Feeling lost on your Twin Flame journey? Without appropriate guidance from real Twin Flame teachers, many people feel confused when searching for their one true love, or even when they know who their one true love is. Over the years, Jeff and Shaleia have heard so many stories of Twin Flames running away, or being married to someone else. So many of you are feeling hurt, alone, and lost.

And what do you do when you’re lost and confused? You get on the Internet and search around. You’ll find a lot of people talking about Twin Flames on the Internet, and if you can’t discern real Twin Flame teachers from the fakes, you are going to continue walking in circles. The Internet is full of people who pretend not to be lost, who pretend to have the answers, but who are most certainly, unequivocally clueless.

Real Twin Flame teachers are compassionate

You might think Jeff and Shaleia are being unnecessarily critical of other so-called Twin Flame “experts.” Jeff and Shaleia don’t do that to shame them or harass them or to make them feel bad.

They are being blunt about the difference between Truth and error out of compassion for you.

Jeff and Shaleia know how many people are lost, and how those lost people feel. It’s painful to not understand how to resolve upsets with your Twin Flame. That’s why Jeff and Shaleia do what they do, because they remember what it felt like to be lost once. They knew what it was like to experience separation from their Twin Flame. You can read about Jeff and Shaleia’s personal journey from separation into Harmonious Union in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

That’s why today they work diligently to help you come into Harmonious Union with your true ultimate lover. Not because they want the money, not because they want fame, and not because they want attention. They don’t care about any of that. They do this because they know what it’s like to be where you are.

This is what real Twin Flame teachers do out of compassion: they work diligently to serve you so that you can come out of separation consciousness. This is their true Life Purpose.

Choose teachings that work

You know you’re listening to a lost person pretending to be a Twin Flame teacher when they tell you that Union isn’t possible, or when their teaching can’t bring you into Union. These people aren’t related to Jeff and Shaleia’s work at all and can’t recognize that Jeff and Shaleia have figured it out.

These lost Twin Flame “experts” might understand energy work, or have a certain logical understanding of Twin Flames, but if they disempower you then they cannot help you.

Right now, there’s nothing stopping you except for you. You have the power to resolve this separation from your Twin Flame by doing the Mirror Exercise. So you must choose. Are you going to listen to people who don’t have what you really want? Are you going to focus on what you don’t want? Are you going to follow the teachings of people who don’t have what you want? Or are you going to follow real Twin Flame teachers who have it figured out?

Jeff and Shaleia really, actually, genuinely and completely know the Twin Flame way. They say this with complete humility. Jeff and Shaleia are not sharing this to be big, or to be special, or get rich. In fact, if you join the Twin Flames Universe Facebook group, you’ll see tons of coaches sharing their Twin Flame services instead of Jeff and Shaleia. That’s okay with them, because they are not here to be greedy and snap up the whole market.

Real Twin Flame teachers want to share their joy with you

Jeff and Shaleia are here to set an example, because they want to live in a world where people are able to be in Union with their Twin Flames. They want to live in a world where it’s normal to have your ultimate lover and to be in Harmonious Union with them.

All of Jeff and Shaleia’s work teaches this to you. And almost nobody else on the Internet knows what they are talking about. There might be some really cool “teachers” out there who seem fun. There might be people with amazing personalities who look really good on camera and who can enrapture you…but you don’t help them by following them off the cliff. They can only lead you into sadness and separation. That does not serve them or you.

When you follow the teachings of Union, you’re serving yourself. Jeff and Shaleia are not asking you to follow them for their benefit, but to help yourself. They invite you into Twin Flame Ascension School to serve you, so that you can have the love of your life. Jeff and Shaleia are served when they see people in love, because they meet Jeff and Shaleia where they live.

When the whole world is in Harmonious Union, we can truly be free. And now we can all really have fun.

End your searching now

You don’t need to keep feeling lost in separation consciousness anymore. Everything that you need to heal is right here on this blog for free. If you want to dive deeper you can get a FREE consultation with one of our wonderful, real Twin Flame teachers. It’s all here for you if you’re really ready to transform your life. This journey is not just about having your Twin Flame, it’s about having a real life of freedom and pleasure with God.

Transcribed from the video “HOW TWIN FLAMES CAN STOP FEELING LOST” by Jeff and Shaleia.