There is a lot written about Twin Flame separation. What does it entail? Do you need to move through this experience in order to have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union? How can you know Twin Flame separation is almost over? 

With this last question in mind, Jeff and Shaleia have channeled these 9 juicy signs that your Twin Flame separation is almost over! These signs should excite you because it means your Twin Flame Union is just around the corner. It also means you can be proud of yourself, too, because to achieve your Union is a wonderful triumph.

Nonetheless, we also know that many people like you are still experiencing separation from their Twin Flames. So, before we get down to the signs, we wanted to share more clarity about this topic and how to know it is ending. 

What is Twin Flame separation?

First things first, let’s explore what Twin Flame separation really is. As you may have read, many so-called Twin Flame “gurus” talk about Twin Flame separation as a necessary phase in the journey. This separation is believed to be a crucial aspect of the Twin Flame journey. They say it is necessary for it to carry unique lessons for each of you to evolve. But this is not entirely true. Twin Flame separation is only possible when we believe in the illusion of separation. You experience being separated, because in some way, you still believe you can be separate from Love. However, you and your Twin Flame are always One at the core, so you are never truly separate. Remember, you are only experiencing an illusion.

Twin Flame Separation stages

Since separation only stems from a false belief, there aren’t really any Twin Flame separation stages. There are only the stages of the journey itself. But, since we are still getting clear on this subject, we could state that there are two stages:

Stage 1: Before you make the core choice to start healing separation.

Stage 2: After you make the core choice.

After you make the choice to be with your Twin Flame, everything around you starts to pave the way for you to be with your beloved.

How long does it last?

The duration of this experience varies from one couple to the other. For some, it lasted days, for others, years. It all depends on how active you are in healing this illusion of separation.

The longer you hold on to this false belief, the longer it will take for you and your Twin Flame to be together. It can last weeks, months, or even years, because the Universe can’t help but to honor the choices you make. So when you choose to believe in separation, that is what you experience. On the opposite end, when you choose to heal, everything conspires for you to come together with your Twin Flame.


9 Signs Twin Flame Separation is Almost Over

Being in Twin Flame separation doesn’t have to last long, nor feel like an endless painful experience. Quite the opposite, anyone -including you- can heal separation from their Twin Flame. This can be achieved quite easily by simply embracing the blocks and upsets as a chance to bring more love into your life. The more you do this with the Mirror Exercise and the Teachings of Union, the closer you’ll be to your Union.  

Now, let’s say you have been cultivating this new self-love, how can you know when you are almost done with Twin Flame separation? Here are the nine signs channeled by Jeff and Shaleia. These are meant to help you identify when separation is ending and Union is just around the corner. Let’s go through them, shall we?

1. You feel at peace within yourself.

You feel this deep peace at the core of who you are. That is a very, very strong sign that your Twin Flame separation is almost over. Note that this is not something you can force. Peace isn’t something we can fake. We either feel it or not. You can’t go, “If I just focus on being peaceful then my Twin Flame is going to come.” Peace is a result of a deep understanding that you are already One. This results in your Twin Flame being just around the corner. For Shaleia, a big portion of that deep peace came from just letting go of how her Union was supposed to come to her, and who her Twin Flame was. She received great peace from letting go and allowing her life to be wonderful no matter what happened.


2. You’ve decided to only be with your Twin Flame regardless of whether it happens or not.

This is similar to Shaleia’s example in the first sign. Choosing to be happy no matter what happens is key. All the 9 signs described in this list are really a true result of coming into Harmonious Union with yourself on the inside first. And then you experience these wonderful thoughts and feelings on the outside. This is the premise or foundation on which your Harmonious Twin Flame Union can take place and thrive.

3. You have become unattached to what happens.

Once again this is the result of your emotional mastery. You feel this peace within yourself by becoming unattached to what happens, you just feel okay with what is. This may look something like: “I’m currently not with my Twin Flame. That’s okay.” Or, “I’m currently with my Twin Flame and all hell is breaking loose. That’s okay. We’re figuring it out, one step at a time.”

4. You respect and trust God’s plan in bringing you what you desire.

This brings up a lot of qualities of trust and faith. A lot of people try to do God’s job and then wonder why they are upset, or why things aren’t working out. Really, just chill and relax, and know that anything you create in your life, you are not creating alone. You are co-creating with the Divine. When you are working on manifesting your Twin Flame, God has a job too. You have to be able to trust that God is doing that job, just like you’re taking the steps forward in your life to bring your Twin Flame to you. You have to understand that the Universe is on your side> and the Universe is also taking steps with you to help you attract everything perfectly that you desire.


5. You respect and maintain your decision to be in permanent Harmonious Union with your true Twin Flame.

You stay the course with your choice to be in permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Note that it must be your true Twin Flame, not who you think is your Twin Flame. Many wonder when it is going to happen for them. They want someone to tell them how long it will take. The truth is time is an illusion. It could happen all at once. So if none of this is true for you yet, don’t worry. Just know it will happen as soon as you are ready. and it is perfect for you. This requires faith. You’ve got to trust love. You’ve got to trust that God has your best and highest interests in mind. The more you trust, the better you can surrender your journey into Union. And the more you surrender, the deeper the peace you feel about your process.

6. You’re envisioning your life with your Twin Flame.

You can do this even when you are completely detached, when it doesn’t matter whether it happens or not. You are still envisioning a life with them. Keep doing that. Keep imagining that that’s what you desire, keep staying with that vision. That vision is guiding you Home to your Twin Flame.

7. You honor your values as you explore who your Twin Flame is.

This means you’re not going, “Oooh I feel good about you, maybe it’s you! Let’s date! Let me invest in you. You might be my Twin Flame, here’s all of my love!”, while throwing your values and standards out the window. It means you honor these. If you aren’t yet clear about your values, you can always write your Love List. This is an essential tool to help you get clear, also when revealing your true Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Separation almost over

8. You feel a deep sense of love in your heart for yourself and for life.

You don’t feel like you need anything to happen. It doesn’t matter what happens, it’s all good. And that’s the perfect platform for getting everything you desire. If you need it, and say, “I’ll feel good when my Twin Flame is here!” then that is a bad attitude, an inappropriate posture. Let that stuff go.

9. You feel good and accept what is happening at this moment.

You might have noticed by now that all 9 signs are pointing to the same one thing: Let go and move into Love.

Do you resonate with these signs? If you do, congratulations, your Twin Flame separation is almost over!

Is Twin Flame separation necessary?

It is true that Twin Flame separation serves as a catalyst for healing, however, this doesn’t mean it is necessary. The truth is, you can heal AND still be in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Separation only serves as the contrast necessary for you to realize, you no longer want to be separate from your Twin Flame. 

Why is the Twin Flame journey so painful?

Many people feel like the journey is a painful experience. The intensity of the upsets you experience can feel like a bit much. This is because the Twin Flame journey invites you to heal and release the pain and hurt you are currently experiencing. This pain was already there, and now, the journey invites you to go back to these places, but to do it with Love. As you heal, the journey, and your Union, feel lighter and better. Way better.

Twin Flame Separation almost over

Does it hurt to lose a Twin Flame?

The experience of losing your Twin Flame can indeed feel excruciating. This is only due to the belief that you can be separate, for the soul connection you share is unbreakable. But, if you are experiencing this, know that you are loved and that it is safe to take your space to heal. Healing always requires a lot of compassion, and also support.

Do Twin Flames separate more than once?

Twin Flames may experience multiple periods of separation throughout their journey. These are often due to unresolved upset between them, which drives them apart rather than together. But as we shared previously, there is never need for separation. You can certainly choose to heal the blocks and upsets preventing you from having your Union, so you never again have to experience separation from your Twin Flame.

Can you move on from your Twin Flame?

Well, you can always choose to not be with your Twin Flame, as everyone is endowed with free will. But, let’s be honest, do you really want to settle for someone other than your perfect lover?

Yes, you may feel like you want to forget all about your Twin Flame, but moving on doesn’t imply forgetting the connection. The bond you share goes beyond the physical reality, as you are created as one soul. This means that the desire to be with your perfect partner is always there. If you place your focus in your heart, you will see that you still want to be with them. No matter how challenging your relationship may be, only your Twin Flame can fulfill that deep desire.

Twin Flame Separation almost over

Does Twin Flame separation have to be no contact?

First we need to establish that, as you are One, you are, actually, always in contact with your Twin Flame. With this being said, no, there is no need to be in “no contact”. It all depends on where you are on your journey. Twin Flames are designed to hold the mirror so you can find the places where you feel hurt. But, what if Twin Flames lack the tools to handle the mirroring? Then it might be the most compassionate thing for the both of you to not be in touch just yet. 

If you are experiencing limited or no communication at all, you can always leverage this. You can always choose this time to heal the blocks and upsets preventing you from going deeper in your communication with your Twin Flame. 

How does the Twin Flame runner feel during separation?

To bring clarity to this question, first we must address that there is no “runner-chaser”. This dynamic, though popularly spread, is actually a myth. Since Twin Flames are One at the core, and mirror each other, there can’t be a runner. It is only the reflection of you running away from your feelings and connection in some way. Twin Flame love is very strong, and it can spark some fears, hence, the desire to hide from the relationship. If this is taking place in your Union, know that it is only meant to show you where you are still afraid to receive love. 

Is it okay to date during separation?

Dating during Twin Flame separation is a personal choice. While some may find that they want to explore other connections, others prefer to focus on their self-discovery and healing.

Twin Flame Separation almost over

As we said before, everyone has their own free will. This means they can go about their journeys in whichever feels good to them. When considering dating other people while working on your Union, you may want to ask yourself what is the intention behind this choice. Is it a loving choice? Or is it a choice made from a place of upset?

There are people who feel frustrated when there is no communication with their Twin Flames. This leads them to seek other romantic relationships to avoid healing the upsets they feel with their Twin Flames. Before you run off to someone else, just be clear about why you are choosing to date other people. 

How to know if your Twin Flame is missing you?

This is a very common question everyone makes themselves through their journeys. Especially, when experiencing separation from their Twin Flame. Some sense their Twin Flame is missing them, but, how can you know for sure? Here is a blog article addressing precisely this. 

Ending separation for good!

Twin Flame separation, although a very common experience among Twin Flames, doesn’t need to last forever. Despite its challenges, you can still use it as an opportunity for growth, healing, and self-discovery. Healing Twin Flame separation requires patience, compassion, and commitment to yourself and your Union. We’ve been there and we can help you leave separation behind and step into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Twin Flame Separation almost over

Adapted from the video “9 SIGNS TWIN FLAME SEPARATION IS ALMOST OVER” by Jeff & Shaleia, August 2018. Edited by Deborah Bassow, September 2023.

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