The New Moon in Capricorn, exact at 12 am EST on January 13th, is the first New Moon of 2021. This is an optimal time to set intentions for your Twin Flame and Life Purpose journey. Not just for the next month but for the long-term. Really get clear on what you’d like to see happen for you in 2021.

Pluto, which is conjunct with the Sun and New Moon in Capricorn, represents transformation, death, and rebirth. To realize the transformation, you have to dive in and get clear on whether the glimmer is just something shiny and find out where the real treasure is for you to retrieve. With all of this Capricorn focus, it’s a great time to start planning for where you desire your slingshot to land you.

If you’ve experienced moving backward in one form or another, but been putting genuine spiritual effort toward your soul’s mission as you are guided, imagine you’re in the slingshot, being stretched back only so that you can shoot ahead much further once there is just the right amount of friction, as well as accurate aim. There’s a sense of a breakthrough from what felt like resistance, so just keep your aim true and work steadily to get clear on where you desire to invest your energy to help you blossom and grow at this time.

Often, Capricorns love a good challenge in overcoming difficulty – have you ever seen a mountain goat scaling the side of a peak? Whatever obstacles you’ve had to face and overcome these last 3 years, with particular focus on this last year, especially as it relates to where Saturn was transiting Capricorn (which it also has dominion over) in your natal chart until it recently moved into Aquarius, will clue you in to where you’ve placed energy toward breaking through into your next level of upcoming accomplishments.

Obviously, no sane person wants to go through the same challenge twice if they don’t have to; with all of the Aquarian energy, including 3 planets and more on the way in this sign: Saturn, Jupiter, and now Mercury all meeting together, it’s time for new solutions. There is no going back to the “old” way of doing things, the transits of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Jupiter magnifying the experience created a new setpoint for what is acceptable within social structures. Although it might be a bumpy ride at first both socially and individually, especially in regards to communicating your message, it’s only because we’re rebuilding on more stable, higher ground.

It’s time to find empowerment within, originating from the divine and not outside of you in any way. Nothing outside of you has the ability to take away your power and that lesson is being integrated, which will help you learn how to most effectively attract and manifest what is meant for your highest good. The shift from Earth to Air energy brings a light-hearted magnetizing quality to setting intentions and ups your game in surrender and trusting the process of perfecting Union in all areas of your life, including with your beloved Twin Flame.

New Moons are generally known for being an optimal time to set intentions because metaphorically it’s time to sow your seeds in the rich darkness of the soil and trust that your desires will sprout, bloom, and most importantly, bear fruit. It may not always look and taste like the fruit you imagined, but whether it does or not, when you do it with a pure heart the divine will feed your appetite just right.

The Capricorn New Moon is a serious boss of a New Moon, so you might as well take advantage and get down to business. When you put God at the center of setting your intentions, you’ll be sure not to accidentally veer off course. What is wealth or romance if it isn’t cultivated with the divine? You’ll have a much better time enjoying your fruits down the road if you are honest with yourself about what’s in your highest interest to pursue and invest in for your eternal benefit. Call in your support and abundance in your pursuit and choose to recognize when you receive it that you may continue to attract and expand in your abundance while persistently moving toward your dreams.

About the Author:

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