“I had almost given up on my Twin Flame journey because I was tired and confused. Finding Twin Flames Universe saved my life; the darkness slowly turned to light. I joined the Open Forum and I immediately felt at home. The love that I felt from Jeff and Shaleia, the classes, and the community members awoke the Love within me. I felt a fire in my life that I had long forgotten. It was purpose. I finally understood my connection to Life, to Love, to God and why I was here on this Earth. I started living.”
Keely Griffin

The identity of your Ultimate Lover does not have to remain a mystery.

The relationship with your Twin Flame does not have to be tedious and difficult.

You do not have to suffer through endless separation as your Twin Flame dates or marries others.

You can find your Ultimate Lover now.

You can live with your Twin Flame in harmony.

You can have the perfect romance and the life of your dreams.

All of your desires are easily attainable.

We know the secret to bring you happiness and joy.

It all comes from within.

“Throughout my life, I had never felt seen, understood, or loved. My parents, teachers, leaders, and friends never grasped my depth, my mind, my soul and the brilliance it holds within. Thank you for seeing me as God sees me. Your love and guidance to embrace my unique gifts and how I am created is etched in my heart.”
Chrissy Kay

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You are here for a reason.

A very clear intention has brought you to this place.

It’s a part of you that has always been guiding you.

Through every challenge and at every turn, this part of you has been here.

Do you know what it is seeking?

It wants to fulfill the greatest desires of your heart.

We know how to help.

“Each clip stands alone, yet when watched in order together, creates a mapping of one’s consciousness that will entice even the veteran student to click a link to the full class and go deeper into love. Your most dedicated students will keep coming back to it, time and time again to return to the peace you offer and to instantly hear the voice of Mother and Father God coming through you.”
Chrissy Kay

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The Sermons of Twin Flame Ascension School are an immersion into the greatest teachings of our time.

Throughout the sermons, you will receive insight into the minds of Twin Flame gurus Jeff and Shaleia. 

As the first Twin Flame teachers in the world to have attained Harmonious Union, Jeff and Shaleia herald the dawn of a new era on Earth.

Let our teachers take you by the hand and accompany you through your Dark Night. Let their wisdom accompany you through every uncertainty. 

You are not alone as you walk through the Valley of Darkness. 

Let us shine a light upon the Divine Path laid before you.

“Only by the Grace of God did I find you and with complete humility and innocence in my heart, follow you without reservation.”
Chrissy Kay

At Twin Flames Universe, we strive to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

This process can overcome any fear or challenge.

No matter how long or “deep” your separation from your Twin Flame is, we will help you end it.

We have PROVEN that our product will change your life.

Through the simple process of feeling your feelings, loving yourself, and claiming your perfect life, you can have it all. 

Simply apply the teachings to your life, and you WILL see results.

Your Twin Flame WILL appear.

Your romance WILL be a fairy tale.

You WILL find the perfect life with your one True Love.

Our teachers and community will walk with you every step of the way.

For only $499 or 5 monthly payments of $111, you will receive over 25 hours of video content.

In the Sermons of Twin Flame Ascension School, you will learn how to

  • Open to your feelings
  • Find wonderful romance
  • Harmonize with your Twin Flame
  • Have a relationship with God, your Creator
  • Heal emotional trauma and wounds
  • Find what you truly desire
  • Live a life of purpose and fulfillment

Hundreds of students have changed their lives and found happiness and joy.

These tools empower you to face anything that is holding you back. You are unstoppable.

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Our community has seen ELEVEN Twin Flame couples achieve Harmonious Union as a result of these teachings. 

This process is PROVEN to work. We stand by our guarantee of success.

Your Twin Flame is ready for Harmonious Union. It doesn’t matter how things may look on the outside. The truth of your Union lies within your Heart.

Bring yourself exactly as you are, and open to the lessons of this school. 

This journey is not difficult. Let us show you the way.

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