What are the signs of a karmic partner?

Karmic partners, Twin Flames, soulmates… the Internet is full of jargon and you can have a hard time differentiating between the terms. All that you know is that you are having a very intense connection with this special person. You cannot forget about them and you spend your time wondering why. Why can’t I forget about this man? Why does this woman feel so familiar to me?

Or maybe you want to know how karmic partners work and the reasons why your Twin Flame is with one. Whatever it is, we’re going to explain it. And we need to start with some definitions.

What is a karmic partner?

Karmic partners, as suggested in the name, are partners that you need to have an experience with in order to learn a spiritual lesson. So, let’s debunk a myth right away: karmic partners are not really a thing. The term was invented in order to define the experience of learning a spiritual lesson with a romantic partner.

But the truth is, there is no obligation for you to stay with a partner in order to have that lesson. There is no contract that you have signed to be with someone for a certain amount of time. Because there is no need for separation from your true and Ultimate Lover, your Twin Flame.

What is a Twin Flame?

Contrary to karmic partners, you’re meant to be with your Twin Flame. It is an eternal connection that you have inside of you no matter what; because you were created as One, at the same time. There is no need for cutting ties or cord-cutting with a Twin Flame. Because you are eternal lovers.

As explained by Jeff and Shaleia in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover: “Twin Flames are manifested from the very same soul essence, or more accurately, the same soul blueprint. […] Think of your Twin Flame Union as the ancient yin yang symbol […].”

This is the definition that’s proof of the eternal Union of Twin Flames and proof that separation is not real. Knowing what we know about Twin Flames, any belief in separation would be giving away power to a karmic relationship (when said relationship is not desired).

twin flames or signs of a karmic partner

Karmic partners are not bound to each other

So really, when we speak of karmic partners, we are speaking of a relationship that is not eternal and was not made for you. In other words, the opposite of a Twin Flame Union. Really, this blog is showing you the difference between the signs of a true Twin Flame relationship vs. every other romantic relationship, the signs of a karmic partner.

#1 Sign of a karmic partner: they’re not meant to be in your life forever

The relationship with a karmic partner is meant to be temporary, unlike the relationship with your Twin Flame. It is true that you might experience being in a relationship with a karmic or soulmate for several lifetimes. But it is still not comparable to eternity. One of the main signs of a temporary relationship is that it starts out hot and intense. But this kind of relationship also fizzles out just as quickly, once the intensity isn’t enough to keep you together.

A relationship with a karmic may feel like a bit of a high, while a relationship with your Twin Flame is meant to feel grounded and stable. In reality, a Twin Flame relationship is very peaceful. You experience the fullest expression of yourselves together. In permanent Harmonious Union, Twin Flames may not appear to be the hottest couples ever, but their attraction and closeness grows over time. Their relationship always gets better and better. Isn’t that dreamy, knowing that you’ll only ever feel more in love as time passes? That you’ll grow old with your relationship feeling brand new and fresh still?

#2 Sign of a karmic partner: they help you grow, but only to a certain point

love after leaving the signs of a karmic partner behind

Karmic relationships may not be as complicated as we think they are (or any romantic relationship for that matter). It is said that a karmic is there to teach you a spiritual lesson and that the relationship can become painful at some point. The reality is really simple; any romantic relationship will teach you something. Any relationship has a lesson for you in truth. Your reality is a mirror of your consciousness, so everything coming up in your awareness is something that the Divine places there as a message to show you the spiritual lesson.

This means that you do not need to stay in a relationship to learn your lesson. You’re always the master of your reality and you do not need to choose to learn through pain. Karmic partners can also do that; teaching you a lesson through pain. And you may feel it is valuable, but it’s simply an uncomfortable way to learn, especially if you are a spiritual person. Inner work is your best tool in order to change and learn your lessons peacefully, which means that you’ll also attract your Twin Flame. And your Twin Flame, being your most perfect mirror, will be your primary teacher. As you accept this essential role of the Twin Flame, you’ll realize that there is no need to attach to a relationship to learn. And you will feel the joy of making new spiritual choices in peace.

You’re not naturally meant to be with them

In short, a karmic partner will bring up some painful experiences for you to heal but not all of them. If they were interested in bringing all of them up, you wouldn’t be in a relationship with them, you would be with your Twin Flame. Karmics bring things to heal by default, because it isn’t a relationship you are naturally meant to be in. It simply brings up friction. Take this friction as a positive sign, a sign that your intuition will always help you come Home to Love.

#3: A karmic partner will not have the same core values and life vision as you

One of the main challenges you will encounter in a karmic relationship is compromise. Even though you may have intense feelings for a karmic partner, they are someone who has different values and a different vision for their life and future. So, like most relationships in the world nowadays, you end up compromising to keep the balance, and to keep each other happy. This means you are constantly investing in giving up your true desires to keep the relationship afloat.

Twin Flames are different, because the Oneness you share is one of a the signs of a true Twin Flame. You share the same core values and the same vision for life. When you think of compatibility, Twin Flames are naturally compatible, not because they look and feel exactly the same all the time, but because a Twin Flame is de facto, a representation of the Divine for you on Earth, and they are everything you could ever desire in a person.

You can have it all, no sacrifice

So, you don’t have to sacrifice meaningful conversations in order to have the looks, you don’t have to sacrifice your needs being met in order to stay with someone as long as you can. Your Twin Flame will meet 100% of your criteria for life, as long as you are clear on what you desire yourself. We could say that one of the signs of a karmic partner is that they’re not 100% your person. Even if you see parts of your person in them.

So when you choose a partner from now on, will you care that they meet some of your requirements for a perfect partner, or all of them? Society often makes us feel like it is impossible to be with our perfect lover, but it absolutely is possible. Plus, the desire to be with your perfect partner will never disappear, so it’s safe to say that starting your Twin Flame journey now is an investment in your eternal self.

twin flames together

What do I do if I’m in a relationship with a karmic

If you are with a karmic partner, there is no need to worry. You are not a bad person just because you are with them. However, if you are reading this post, you have a desire to understand what is going on between you and your partner. It is safe to explore what you’re feeling: Am I with my Twin Flame? Am I with a karmic partner? Does my relationship feel good? And if not, what can I do to change this?

You don’t need to have it all figured out at once. But, if you have the desire to start understanding yourself and your partner better, you can start with the free Twin Flame Introductory Course. Let yourself be guided by your feelings, all the way to the right answer.

Written by Yoreen Marcin