Twin Flame unrequited love is a myth…

The beating of your heart. What is it telling you? It’s speaking of the true story of Twin Flames. A never-ending Divine romance captured forever in time. Whispers of Love. Soft, loving and genuine. Like that of a bird. It loves the song it sings.

You are part of this song, Twin Flames. You were created to be with your Twin Flame. The purest love.

So how could it ever be said that Twin Flame love is one-sided?

Twin Flames are like two wings of one bird

You are like two wings of one bird. It flies the skies and reaches the depths of your souls. You are One with your Twin Flame and nothing can change that. Not one thing! Your love has been there through so many lifetimes. Why would you doubt it in any way during this one? The love that was always here and always will be.

Today’s blog comes from truth and nothing less. One true love. A chance to go so deep within that love that you arrive at Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Today’s blog is also about finding that love within you.

So let go of any fear of unrequited love with your Twin Flame, and go deep into your heart. There is much to learn and discover today.

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The question that starts your journey to Union

So only ask yourself this question. Are you ready? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. So let’s call in all that love with a decree from Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. Go to a quiet place. You can either say this out loud or in your heart:

I surrender all of myself completely to Love’s Warm Embrace. I trust love will guide me and protect me, and I protect love and channel only love in my every thought, word, choice and action. I am One with Love in every moment now and eternally.

Twin Flame unrequited love: powerful healing tool

The truth is revealed. You are one. Now is the time to heal everything that is out of alignment with that love. I will ask this question again: Are you ready? If you answered yes, then feel into this love once again and let’s get started with some healing.

The Mirror Exercise:

Step one: Identify the upset first and write it down. For example, “I am upset with my Twin Flame because they are not loving me.” Think of that thing that is upsetting you. If you need time to get clear that is fine too. Just continue to love yourself now.

Step two: Change all of the nouns to pronouns to point back to yourself. Like this: “I am upset with myself, because I am not loving myself.” You’re doing great! Keep going!

Step three: Ask yourself if this is true. The answer is always yes because you are feeling this way. Then feel into this completely. How am I not loving myself? Why do I feel unloved? Take some time with this one. Write down everything this brings up. It’s a way to get clear and feel everything. More feelings may come up, but it’s alright if this happens. Continue to be present with everything.

Step four: Give yourself what you need. Love and compassion. What do you need to feel loved?A hug, give this to yourself until it feels complete and bring that part back into you. It may be many things. Don’t sell yourself short here. You deserve every piece of this. You are worth it. Remember that.

Lastly, how do you feel now? Do this until it feels complete. You may have to go deeper and ask yourself what else do you need to go deeper in love. You will know that you have gone deep enough when you start to feel better. It’s a very loving experience. You are doing it. Congratulations on claiming it and healing it too!

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Proven healing results

The Mirror Exercise is a proven way to heal your upsets. You are One with your Twin Flame. When you heal you are helping them so much, because you are never separate. Also: This is also super sexy and attractive to your Twin Flame. Now that feels really good!

I was where you were, once…

I was where you were: the one-sided love, the no communication, the challenges. Twin Flame unrequited love is so painful. But I’ve found a way in the Teachings of Union, and my life has been so transformed that I want to share this with you.

And it wasn’t only my life; so many Twin Flames have come into Union because of this work! It would be a shame not to share their stories with you.

How is it possible? You see, you share a soul blueprint with your Twin Flame. Your are One, but not carbon copies. So, you may look different or be from different cultures. Or you may have a large age gap.

It doesn’t matter because love has no boundaries here. At the soul level you are pure love. You share the same core beliefs and you share that bond first from the inside. Your true soul knows them.

So then how can a love with such great depths be one-sided? It never can. It is impossible. Believing that this love is one-sided is believing you are separate from your Twin Flame. Trust in this: you are never separate, and you never could be.

True Twin Flame love is so spicy! What comes next?

Now that you have made the choice and said yes to all of that love, what comes next? Twin Flame love is a journey of oneness. You are created as One. So let’s go deeper. It’s time to tell you how this happens.

You see before you are even born you and your Twin Flame decided to transcend to earth to meet in the physical. It’s such an amazing thing. I know that right now you may not be able to wrap your head around it completely, because it seems so unrealistic,but remember being a Twin Flame has everything to do with your soul connection. Sense this connection comes from the soul it starts the day you are born. You made this decision with your Twin Flame even before this point, because you share the same soul. Think of it this way. You are compliments of one another.

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“Being Loyal to Only Love!”

Jeff and Shaleia talk about this in Twin Flame Ascension School. In their class, “Being Loyal to Only Love,” they explain to not look in the mind when we are healing, but to the heart.

The mind tries to confuse and distract you, while the heart knows the Truth. Your healing will go so much faster if you stay present with your feelings.

Whether it is something that seems big or small, heal things as they come up. Try not to distract yourself. Meaning take one thing at a time. If something comes up first, heal that first. Even the smallest areas lead to big stepping stones in love and your oneness with your Twin Flame.

Be honest, even when it’s not easy

Each Twin Flame on Earth has gone through a time of unrequited love. It’s the truth! Now that you are healing by doing the Mirror Exercise, let’s go deeper into that block.

Honesty is one of the eight major keys to achieving Harmonious Union. This is Jeff’s story about honesty with his Twin Flame Shaleia. Honestly, at first it could look like unrequited love. But unrequited love isn’t the Truth of the situation. If you are ready to continue, read on and find the lesson in being truly honest.

He had moved through a feeling of not really liking his Twin Flame. But by being honest, they communicated and healed and that feeling was soon a thing of the past.

You too have gone through emotions of not liking your Twin Flame’s ways, even if you love them. And that’s normal sometimes. The goal is to not stay in that phase and get clear. Do you not like them or are you experiencing a blog? And any answer is actually ok, because you are being honest with yourself.

Holding space for your love to grow

Can you imagine being this honest with someone and them not leaving? What does this say about Your Twin Flame love? This isn’t to say you start cussing or screaming at your Twin Flame, but you come from a place of love. Being grounded in that love to be honest. Guys, you have to remember to hold space for your Twin Flame when you do this. Be willing to hear what they have to say. Really listen to one another and communicate your may bring up some things for you to heal. This will be the most loving relationship you will ever have. Remember that within it, you are always growing. Feel the empathy and compassion in that love.

The Love you want wants you back

This is a compassionate way of loving ourselves and our Twin Flame. This is the loss of ego and control, in order to find the love that was there all along. This is important, because it brings us back to the reason, we started this journey in the first place.

I am on this journey too!

Twin Flame love is real. You are truly One. I myself am healing too, even as I write this blog to you.

Do not isolate yourself. I have changed and healed with the support of others. Coming back to the person I was all along and on the way to my Twin Flame Union.

If you take anything away from this post today, it’s that you can have Twin Flame Union in this lifetime!

How Love Sees
Written by: Shaleia

A few days before her initial reunion with her Twin Flame Jeff

In the flowering bud of my Heart

Love emits its sweet fragrance into the world

As I open only to Love

I receive only Love

And I give only Love

Intoxicating forth the presence of immaculate perfection and beauty I am enraptured and embodied by the sweet nectar of my true love

I see now, how love sees

I hear now, how love feels

I understand now, as love understands

That in which I sought in another

I have found within myself

I have found within God

twin flame crystals

Written by Jenny Jenkins

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