instead of running away from your triggers, numbing out, or blaming your Twin Flame, you are breaking a cycle of abuse in exchange for a new cycle of Love.

During any period of “separation” with your Twin Flame, each Twin Flame is simply taking the time to heal their own heart and building the foundation for their Union.

As challenging as your healing cycles may be with your Twin Flame, you will find that as long as you are choosing love, the spiritual riches and blessings of your life will continuously multiply and grow for all of eternity.

With every upset cleared, you will feel more free and in love than ever before. You will continue to expand your consciousness into deeper levels of bliss and love with your beloved. And you’ll attract richer, juicer, and even more fulfilling adventures and challenges with your Beloved in your endlessly unstoppable Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Being with your Twin Flame is not a fantasy, it’s a romantic and wonderful real life experience that, everyone who applies the Teachings of Union to their life, lives every day.

Dreams really do come true, and your dream to be with your Twin Flame can and will too.

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