Have you noticed karmic patterns getting erased as you watch classes in Twin Flame Ascension School, or as you do the Mirror Exercise? This is how you raise your vibration.

Jeff and Shaleia’s school is called Twin Flame Ascension School, not Twin Flame Union School, for a reason. Ascension, or achieving unity consciousness, is really the main topic in the teachings of Union.

You don’t learn spirituality by taking down careful notes or memorizing information. In high school you might have become used to cramming information into your brain, spitting it out on an exam, and promptly forgetting the material as you walk away with your grade. Real learning, however, happens when you create permanent shifts in the mind. This is how Jeff and Shaleia teach, by imparting the message of love to many levels of your consciousness. In each class, whether it is about Life Purpose or Twin Flame Ascension School, Jeff and Shaleia are taking you on a vibrational journey. Your blockages are removed as they repeat the message of love in each class, and the simple yet powerful repetition continues until the teaching is completely imparted into your consciousness.

What is Twin Flame Ascension?

Ascension has been happening since the beginning of “time”. Ascension can’t help but happen. Twin Flame ascension simply means the improvement of your condition, particularly the condition of your consciousness. As love enters where fear used to be, you will experience improvements in your physical reality and your inner sense of well-being.

Improving your consciousness doesn’t mean you have to go, “I traded all my time, my energy and my Good so that I could be rich. And now that I’m rich, I need to keep trading all those things to keep and maintain these riches.” That’s not actually an improvement of the human condition.

You don’t have to lose your freedom and bury your emotions, like dirt swept under the rug, to get wealth.

Twin Flame ascension requires cleaning up the dirt instead of sweeping it under the rug. A real shift in your mind is possible when you clean up and remove fears instead of burying them. This “clean up” is part of an ascension process that is happening globally. The sciences are a good example of this. When cutting-edge technology and miracle drugs come out that are able to genuinely dissolve a disease, this is a sign of humanity’s ascension.

What does Twin Flame ascension look like in your individual consciousness? It’s when your consciousness genuinely releases fears and therefore improves. It’s when you genuinely learn something new that dissolves an illusion you were clinging to, and now you get to experience new blessings. Twin Flame ascension is happening for you when you accurately recognize your Twin Flame and eventually come into Harmonious Union with them.

The Mirror Exercise heals your inner reality

The Twin Flame ascension process occurs like this. It starts with you, where you are now. As an individual, you are on some level experiencing separation from your Good. Let’s say you’re shivering in a cold house, under a blanket, and wishing you could turn the heat up. You’ve got to improve your consciousness enough to have the ability to heat your home – it could be through earning more money, or through inventing a technology to heat your home.

When you identify the problem, then you take responsibility. You figure out what the situation is reflecting back to you, and you resolve the inner emotional problems in your consciousness that created the situation. Then you know that this situation will not arise again. Boom! This part of your consciousness ascended.

That entire ascension process is achieved with a spiritual technique called the Mirror Exercise. You can read more about it in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

The ascension of human marriage

Twin Flame ascension is also an improvement in the condition of marriage in human consciousness. For years, humans have been marrying for co-dependent reasons. They might see a social advantage in a match, or a father might have been willing to trade a hundred cows for the prize of a powerful son-in-law.

After the transactional marriages that were arranged for money or social status, humans started learning to marry for love. At the lowest condition of this consciousness, love-based marriages were initially based on physical attraction and chemistry. Then, in the modern world, people began to learn about compatibility, matching values, and basic emotional management. Online dating sites sprang up that helped people filter their dates according to these values and preferences, while still leaving room for emotional connection. That represented an improvement in consciousness.

However, even in marriages made for love there is an element of trade and bargaining because the love wasn’t unconditional. Eventually, you will be dissatisfied in a marriage like this, because you were just settling.

Only with your Twin Flame can you continually raise your consciousness in a way that is in perfect alignment with your heart’s desires. You might not recognize this at first. You might say, “Okay, I get that this person is my perfect divine complement…but I really can’t stand this shit about them. They do these particular annoying things, and it’s just never going to work out between us.”

Well, you might have raised your consciousness to the level where you can recognize your Twin Flame, but the work isn’t done yet. The annoying triggers are reflecting places in your consciousness that still need to be healed and brought back to love. The only choice that holds you back from ascension is holding onto your fears. We call this resistance. Resistance doesn’t allow Divine love to carry you past these fears. The Mirror Exercise dissolve these illusions that block your Union. When any kind of fear comes up to be released, it is pointing you in the direction of what you actually want. You’ll notice the physical effects of your inner work occur without any extra external effort on your part.

Twin Flame ascension means miracles

Live students of Jeff and Shaleia are finding that as they heal aspects of their consciousness, their businesses, their health, and their family relationships are getting better and better, not just their Twin Flame journey. One student came to Jeff and Shaleia in a state of joblessness, trapped in a relationship for fifteen years with a person she didn’t even like, and the Mirror Exercise began to immediately raise her consciousness. She got out of the relationship and found a really lucrative job that fit her passions and allowed her to travel around the world. Meanwhile, her relationship with her Twin Flame also started to dramatically improve.

This process of ascending your consciousness reflects in every area of your life. Jeff and Shaleia have lived this example themselves. They started their business while living in the ghetto. Through healing fear from their consciousness, they moved into a really nice house in an upper-middle-class neighborhood, and were able to upgrade from a barely-safe car to a Porsche and a Corvette.

This is what it’s like to ascend your consciousness from Point Shit to Point Awesome, and it doesn’t end there. Your consciousness can continue to heal, and reach Point Really, Really Awesome. Twin Flame Ascension is truly limitless. There is no ceiling.

Twin Flame Ascension means every part of your reality can change, even the places where you have felt the most stuck. You might be willing to believe the Mirror Exercise works on certain parts of your life, but you might think, “Oh no, there is no spiritual technique that can help me with thisproblem. I’ve had this problem my whole life, and I identify with this story so deeply that I don’t think this problem will ever change.” Guess what? Even that can change.

This is not a magic pill. Magic pills don’t give real learning and real growth. If you commit to doing the inner work for the rest of your life, no matter how scary the fears get, then you will continue to raise the vibration of every part of your consciousness.

Let us support you

As you begin your Twin Flame ascension, you will receive healing in every area of your life as long as you keep releasing the fears in your consciousness with the Mirror Exercise.

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Transcribed from the video “TWIN FLAME ASCENSION SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS: Are You Waking Up??” by Jeff and Shaleia.