What do you do if your friends are jealous of your Twin Flame Union? What are Twin Flame friends supposed to feel like?

This important topic has come up in our beloved Twin Flame community recently, and we know other people out there might have experienced it too. Many of us experience “friends” who get jealous of our divine Twin Flame Union and it can be very sad and stressful. Jeff and Shaleia have personally experienced jealous people fall away from their social and professional lives. True Twin Flame friends should support your Twin Flame Union and root for you, not want to take away what you have.

It can be really, really emotional and difficult to even recognize that your friends are jealous of your Twin Flame Union. These are your friends! You don’t want to think badly of them or suspect them of not supporting your success. You might also be used to this treatment in the past, and not realize that you deserve Twin Flame friends who want the best for you.

Discerning Twin Flame friends from jealous friends

Unsupportive, jealous friends can come in many different forms. Some of them might be single. Some of them might be married or in relationships. Some of them might be aware of their own Twin Flame, and some of them might not even fully believe in Twin Flames. Whatever their situation might be, they are witnessing and hearing about your divine, beautiful partnership with your true Twin Flame. They might witness the romantic, trusting interactions of your Union and the support your Twin Flame gives you.

And it might, quite frankly, piss them off and make them extremely jealous of you.

Think about what you deserve in a real friend. If you refuse to settle in your love life, should you settle in your friendships? A Twin Flame Union should be supported by Twin Flame friends. We call the true friends Twin Flame friends because they are friends to your Union.

What kind of “friend” would get pissed off and jealous about you being with your one true love and having a wonderful Union? A friend who is not really a friend. Someone you don’t want to keep around. Someone who is just not worth it.

How do you handle jealous friends?

Maybe they are simply confused about what it is you have. If they just don’t know what is happening, then you can sit down with them gently and have a conversation with them about it. Connect with your confused friend and explain this to them. You could gift them Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. You could tell them about the Romance Attraction e-Course so that they can begin to magnetize their own true ultimate lover into their lives, or the Dreams Coming True e-Course that gives them a gentle self-study option to bring them into their own Union. You can add them to our open forum and introduce them to our beautiful community.

Show them that they can have what you have if they simply do the spiritual work that you have been doing, so there is no need for them to be jealous.

However, if they continue to wish you ill and reveal that they are jealous of you, they are not real Twin Flame friends. Friends do not try to separate you from your true Twin Flame and all of your Good. That’s not someone who you want to keep around.

Real Twin Flame friends don’t sabotage you

Remember that you deserve support. It takes courage, faith and trust to enter your Twin Flame Union. Subscribers to Twin Flame Ascension School can see the dedication and commitment to the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia’s live students show. But this determined spiritual work ethic is not enough to get you into your Harmonious Union – you need the support, nurturing and encouragement of true Twin Flame friends to surround your Union.

When you are entering your Twin Flame Union, you really need all the backing you can get. It’s not an easy thing to tackle. Having your Harmonious Union is a group effort in many ways, so that you can have all the love and support you need to assist you in this achievement.

If you have a friend who is feeling jealous, it’s first really important to have compassion. Being compassionate doesn’t mean you let them shit on you, it simply means you understand that they are in pain. Understand that they deeply desire this love in their lives, but they are not quite sure how to get it. Understand that they don’t understand true gratitude. They don’t understand that they can use your Union as not just an example for their own love lives, but choosing to bless your Union knowing that they are blessing themselves. Blessing your Union would allow them to bless that desire in their own life. This is something Shaleia used to do all the time when she was single. When she would see couples in love, she would bless them and she would know in her heart, “That’s for me too.” She would never be jealous in those situations. Instead, she would take it as an opportunity to be grateful for the existence of real love in the world.

Maybe your friend is jealous because that’s what they want too, and they just don’t know how to describe or express that. Take their discomfort as an opportunity to open up to them and show them that they can have it too. But don’t feel guilty for setting boundaries either if that is appropriate. If it is really causing them a lot of pain, then it is better to create space and set a boundary in your friendship until they can come to terms with their emotions. You don’t need that negativity in your life. You don’t have to feel guilty for having your beautiful Twin Flame Union.

Don’t make excuses for jealous family members

This boundary-setting also extends to family members. It might be especially painful for you if members of your family are jealous of your happiness in your Twin Flame Union. People tend to see their family as their support network. Jeff and Shaleia personally experienced family members being unsupportive of their Union.

If you have relatives who are habitually abusive towards you, they will be thrown off guard when they see how strong and united you and your Twin Flame are together. Jeff and Shaleia’s family members were taken aback when they witnessed this in Jeff and Shaleia’s Union. It was as if they were thinking, “Holy shit, who is Jeff? Who is Shaleia? We can’t manipulate these guys anymore.” Separate, Jeff and Shaleia weren’t as strong. But united in Harmonious Union, the love they shared appeared threatening to the jealous, manipulative people who used to be in their lives.

Jeff and Shaleia set a boundary and decided not to share themselves with any friends or family who did not support their Union, and who did not share the same values as Jeff and Shaleia. They realized that, next to God, their Twin Flame Union was the most important thing in their lives. This is the appropriate way to prioritize your own spiritual life. If someone cannot support your Union, they cannot be in your life, period.

If you think that sounds like an extreme step, you don’t recognize how valuable you are. You don’t need to dramatically slam the door on a jealous friend, but you can create space in the friendship until they put their adult pants on and take responsibility for their lives and emotions, instead of trying to control you. Love means you set a boundary with individuals who are trying to sabotage your happiness and your Twin Flame Union. By placing these boundaries you protect your blessings and you only invite Good into your life. Boundaries allow you to invite these jealous friends to step it up and receive you in the new light of what you have achieved.

Connect with real Twin Flame friends!

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Transcribed from the video “MY FRIENDS ARE JEALOUS OF MY TWIN FLAME UNION: How To Heal The Gap” by Jeff and Shaleia.