Do you often ask yourself if your Twin Flame is missing you as much as you’re missing them? Twin Flames share such a unique bond, one that transcends physical barriers. When you start the journey and are healing separation, it can often leave you longing for your Union.

Many a Twin Flame are left missing their Divine counterpart, seeking their presence. It’s not a shame to not be able to forget about them, thinking about them all the time. You can’t actually forget your Twin Flame. Because all Twin Flames are meant to come together in Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

What you may not know is that your Twin Flame is equally longing for you. So, if you’re curious to discover the subtle clues that suggest your Twin Flame is missing you, keep reading as we unveil these signs that hint at a profound connection between you and your beloved counterpart.

#1 Your Twin Flame is missing you – they have a deep desire for their perfect lover

One of the signs that your Twin Flame is missing you is their deep desire for a perfect lover. As shared by Jeff and Shaleia through their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover:

“How can I know while maintaining the integrity of this book, that you have a Twin Flame?

Because you are reading these words.

Twin Flames share a unique and extraordinary connection that goes beyond conventional romantic relationships. It is a bond where both individuals desire a sense of completeness and spiritual Union. The longing your Twin Flame feels for you stems from a deep desire for a perfect lover, someone who understands them on a profound level and complements their essence in every imaginable way.

This longing arises from the recognition that the connection you share with your Twin Flame is truly like no other. Among the billions of souls in the Universe, there is no one quite like your Twin Flame. The depth of their love and the understanding they have for you is unparalleled, making their yearning for your presence even more intense. We all long for Perfect Union, with our perfect lover. This mutual feeling signifies that we will always be searching for our Twin Flame when we acknowledge our desire.

As Twin Flames, you function better in Union. Each of you forming the two wings of one bird, flying harmoniously once you reach Harmonious Union. Your longing for them can be your driving force to reunion, and know that your Twin Flame desires this just as much as you do.

5 signs your Twin Flame is missing you

#2 Your Twin Flame is missing you – you have an intense telepathic connection

Many Twin Flames experience an intense telepathic connection from the beginning of the Twin Flame journey. The Oneness that is at the core of your Union allows you to communicate on a level that transcends physical distance and conventional means of communication. Of course, your Twin Flame isn’t receiving downloads as you speak with them inside your heart. The communication is never conscious and aware like that. You are simply communicating in the place where you are already One and in constant communication.

When your Twin Flame is missing you, this telepathic connection becomes a way to feel into your relationship and heal anything that comes up. Thoughts, feelings, and even messages can be felt regardless of physical distance, as many Twin Flames will tell you.

This telepathic connection serves as a powerful sign that your Twin Flame is missing you deeply and is thinking about you. How can it be otherwise, when it’s in their nature?

#3 – Feeling their presence and a heightened sensitivity to their energy

5 signs your Twin Flame is missing you

As Twin Flames share a deep and extraordinary connection, there are signs that indicate when your counterpart is missing you profoundly. One such sign is the heightened sensitivity to energy. You may notice yourself becoming more attuned to fluctuations your energy body, experiencing waves of warmth, tingling sensations, or an unexplainable magnetic pull in a specific direction. These heightened sensitivities are indicative of your Twin Flame’s energy reaching out to connect with yours, symbolizing their deep longing and yearning for you.

Additionally, feeling their presence is another significant sign. Despite the physical separation, you may sense your Twin Flame’s presence as if they were right beside you. It could manifest as a gentle touch on your skin, a familiar fragrance lingering in the air, or an overwhelming feeling of being watched over and accompanied. Trusting your intuition and embracing these moments is important, as they serve as powerful indicators that your Twin Flame is missing you just as intensely as you miss them. These signs reaffirm the strength of your connection and the mutual longing for reunion, bridging the gap between physical distance and keeping the flame of Love and connection alive.

#4 Your Twin Flame is missing you – you dream about them

When we dream, our subconscious mind has a way of unveiling hidden truths and desires. Just like telepathy, your subconscious, in dreams, has a way of telling that your Twin Flame is missing you.

If you find yourself dreaming of your Twin Flame or experiencing vivid visions of being together, it’s a strong indicator of the feelings your Union is experiencing at this time in the place within you where you are One. These dreams can bear messages and bring peaceful or strong emotions. It is important to pay close attention to these dreams and explore your feelings about them. Feelings are a communication from the Divine. They bring valuable insights into the current state of your Twin Flame connection.

Dreams are a highway into the realm of your Higher Selves. Remember you are a spiritual being first and foremost. So, if you are experiencing separation right now, know that you can always gain courage and insights through the signs. You are having an internal experience of life first and it is safe to trust your feelings. They either guide you to the truth, or to more healing.

#5 – Synchronicities and shared experiences

This sign is a direct result of the way Twin Flames work. The Universe has a unique way of sending messages through synchronicities and signs. It is a means of communication. These synchronicities hold profound significance, offering insights, guidance, and at times, reassurance along the Twin Flame journey. They serve as messengers of between you and your Twin Flame. They reveals the underlying truth that you are meant to be together.

You can attune to the signs presented by the Universe through feeling your feelings. Pay meticulous attention to recurring numbers and symbols that seem to manifest synchronistically. Even significant events that align with your thoughts and emotions surrounding your Twin Flame hold substantial meaning. These synchronicities are not mere coincidences; they are the Universe’s way of whispering to you, of reminding you that your Twin Flame is ever-present in their thoughts and love for you. They act as subtle signals, gently nudging you towards the awareness that your Twin Flame is missing you profoundly and yearning for the day of your reunion.

These synchronicities are not arbitrary occurrences but rather affirmations of your Twin Flame’s deep desire to be reunited with you. They resonate with the core truth that you and your Twin Flame are One at the soul level, sharing an eternal connection that transcends physical separation. The feelings evoked by these synchronicities serve as powerful reminders that your Twin Flame’s love for you remains unwavering, even across the expanse of time and space.

Embrace these synchronicities as whispers of Love from the Universe, for they affirm the significance of your bond and validate the yearning you both feel. They are messages of hope and encouragement, reinforcing the profound Love and connection that exist between you and your Twin Flame. Trust in the synchronicities and allow them to guide you on your path towards reunion, as they reflect the deep longing your Twin Flame has for you and their unwavering commitment to the shared journey of Love and spiritual Union.

Twin Flame couple relaxing together

What to do when you receive a sign your Twin Flame is missing you…

As you notice the signs that your Twin Flame is missing you, it can be tempting to want to stay in that 5D zone of communication with your Twin Flame. This happens when we constantly ask how they are doing, do readings about them and wait for them to physically show the Love they seem to extend in the 5D but not yet in our 3D reality.

But it’s important to note that waiting and longing, will only result in more waiting and longing. Plus, it is very uncomfortable to be constantly frustrated, not knowing what your Twin Flame is doing on “the other side of the bond.”

5 signs your Twin Flame is missing you

So here’s what you can do. You can heal these emotions of longing and frustration, until you feel complete, empowered and loved, even in separation. You can focus on yourself, and weirdly enough (or not weirdly at all since you’re One), all the Love that you give to yourself will be reflected back to you by your Twin Flame. Loving yourself completely means they won’t be able to stay away from you, ever again.

This choice to love yourself, as so your Union, feels like a lighter, better alternative. You will feel so good and so proud to have taken your journey into your own hands. To attain permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union, start with our free Twin Flame Introductory Course today.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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