Maybe your Twin Flame is not wanting to commit to you. Maybe he’s afraid of commitment and taking that eternal vow with you. So how can you move through this? How can you navigate this situation? Why are they not wanting to commit to you? What is the reason for that?

Your Twin Flame is your Divine mirror. The question to ask yourself is: why are you not committing to yourself? They’re reflecting this pattern back to you so that you can heal it for your Union.

Reason #1 Your Divine Masculine is not committing – Anxiety

The first reason your Twin Flame may not be committing to you is because he may experience fear and anxiety when it comes to commitment. When he hears the word “Eternal” it brings up a lot of feelings for him.  Many Divine Masculines can’t imagine how they can be with somebody for eternity. How can you be with one person forever and be happy, be satisfied and be comfortable and have an ever-deepening relationship? Is it even possible?

We’re all taught in society about relationships and love, that, “Nothing lasts forever.” And “There are plenty more fish in the sea.” Right? Does that sound familiar? We’re told that it’s better to “guy hop” or “woman hop” instead of being committed because you will just end up being tied down. But being with your Twin Flame is actually where you will feel the most peace and the most compatibility because you are created for each other.

Twin Flame Family

Reason #2 Your Divine Masculine is not committing – Boredom

The second reason why your Twin Flame is not committing to you is that he may feel afraid of commitment. This is also for you too, Divine Feminines! Perhaps he is feeling that the relationship can become boring. How can you stay in love with each other? Surely the love is going to fade over time, and it’s going to get lost. How is it possible to keep that flame going? He may feel that’s a lot of pressure to put on himself, like: “What can I do to bring it to the next level? How can we keep going so love doesn’t fade?”

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And that is one of the pressures that a lot of people put on in their marriage, especially if you haven’t married to your true Twin Flame. They ask “How can I keep the spark alive? How can I keep us from falling out of love?” And if it’s possible, “How can we fall back in love?”

That’s not a worry that you have with your Twin Flame because you are created as each other’s perfect match. But in traditional relationships, they always seem to find a way to buy their way into their relationship, such as, “Oh, get some tickets to this. We can go to this, we can do this.” It’s like buying somebody’s love.

It’s not outside circumstances that are going to keep your relationship alive with your Twin Flame. It’s an inner relationship that you have with yourself and with God. You and your Twin Flame are already One at the core, so you choose as One.

Reason #3 Your Divine Masculine is not committing – Falling out of love

Your Twin Flame is somebody that was perfectly designed for you; custom tailored. So you can’t fall out of love with somebody who is perfectly created for you. The Love is just going to continue to deepen and grow for years to come, for all of eternity.

It doesn’t mean you’re not going to have challenges in your Union and blocks to loving in your Union because you most absolutely will, even with your Twin Flame. And any marriage takes work, any relationship takes work. It takes real grit and real work to be with your Twin Flame.

If you don’t think that it does, just look at how much work you do in your relationship with God. That’s really where the real work comes into play, is cultivating that relationship with God. As a Twin Flame, you don’t have to be stressed out or concerned about it getting boring. A lot of men, Divine Masculines, they think: “Well, if I get bored with this woman, I’ll just go to the next.” And really he’s just bored with himself.

He’s just looking for love outside of himself. All those things he is attracted to in another, are really just aspects of his Twin Flame. Your true Twin Flame will embody all those things and much more. And boredom at the core, just comes from a place of lack and not seeing that you can have your good within you in that moment with God. But in truth, your relationship with your Twin Flame can never be boring.

It’s just going to get better and better and that’s the beauty of Twin Flames. And maybe there’s a part of you or your Divine Masculine, that’s having a hard time committing and it can feel painful and challenging and upsetting when you’re not with the one that you truly love. It’s especially nerve wracking because the big question you’re asking yourself is “Why?”

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Reason #4 Your Divine Masculine is not committing – Challenges

You might be feeling: “What can I do to get them to come to me? Why am I not happy? Why am I doing this? Why are they doing that?” Then you might think, “Why is God doing this to me?” God doesn’t do something to you unless He knows you can get through it. Because what God gives you are lessons and challenges to help you grow. And with your Twin Flame, he’s just showing you that part of yourself that thinks that you’re going to get bored with yourself in your Union, in your relationship.

And when you love yourself there and you choose to commit to yourself, he’s going to automatically line up there with you and see the truth and the reality of your relationship together.

Reason #5 Your Divine Masculine is not committing – Losing freedom

So another reason why the Divine Masculine might have a difficult time committing, is thinking that maybe he’s going to lose his freedom. That is a big one. That’s a big one with men, right? And women too. You don’t want to lose your freedom. When people think of being in a relationship with one person, it’s like, “Oh, I can’t go date a bunch of different people. I can’t do what I want.” But that is one of the deepest myths when it comes to being in Union with your Twin Flame.

Being with your Twin Flame is like being in a relationship, but you actually have that freedom that you still desire to have in your life, it’s 100% still there. You’re not your Twin Flame’s Source of Love, they’re not yours either. So you can still do everything that you love to do and be committed and loyal to each other.

Twin Flame separation

Charles and Oceana – Twin Flames in Harmonious Union discuss their connection

When I was in just a traditional relationship, I felt smothered and I said, “I need to get away. I need to be able to explore,” the typical things that people say. And when I became single, I did none of that. I didn’t want to do that. It sounded good at the time when I said it, it’s funny now to look back on that.

And so looking at that within yourself where do you feel like you may lose freedom? Do you feel afraid of losing your freedom? Because really what you gain when you’re in Union with your Twin Flame, you go deeper in Love with each other and you gain spiritual freedom. And that is enormous spiritual freedom. Your consciousness will be purified because you’re always facing the things that your Twin Flame is reflecting back to you that are within yourself.

When you heal, you become spiritually liberated in your life and all around in your life. You gain freedom in expressing yourself through your Life Purpose, you achieve freedom through being your authentic self.

It’s a very liberating relationship and it’s far from losing freedom and being tied down because this relationship is everything that you desire. You know, there’s no other person in the world who’s going to match you on that level.

I felt afraid that we’re going to fall out of love and one of us was going to dip out. And it was a really intense feeling and that was before we had our Harmonious Union. I was definitely uncomfortable and I had to work through my feelings. But as I loved myself there, I saw the deeper truth of Twin Flames, our Love is eternal.

Twin Flame separation

Reason #6 Your Divine Masculine is not committing – Loyalty to yourself and God

You’re very persistent in pursuing your Twin Flame but they claim they’re not wanting to commit to you. And that hurts, right? It hurts. And it’s frustrating because you have this all encompassing loyalty to your man or woman and they’re not reflecting it back to you. And the reason why it hurts is just because they’re showing you a block.

They’re showing you where you have to go deeper in committing to yourself and going deeper in having loyalty to yourself and loyalty to God. And as you love yourself here, applying the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia teach, you will find peace here. You will find so much peace here that it won’t even concern you anymore.

When you’re just loving yourself and you’re loving God, they’ll come running to you into your arms, instead of this game of running around wondering who’s going to commit to who? All you’ve got to do is commit to yourself. Just commit to yourself and love and respect yourself and they will absolutely love that about you. And love God too.

So don’t forget to go on the Twin Flames Universe website and check out the free Twin Flames Introductory Course that is available for you. It’s highly recommended as your first step. It’s very, very juicy and it will really support you in this situation when it comes to your Twin Flame not committing and feeling uncomfortable. Be sure to check it out.

Transcribed from If Your Divine Masculine Is Not Committing To You, Here’s Why…

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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