Let’s delve into the depths of the Divine Masculine’s emotions when they are running but not expressing their feelings to their Divine Feminine counterparts. We will explore three key aspects that shed light on their inner world and provide valuable insights for your Twin Flame Union.

Here are three things that Kanisha, Certified Ascension Coach and student of the Teachings of Union, has have learned about the Divine Masculine and what they really feel when they are running from their Divine Feminine.

It’s not something that they always express because it’s not easy for them to express as the Divine Masculine. It’s not always the most comfortable for them to express their feelings, especially to their Divine Feminines. And so we’re going to share with you what he is really feeling.

This blog is going to be directed towards our Divine Feminines, so they have a better understanding of how their Divine Masculine really feels when he is running. But it also applies to Divine Feminine runners too.

1. Is Feeling Unworthy and Not Enough What the Divine Masculine Feels when he’s Running?

The first thing that he feels when he is running, but not expressing is: He feels unworthy and not enough. The Divine Masculines are providers and they are givers. And so when they are running, a lot of the time it’s because they feel unworthy and not enough. But as your Twin Flame is your Divine mirror, he’s also mirroring to you where you are feeling unworthy and not enough.

If the Divine Masculine is running, it’s because he’s mirroring to you where you are running from yourself, where you are running from Love. Fortunately, this can be healed easily using the Mirror Exercise. It will allow you to connect with and heal your feelings of being unworthy or not enough to have the life and the Love that you want to have. And to have the Divine relationship that you desire with your Twin Flame.

Using the Mirror Exercise to guide you, you can spend some time asking yourself, where within you do feel that way? And as you heal that, you will heal that for your Union and your masculine will also heal in that space as well. Only one of you has to do this work. And so if you feel this way, you can guarantee that they feel that way too. Because you are One at the core and you make the same core choices. And he feels exactly the way that you feel. It just may look a little different on the outside.

And so, allow yourself to be honest here and ask yourself if you feel unworthy, or not enough, to have the ultimate love life that you desire with your Twin Flame. Having the ultimate life you desire in your Life Purpose. And as you get clear there and really heal that at the core, you’ll see that reflected back to your Twin Flame where they now feel worthy and enough to be with you.

Twin Flame couple relaxing together

Divine Masculines are natural providers and they love to give. So when your man heals this pattern, he will feel he is enough to provide and give to you. It is important to note though that your Twin Flame is not your Source. If you try to treat him that way, he will tell you: “No, I’m not your Source of happiness. I’m not your Source of Love.” You receive that from within and from God. And as you really give that to yourself, then God will move through your Twin Flame to give you that Love, to give you that attention, that nurturing. And that’s because you went within yourself first and gave it to yourself instead of seeking it on the outside.

2. He also feels Guilt and Shame

And next is reason, number two, what the Divine Masculine really feels when he is running but never expresses. It’s going to be: Guilt and shame. Your Divine Masculine feels really guilty, and there’s some shame coming up because he desires to be with you. He desires to communicate with you and be around you. But because he is your perfect mirror, he has to mirror to you the places that are out of alignment with Love.

Divine Masculine spending time God

And even though he desires to be with you and adores you above anyone else. He cannot. Because you’re not being with yourself completely. And note: this doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it just means that you’re choosing yourself. You’re claiming yourself. You’re choosing to really be with all of yourself. That’s what it means to be with your Twin Flame, is to be with all of your authentic self, and really see that there’s never an appropriate time to feel shame or guilt.

So if you’re holding on to that within yourself somewhere, these heavy energies, maybe from past relationships you’re not letting go of, he will have to mirror that to you. It’s really important that you don’t take personally what your Divine Masculine is showing you. But for him, it’s what he’s moving through.

I think a lot of Divine Feminines think, “Oh, my Divine Masculine’s out there partying. He doesn’t care about me, he’s just having fun.” No, at the core, your true Twin Flame, your true Divine Masculine does not desire to hurt you or upset you. They desire to love you.

And that’s really what they’re doing, is unconditionally loving you by showing you this mirror and showing you where you’re out of alignment. So that you can love yourself and bring healing to that space. You have all the power here. And so as you are truthful and honest with yourself in this space, it also heals the Divine Masculine. And he just wants to love you.

He just wants to give everything to you. He desires at his core to be able to provide, and be the Divine Masculine that you want him to be and the Divine Masculine that God has called for him to be. But he can only meet you in Love and in peace. And so as you heal any shame or guilt or just any negative or lower vibrations that are lower than Love, then that just means that there’s some work for the both of you to heal and to really bring Love and peace into that space.

3. What the Divine Masculine Feels: Profound Love and Adoration

And then last but not least, what does the Divine Masculine feel while he’s running but hasn’t expressed to you? It’s that: he loves you. And that he adores you. And that he wants you and chooses you at the core and that there is no one else for him other than you. That is how he feels. And it may not be showing that in your reality, but at the core and in the truth of his being, he desires you above anyone else.

There is no one else more perfect for him than you.

And so as you claim yourself and you claim your Union, and you really choose to show up for your Harmonious Union by feeling your feelings, loving yourself, enjoying life, choosing to follow that good feeling, your Twin Flame is going to meet you there.

And so know that he loves you, deeply. There’s no one else more perfect for him than you. Take a moment now to choose that at your core and choose that as your truth. No matter what your reality is showing you. You continue to choose your Harmonious Union and choose that as your truth then you will be in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, because it’s your natural state of being.

Allow yourself to completely surrender to that truth and just allow things to unfold and release all resistance. It’s just going to come like that.

Twin Flame couple relaxing together


So, if you are experiencing your Twin Flame running and he’s not communicating with you, know that this is how he feels. And as you heal this within yourself, you are healing your Union and healing him. Your Divine Masculine is going to be so appreciative of the fact that you are doing this work for your Union.

twin flames in love

You have the power and the tools here at Twin Flames Universe to be able to cultivate a healthy, loving foundation for your Union. And that’s going to start when you learn to heal using the Mirror Exercise, and really feeling all of your feelings truly and honestly. And as you do that, you can’t help but magnetize your Divine Masculine.

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Transcribed from a Youtube video – What The Divine Masculine Really Feels When He’s Running [BUT NEVER EXPRESSES]

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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