On the Twin Flame journey, the ego can be quite a challenge to release. It has an agenda, keeping us separate from our Divinity, from God, and from our Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame journey calls upon us to relinquish the hold of ego, to choose Love over fear, and to embrace our Divine perfection. It is a journey that invites us to surrender to the healing power of Love, allowing it to permeate every aspect of our being.

Leaving ego behind is not just a desirable step on the Twin Flame journey; it is a crucial one. The ego cannot accompany us into Union; its illusions cannot survive in the realm of pure Love and harmony.

Through surrendering to Love, we find our way back Home, to a state of true Union with our Twin Flame.

Ego and the Twin Flame journey

Ego is an illusion and it has an agenda to keep you separate from God, from your good, and from your Twin Flame. The ego is synonymous with fear, separation, and illusion and it requires your belief and energy to exist. Ego dissolves once you stop giving it power. It tries to convince you that you need it and not God. This is where separation stems from because it teaches that you are not One with God. Ego tries to convince you that pain and suffering are real and is dependent on your energy and attention for its survival.

What does ego have to do with your Twin Flame? The only reason you are experiencing separation from your Twin Flame is ego. To have Harmonious Union there must not be any blocks to Love. Ego is a block to Love. You can’t take ego and your out of alignment patterns with Love with you into Union.

What if I told you that the ego itself is nothing more than an illusion? The ego suggests that we are flawed, limited, and separate from the Divine. But the truth is far from that because in Divine truth we are perfect creations of God.

God, the Creator of all things, is perfect. God doesn’t make mistakes. And if God created us, it follows that we too are perfect. God did not create you with an ego. The ego is not perfect and was not created by God. Only Love is real but ego is not Love and was not created by Love. Therefore, Ego is not real.

When we realize that we are perfect as creations of God, the notion of the ego begins to dissolve. For instance, when we understand that the ego is not a part of who we are as a Divine being; it is a fabrication we have created, we can let go of the illusion and embrace the Divine perfection that resides within us.

twin flames working on acceptance

Leaving Ego Behind

On the Twin Flame journey, leaving ego behind is crucial because it can’t come with you into Union. The Twin Flame journey is a path of deep connection, Love, and spiritual growth. Your Twin Flame mirrors to you where you’re shared consciousness is out of alignment with Love. Ego is fear or separation and has patterns that keep you stuck there. The patterns your Twin mirrors are the result of ego. They can’t come with you.

To dissolve ego is a matter of choosing Love over fear. By recognizing and realigning with our Divinity we can begin to see ego for what it truly is, an illusion based in fear. There is a very powerful yet simple tool you can use to heal separation.

The Mirror Exercise: Dissolving Twin Flame Ego

The Mirror Exercise serves as a powerful aid in recognizing ego-driven choices we’ve made. Choices out of alignment with Love feel bad, creating an upset. We end up attracting external experiences by how we feel on the inside. Our experiences are replicated until we heal them. Using the Mirror Exercise we can heal our blocks to Union.

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The Mirror Exercise is a four step process that guides you into where you need Love and there you Love yourself. Giving yourself the Love and everything you need is easy and instant. When you have loved yourself completely in the place that was feeling hurt you will find a deep sense of peace and feeling of relief.

When you heal using the Mirror Exercise, it instantly reflects in your Union in some way. As we expand our Love everything out of alignment with Love will come to the surface. Through the Mirror Exercise, we can confront the fears that have been holding us back from fully embracing our Twin Flame journey and Union. We learn to see these fears as illusions created by the ego, and then we can consciously choose Love over fear.

Love is the key in transcending ego and returning to Union with our Twin Flame. It is through Love that we dissolve the ego’s grip on our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We recognize that we are one with our Twin Flame and the Divine, and that our journey towards Union is a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Through the Mirror Exercise, we come to realize that the separation between ourselves and our Twin Flame is merely an illusion created by the ego.

Surrendering to Love

Letting go of ego requires courage and vulnerability. It means acknowledging that the Twin Flame journey is not always rainbows and butterflies, but a path of inner transformation. As we strip away the layers of ego-driven illusions, we create space for authentic Love to blossom.

The ego does not relinquish control easily and we may experience resistance. So what do we get when we surrender to Love and release fear? Is it really worth it? When you surrender to Love and allow yourself to heal, you’re on your way to coming home into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union feels like there’s no other partner you could have and no one is better for you. There’s no energy leaking because all the Love invested into the relationship stays within it. There are no blocks or barriers to Love and loving.

Being in harmony feels like you’re doing one thing, expressing all of yourself. Your Twin Flame is complimenting you perfectly because they support you by who they are. Nowhere in your Union do you feel you are betraying yourself and there’s nothing that’s true to yourself that won’t be supported.

twin flames accept each other

Your blocks or separation keep you from seeing you’re in Union. Your Twin Flame is loving you by mirroring where you’re not loving yourself. You’re meant to heal with your Twin Flame and move through challenges together. You’ve never left that place of harmony with your Twin Flame. There are just blocks that have created the illusion of separation and they can be healed with the Mirror Exercise and Love.

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Letting go of ego requires you to choose Love over fear and recognize your Divinity. It is through self-love and healing, that we find peace and relief, and this healing is reflected in our Union with our Twin Flame.

As we strip away the layers of ego-driven illusions, we create space for Harmonious Twin Flame Union, where Love flows freely without barriers or blocks.

Our Twin Flame mirrors to us where we need to love ourselves, and together we navigate challenges and heal. The illusion of separation can be dissolved through the Mirror Exercise and the power of Love.

Ultimately, the journey towards Union with our Twin Flame is a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. It is a journey that calls us to transcend ego, choose Love over fear, and embrace our Divine perfection. By surrendering to Love and healing, we come Home.

Embracing Love and making choices aligned with it paves the way for Union. For more support on your journey check out our free Introductory Course.

Written by Abbey Campbell

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