When you commit to loving yourself and you don’t give up, your Twin Flame will commit to you. This is the promise of the inner work and the Twin Flame journey. Paco and Déborah’s story shows just that: after a beautiful healing journey, Paco and Déborah came into Union, Paco proposed, they achieved Harmonious Twin Flame Union and just recently got married. Their wedding ceremony last month shows what beautiful results can unfold for you when you choose to love yourself and commit to your dreams coming true.

The Foundation for a Beautiful Wedding

Paco and Déborah’s wedding day was deeply special for them and, at the same time, felt just like any other day. They had been healing any fears about commitment that had been coming up before the wedding so they could relax into their marriage. “We had made the choice to be cool about us getting married,” Paco says. Since they had found the truth of their marriage within when they came into Harmonious Union, their wedding day was about embracing the Union they’ve always had together and finally making the permanent and physical commitment to it and each other.

Celebrating Their Sacred Union

“We had a very private and quiet wedding ceremony in the library of our city, which looks over the river, and is one of our favorite parts of town,” Déborah says. Desiring to feel at home in Austria even though it’s not her native home, Déborah ended up healing and manifesting an officiant who made sure that it was easy for her to understand everything, as she came prepared with perfect translations for all documents and procedures. “She even looked for the Spanish translation to a saying they have in Austria about the bride,” says Déborah, happily. “We thought it will be more of a legal act, but it wasn’t. It was way more than that,” Paco says. “Throughout the whole wedding, God’s presence was blessing us and loving us up deeply.”

When Paco and Déborah stood at the altar, he in his royal blue suit, she in her sparkling teal dress, and they made their vows of eternal love to each other and to the Divine. They kissed and began their magical married life together, forever.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Life

Paco and Déborah spent the rest of their special day grounding into the new level of love and enjoying each other’s company, as always. “We toasted to our new chapter, took some pics and goofed around, before changing back into something more comfortable and just relaxing into the rest of our evening,” says Déborah.

Their marriage was a gentle deepening of the love they’ve always shared.“I just love my wife on a deeper level,” Paco says. “I feel so attracted to her every day. Our marriage feels like a never ending, uplifting togetherness.”

The beauty and peace of a Twin Flame marriage comes from making loving yourself and resolving challenges your lifestyle. Déborah says, “Being officially married feels more grounded, like, we can relax even more in our Union. I feel like it solidifies even more our choice to remain together and work on our relationship, no matter the challenges that may arise. Every step was always going deeper into this choice, and us getting married just made it even more tangible.”

To those dreaming of their own beautiful Twin Flame wedding, Déborah says, “What makes it possible to transform this dream into a reality is the willingness to keep moving forward and to choose Love at every turn. Respect all your feelings along the way. Every little thing can support you in healing through something that allows you to come closer to your dream of being married to your Twin Flame.”

Love yourself through every step of your journey, and your marriage with your Beloved Twin Flame will perfectly unfold.

Interview by Sage Woodward

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