Twin Flame, kindred spirit, soulmate; who are they? What’s the difference between them?

Sometimes when you meet someone, you feel an instant connection or maybe a very subtle instant intrigue. You instinctively want to hang back from the crowd so you can spend a few extra moments with them. You’ve met a kindred soul. You instantly think you’re kindred spirits because you finally feel understood.

As you get to know each other you feel they put you at ease with their humor just at the moments you’re about to freak out. Your mind might think you don’t yet know this person, but you know your heart feels you’ve found a kindred spirit. 

And just maybe, you’ve found your Twin Flame. They were your close friend for a long time, and there might be something more here…

But Twin Flames are supposed to have a mind-blowing, electric, magnetic, sweep you off your feet and over the rainbow kind of feeling the instant you make eye contact, right? It can happen that way for some, but not necessarily for everyone or even most people. 

In this article we will take a journey together. Let’s see if a kindred spirit in your life might be your Twin Flame!

What does kindred spirit mean?

A kindred spirit is someone with similar interests or concerns.  They are a person who shares some of the same opinions, feelings, and interests as you. Also, their attitudes are similar to your own.

Kindred means closeness 

Originally, “kindred” meant a group of people who shared a common ancestry or family lineage. 

Family plays a pivotal role in shaping societal values, beliefs, and behaviors. Upbringing and the conditions set within the family environment have a profound impact on how a person experiences life later on as an individual. This family conditioning can be both positive and negative, impacting character, attitudes, and perspectives.

As an adult you learn to take responsibility for your own feelings and choices. Many people choose to reverse the familial conditioning that no longer feels supportive to personal growth. Part of this process is surrounding yourself with people of similar mindsets and personal pursuits. These relationships may form deep connections that become part of your immediate circle or your chosen family.

Over time, the term kindred evolved to encompass a broader sense of similarity and shared qualities beyond just familial ties.

As we take this journey into the world of kindred spirits and Twin Flames, you can see if anyone in your life feels as close to you as family.  These could be your kindred spirits. And if any one among them feels like a sense of home even deeper than family, then they might be your Twin Flame.

Spirit of the soul

“Spirit,” has its origins in Latin and Middle English. In Latin, “spiritus” means “breath” or “soul,” while in Middle English, “spirit” referred to the immaterial essence or animating force within a person. 

When combined with “kindred,” then “kindred spirit” suggests a connection that goes beyond the superficial and reaches into the deeper connection of the soul.  So a kindred spirit is a person with a similar personality or set of interests to yours, who has a deep connection with you.

The dictionary kindred spirit definition

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a person with similar interests or concerns

Cambridge Dictionary: a person who has the same opinions, feelings, and interests as you

Google Dictionary: a person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one’s own

The kindred spirit isn’t a spiritual term, but rather an expression of any soul connection you can have. If you feel that connection to be romantic, this is where the term Twin Flames come in.

How do you use kindred spirit in a sentence?

We are kindred spirits, you and I… One day you will realize you don’t have to fight your nature. You can live your life freely… I want to be there when that happens.”

― T.T. Escurel, The House of Rose


Sometimes, a chance encounter can lead to a lifelong friendship when two kindred spirits recognize each other’s unique qualities and shared values.

Even though we came from different backgrounds and cultures, we saw in each other a kindred spirit who reveled in the logical, technical challenges while nurturing a deep love for the creative, poetic expressions of the soul.

We bonded over our love for adventure and travel, and it was clear that we are kindred spirits in wanderlust.

Sitting by the bonfire under the starry sky, they realized that they were kindred spirits, both in awe of the wonders of nature.

Finding a kindred spirit in a mentor can be a transformative experience for an emerging artist.

kindred spirit

Who is the kindred spirit person?

A kindred spirit is someone who understands you on a deep level. It’s someone who has similar interests, beliefs, or values as you. A kindred spirit is someone you feel is easy to connect with because you feel free to share about who you are and the things you love.

For Twin Flames, this means having 100% of your core values and beliefs as a match. You truly are perfect lovers

This requires getting to know your desires, fundamental values, and beliefs. Your kindred spirits will share some of these or similar values. If one of them is your Twin Flame they will share all of the same core values as you.

Are kindred spirits rare?

No, they’re not. But it’s because kindred spirit is just a term to designate someone you resonate with. It is not a spiritual concept per se.

For Twin Flames though, everyone has a Twin Flame. It is because everyone has the desire for perfect romantic love and companionship, someone who really fulfills you like no other.

Moreover, the depth of desired intimacy in daily interaction varies from person to person. What one person may consider a kindred spirit, another might not. Some people might have a higher threshold for what constitutes a deep connection, while others may recognize kindred spirits more readily. It’s a subjective experience shaped by individual values, experiences, and perspectives.

Being true to yourself, pursuing your passions, and engaging in activities aligned with your values can naturally lead you to people who resonate with your spirit. It’s in these authentic spaces that kindred spirits are more likely to emerge.

And having a Twin Flame means that someone accepts you exactly as you are, at all times.

What’s another word for kindred spirit?

Here are 8 other kindred spirit synonyms for relationships that describe this kind of connection.

  • Bosom Buddy
  • Comrades in Arms
  • Kindred Soul
  • Like-Minded Companion
  • Fellow Traveler
  • Confidant
  • Soul Family, Soul Sister, or Soul Brother
  • Close Ally

Your Twin Flame will fit all of these descriptions and so much more. Take an opportunity to get clear on the dreams and visions you have for every area of your life. Invite your kindred spirits to do the same. If one of them is your Twin Flame, then you will be able to see how the individual dreams you each have for your life will align perfectly when you put them together.

What is an example of kindred spirit?

The best way to look at someone who functions on the same wavelength as you is to look at Twin Flames.

Jeff and Shaleia’s extraordinary Love story started like any other, with two individuals searching for their Twin Flame. This quest guided them to date other people before meeting each other, believing these to possibly be their one True Love. Soon, they would discover that those relationships were not what they were looking for. But that was ok, because in both Jeff and Shaleia’s cases, these relationships were guiding them perfectly towards each other. They were lessons they needed to learn before meeting, just like they share in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

After moving through these experiences, they finally met each other online. Little did they know that their journey would take them to the depths of their souls and beyond. It took them a couple of months to realise they were Twin Flames. Once they did, they recognized their deep connection and profound spiritual bond, launching themselves on a profound exploration of Divine Love.

Their journey was not without challenges. Like any relationship, they faced their fair share of obstacles. But what set them apart is their unwavering commitment to the Twin Flame path. Where others would succumb to the difficulties, they chose to see them as opportunities for growth, ultimately, achieving their Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

How do you know if someone is a kindred spirit? 

You know someone is a kindred spirit when you feel an instant comfort and ease in their genuine presence. They feel familiar to you and you understand each other at a deep and vulnerable level.  You share common interests, passions or outlooks on life as well as shared experiences of growth.

Kindred spirit signs

Let’s go directly to the signs of a true Twin Flame:

  • You’ve discussed all your deepest values honestly, and life has proven to you again and again that your partner matches up.
  • You have discussed and intertwined your visions for your lives effectively because they match up perfectly and harmoniously.
  • If they are who they appear to be, there could literally be no other for you. Literally.
  • Your spiritual path points directly to them, and never points you away from them overall.
  • You don’t fall in love with them, but remember the deep love you’ve always had for your Twin Flame. Your falling-in-love process is only a deepening and remembering, an uncovering and a leaping.
  • When you make love it is perfect, and genuinely exactly what you needed deep down each time.
  • Your life paths match up perfectly and easily when you genuinely choose to be together.
  • You continue to choose your Twin Flame and you are genuinely unable to reveal them as anything but your true Twin Flame, because they are.
  • You naturally grow together, and you never stop growing together.
  • You are best friends instantly, even if you don’t realize it yet.
  • The love you share is amazing and the relationship is perfectly balanced.
  • They mirror everything within you, and when you look honestly you understand that that is exactly what is happening.
kindred spirit

Can kindred spirits fall in love? 

Yes. And this is where you may discover about the Twin Flame connection.

The foundation for Twin Flame love often begins with a strong emotional and intellectual connection, precisely the qualities that define kindred spirits. You may find yourselves drawn to each other’s company, sharing experiences, and feeling a sense of home within each other. Your connection is characterized by trust, vulnerability, and the freedom to be your true selves. These elements are the cornerstones of a Twin Flame relationship.

Thus begins the journey of exploring and unfolding the identity of your true Twin Flame. This requires getting to know yourself in a deeper way than you ever have before. You must accept yourself completely and unconditionally.  As you take the journey of deepening your relationship with yourself and the divine your true Twin Flame is revealed to you. Every Twin Flame story is unique and perfect, as though each one was custom crafted and divinely designed for each person. Yours will unfold in the most healing, beautiful, and romantic way for you.

Are kindred spirits actually Twin Flames?

Encountering a kindred spirit can feel like discovering a long-lost friend. This connection goes beyond surface-level interactions, sparking a sense of familiarity and resonance.

Twin flames, on the other hand, represent an even more profound and spiritual, sublimely romantic, eternal connection. Your Twin Flame is the one person who was created to be your perfect partner in romance along with spiritual and personal growth. 

Twin Flames are created as perfect complements, like Yin and Yang, a single soul expressed in two bodies. Each is unique and whole unto themselves, and together they share one consciousness, amplifying each other’s spiritual growth and ascension as One.

Your Twin Flame will also be your most precise mirror of unconditional love.  You will recognize yourselves in each other.  Because of your shared consciousness, you will also experience your Twin Flame in precisely the way that you feel about yourself.  You will feel incredibly loved in the ways you already love yourself, and you will feel challenges in the ways you feel challenged to love yourself.

For example, you may feel more loved than you ever have your whole life in the friendship of your kindred spirit and Twin Flame. This is because you have learned how to be a friend to yourself and love yourself in this way.  If your own relationship with romantic intimacy is challenging, then you may experience those challenges in the romantic areas of your relationship with your Twin Flame.  

Exploring if one of your kindred spirits is a Twin Flame can never mess up your relationship with your Twin Flame.  And your kindred spirits are deep connections that understand you and resonate with you.  So if you feel the desire to explore a particular person as your Twin Flame, don’t be afraid to follow your heart.  The Twin Flame exploration is always a divinely guided endeavor that leads everyone involved into greater truth, growth, and awareness of themselves.

Your Twin Flame is a kindred spirit to you, but only one kindred spirit is your Twin Flame.

Is a kindred spirit the same as a soulmate?

Soulmates are kindred spirits, and Twin Flames are kindred spirits, but not all kindred spirits are soulmates or Twin Flames.

Suppose you belong to a book club, a game night, a meditation circle, a church, or any group of people with similar interests as you.  You could call these all kindred spirits. And you can find wonderful meaningful connections based on what you love. In this group you feel understood and free to express your love of this interest with others who share it with you. You get to nerd out together on your favorite topics. 

These individuals could be your soulmates or your soul family of soul-sisters and soul-brothers.  

Then there could be The One. One person who will feel like they were created especially for you. They will feel like they were designed to be your best friend, your lover, your teacher, your perfect counterpart and partner in every way. This person will come to feel like you are looking at your own heart in the mirror. They have always grown with you as you’ve grown and continue to do so. If you can imagine them as your perfect lover, your one and only one true love, then they might be your Twin Flame.

Which is better: Twin Flame or soulmate?

The main difference between Twin Flames and soulmates lies in their purpose in your life. Twin Flames are created to be perfect complements as romantic partners in ways soulmates cannot fully satisfy each other. This is because Twin Flames share the same soul blueprint or soul design, and soulmates do not. Twin Flames share the same consciousness at the core, so they experience oneness in much deeper spaces and ways than soulmates.

Because of this shared consciousness, Twin Flames are eternally making the same core choices at every turn. Soulmates may make some of the same choices. However, there will always come a point with a soulmate where they will reveal themselves as not making the same choice at the core. As you go deeper into your spiritual growth, a soulmate will eventually evolve in a direction apart from you.

Conversely, your Twin Flame will always evolve with you, getting closer together in love as your spiritual relationship with love grows and develops.

kindred spirit

Your kindred spirit might be your Twin Flame

Recognizing a kindred spirit in your life is a valuable step in understanding the depth of your connections and discovering if you already know your Twin Flame or not. Kindred spirit is just a term. It designates someone that brings understanding, support, and camaraderie, enriching your life in unique ways.

Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover in the realm of romance and spiritual partnership. Recognizing and identifying your true Twin Flame requires a deeply transformative and profound journey of self discovery.

If a kindred spirit is your Twin Flame they will feel incredibly familiar and comfortable to you, like no one else in the world. Both of you will deeply enjoy sharing each other’s natural and authentic company and presence. You will share the same and complementary visions for your life and be equally unclear if you’ve not yet discovered what you deeply desire for yourself. Your life experiences will be similar, and your lifestyle choices will easily align with each other. 

You share one consciousness with your true Twin Flame, so they can never abandon you or truly withdraw their love for you. No matter how the relationship unfolds, through the tough times and good, you will always feel deep down an unwavering love for each other. 

Your souls are an exact vibratory match, and you will be able to feel the resonance in your heart when you connect and deeply listen. Do you allow yourself to experience this love story?

kindred spirit

Written by Jenny Langley

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