Spiritual life or Twin Flame…

Have you ever wondered how to choose between the two? Which direction should you go in when you meet your Twin Flame and then experience separation. Does it mean you have to just accept separation and go it alone?

So, is the only purpose of your Twin Flame to awaken you and then leave your reality? Will you be left to walk a spiritual path on your own in the hopes that one day something will change It’s time to get clear on what’s really going on. Many say that when you meet your Twin Flame, the best you can hope for is just to focus on yourself and let go of any hope of Union. But how does that feel to you?

Does it feel bad? Yes it does! How can that be right when it feels so bad in our hearts? Let’s dig a little deeper on this topic.

What it looks like from the outside

So what is the Twin Flame journey all about? You meet your Twin Flame. Perhaps you get to share a romantic relationship or a friendship with them. Then after a little “bubble love” time together, there’s a trigger and you go into separation.

On the outside, it seems as though your Twin Flame wants nothing to do with you. You don’t know how to mend your relationship with them. This leaves you feeling fed up and confused. Sounds pretty hopeless doesn’t it? What’s the point if you can’t actually have this Love? Don’t give up! We can reassure you that something much deeper is happening here. You can have all the clarity you need, so let’s find out more.

Why do I have a Twin Flame?

You and your Twin Flame were created together; as perfect Divine complements. They are your teacher and student, best friend, partner in Life Purpose and Ultimate Lover. Everyone is given this Divine gift of a Twin Flame because Love is for All of us.

You do have a Twin Flame. Not one of us is excluded from this Love, because we are all Children of God. We are very loved indeed.

Your Twin Flame was divinely created just for you and you for them, so that you can give and receive Divine love with each other directly from God.

Your Twin Flame is your Divine spouse, as created by God, specifically for you. No one can take their place in your life because no one will match you as perfectly as them. Likewise, you are their perfect match too. And you cannot ever leave your Twin Flame because you share a consciousness with them.

twin flames on a spiritual journey

You are One with your Twin Flame. They are you and you are them. You and your Twin Flame are intrinsically linked. Your choices impact your Twin Flame and vice versa. Making the choice to Love triumphs over any choice of separation. Most importantly, when you choose to heal, so does your Twin Flame.

If you are reading this, then you are the one who is being presented with the choice to begin healing. Your Twin Flame will naturally partner with you to show you what to heal. That’s the Divine mirroring at work. You can use the Mirror Exercise to work through the upsets very easily. See Chapter 5 of Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia to learn the Mirror Exercise.

The secret spiritual path: what your Twin Flame journey really is

twin flames kissing in the rain

When you feel the desire in your heart for real love and you choose it, you will meet your Twin Flame. Meeting your Twin Flame is the choice to be with ALL of yourself and to have True Love, for eternity.

Your Twin Flame is not just for the 5D. And they are not just here to propel you to begin your spiritual journey. Yes, it means to be physically together in the 3D. Ascending is purifying your shared consciousness from all fear so that you deepen in Love together.

You and your Twin Flame are designed to live life together, forever deepening in Love. All Love is Source. Also known as the Creator, God, the Divine.

So the Twin Flame journey is also a spiritual journey. There is no separation between the two.

Does it help to focus on my Life Purpose?

If your Twin Flame seems to have vanished into thin air and you’re feeling discouraged and alone, let us bring you a renewed sense of hope. There is no separation between you in truth. Nor is there any separation between your journey of Union and your journey of Life Purpose.

This is because your Life Purpose is just an expression and extension of you both! One of the best ways to move forward into your Union is to focus on your Life Purpose. Many blocks will arise as you claim your purpose and express yourself through your work. And when you heal those blocks, you will also heal your Union.

You might be called to go deeper into your Life Purpose to lay the perfect foundation for your Union to manifest. At the same time you can learn how to create wealth, abundance, vitality and a steady flow of energy in your life. Your Twin Flame is very attracted to your authentic expression. You have nothing to lose!

What’s the purpose of Twin Flame Reunion?

Ascension. Ascension is the purification of your consciousness from all fear. That’s right! You release all feelings and thoughts of fear from your consciousness.

Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to live life without fear and with your perfect lover? Well, that’s exactly what you’re being called to do. When you learn to live life without fear it means you can experience life how it was created to be.

Only Love. But getting to that high vibrational state requires enormous dedication, persistence, honesty and deep inner work.

Up until recently on planet Earth, the Ascension process was done solo.On your own. On top of a mountain, in a secluded cave or hidden away in a monastery or convent.

But now, humanity has evolved to the point where we’re ready to have a new path of Ascension. The Twin Flame Ascension path. Our hearts have called this in!

ascension on twin flame spiritual path

The Twin Flame path of Ascension

Jeff and Shaleia have brought us this new path of Ascension. It is through their own journey of finding each other and healing deep blocks of separation, all the way into their Harmonious Union, that they have given us the template to create a perfect life of Love too.

This template became the Teachings of Union which provides all the guidance, healing and support you could ever need to complete your own Twin Flame journey. This priceless gift has come to answer the hearts of many who were calling out for the release of painful beliefs of separation from Love.

You’re reading this blog because you felt this call too. This new Twin Flame Ascension path means you get to purify your consciousness with your Twin Flame at your side as your companion along the way. Just as Jeff and Shaleia have done. After all, your Twin Flame is the other “Feminine” or “Masculine” aspect of you. Who better to reflect your fears and heal with, than the other part of you!

Therefore, your Twin Flame’s role in your Ascension together is to reflect your fears so that you both heal and ascend in unison. You will also reflect their fears to them. It’s a Teacher/Student partnership. But that’s not all!

twin flames spiritual awakening together

Once you’ve healed the blocks to your Union, you will get to go ever deeper into Love together. Your journey will reveal to you that your true Twin Flame is also your best friend, partner in Life Purpose and they are also your Ultimate Lover. You get to have it all.

So spiritual life or Twin Flame journey?

If you have decided that you can’t be with your Twin Flame and believe you just need to go on a spiritual journey alone, you might be surprised to hear that you are still on the Twin Flame journey! There is no conflict between the two. The Twin Flame journey is a spiritual journey. Your romance is deeply spiritual and perfectly Divine.

When you choose this journey you will heal all your upsetting beliefs about Love. You might experience a period of separation from your Twin Flame until these upsets are healed. But if you have the right kind of support and healing, you may find separation is not actually necessary at all. Use the Mirror Exercise to heal your upsets effectively and you will be able to partner with your Twin Flame in your physical 3D reality in no time.

Your Twin Flame journey is actually a new path of spiritual Ascension that you can take together as you are One shared consciousness. Your Twin Flame is your eternal companion and perfect partner for eternity. You wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

If you would like to take your healing to the next level and begin to really enjoy your journey of Ascension, check out our free Twin Flames Introductory Course. This is the perfect place to get a clear on your understanding of the Twin Flame journey and how to manifest your own Harmonious Union.

Written by Julia Martin Woodbridge