Claiming your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is an essential step on your Twin Flame path. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the concept of “claiming” your Twin Flame (no, you don’t need to buy an ominous van and some spray paint to black out the windows). Enjoy this simple explanation and learn how to easily and joyfully claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

What does it mean to “Claim”?

Claiming your Twin Flame does not mean you toss them in a big burlap sack and kidnap them. There is no force involved. If you win the lottery, don’t you have to claim your prize to receive it? In the same way, in order to receive your Harmonious Twin Flame Union you have to claim that vibration within yourself.  

When Jeff and Shaleia were dating online, there was definitely a moment when they claimed each other as each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend. They weren’t giving their power away. He simply chose her and she chose him, and in that choosing they had each other. That’s it. That’s all claiming is. It’s when you say, “I choose you and you choose me, and I will have you because you are mine.” It has to come from a place of love, like how a mother would claim her child, not from a mentality of fear or lack.

It doesn’t matter which Twin Flame is the first to claim the other. Remember, you are a Twin Flame Union and you are essentially one being having a relationship with itself between two unique souls.

From that perspective, claiming your good, your perfect Heaven on Earth and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, is claiming what is rightfully yours. Your Twin Flame is your own Divine inheritance. Nobody can claim you if they are not your Twin Flame and nobody can claim your Twin Flame if they are not you.

If you think claiming your Twin Flame is bad, or you worry that someone else could claim your Twin Flame, it’s time to heal that thought of separation. Use the Mirror Exercise, as taught in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, to remove this fear from your consciousness. Whatever you desire in life, you have to claim it for yourself. You don’t get a college degree by taking it, but by desiring it and then following through on the steps required to achieve it. Similarly, if you want your Harmonious Twin Flame Union then you claim it by choosing it, and commit to walking the path to have it. 

You are responsible for your Emotions

Don’t wait for your Twin Flame to claim you, just do it yourself instead of giving your power away. There is no gender role assignment here; the Divine Feminine Twin Flame can claim her Union without waiting for her Divine Masculine to do it. It’s your responsibility if the desire is in your heart, and this doesn’t just apply to the process of claiming.

This is how you will navigate your entire Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You will dissolve a lot of upsets between you and your Twin Flame with this 101 tip: stop thinking that they need to heal something instead of you! If an emotion or a desire is in your consciousness then it’s on you to deal with it. Shaleia won’t call up Jeff and say, “You know, you should do this thing because it needs to get done and I don’t really want to do it.” Jeff doesn’t heal upsets for Shaleia. She resolves upsets as they arise in her consciousness.

Your Twin Flame might do certain actions for you, like buying you flowers, but this isn’t the same as holding them responsible for your emotions and desires. You have to do your own spiritual work, and not expect them to change just because you are upset at something they are doing. This is part of evolving into a spiritual adult. Spiritual adults claim what they desire. They claim their perfect love life, they claim their wealth, they claim their good relationships, they claim their life purpose work, etc. They claim all of that so that they can have it, and they do that by making the choice.

Claim your Twin Flame Now!

You can choose to claim your Twin Flame and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union right now! Say:

“I now choose to claim my Harmonious Twin Flame Union now and forever. So be it. Amen.”

Then, take the inspired action that naturally follows from your choice. If you sincerely commit to your choice, you will see the incredible value in these eCourses , or in subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School, where Jeff and Shaleia share leading edge teachings on Harmonious Twin Flame Union with their students.

Remember, when you make the choice to claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you will be guided to work through all the inner blocks that arise. Just like a lottery winner has to work through issues such as filing specific taxes or learning about financial planning, and get the help of lawyers and portfolio managers, you can easily move through your blocks as you master the Mirror Exercise and call in your support.

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Transcribed from the video “CLAIMING YOUR HARMONIOUS TWIN FLAME UNION: A How-To Guide!” by Jeff and Shaleia.