Valentine’s day, it’s the holiday for romance and your Twin Flame is all you’re thinking about! What you want to do together, what sweet messages do you want to send them, and of course what gift do you get them?

Are you running low on Valentine’s day gift ideas? Or are you experiencing separation at the moment or still aren’t sure who your Twin Flame is? What do you even do on Valentine’s Day when you’re not together? Well, we’re here to share with you exactly how to enjoy this season, whether you are in Union or not.

What actually is romance?

Most of what we know about romance comes from the media; a fiery, dramatic gesture of love and passion or strong affection between two people. It’s often depicted as very hot at the beginning, very quick and intense. But romance isn’t really about that. Or at least, this is just the surface-level of what true romance is.

Romance is a constant giving of love and care to yourself. It means you pay attention to yourself and give yourself what you need, in the form of good food, a bath, a walk. Sometimes, romance is just about loving your life into betterment; more organization, loving your home, etc.

Romance doesn’t always have to be hot, quick and intense. Romance is actually the contrary: it’s gentle, and looks like a constant flow. It comes from the inner desire to know yourself, what you actually love and give it to yourself, without ever having to wait on someone else to do it for you.

So, how does it connect to your Twin Flame? And what is the purpose of having a partner if romance is about self-love?

Valentine's Day with your Twin Flame

Twin Flame romance is different

Your Twin Flame is first of all a tool for your Ascension. Now, before you stop reading, hear us out. Twin Flame love is first and foremost about being a perfect mirror to your counterpart. Which means that your Twin Flame will reflect all of your misalignments to you. But as you start to cultivate a relationship with yourself and heal every upset that comes up, your Twin Flame will also mirror to you the romance you have given to yourself.

That is why true romance doesn’t come from the outside, from another person giving you love. True romance is built with yourself. And the more you pay attention to yourself, the more your Twin Flame will mirror this to you, until you reach a tipping point, where the love and romance of your Union far surpass the upsets.

Valentine’s Day: what to do if you’re in separation

romancing yourself on Valentine's Day

First Valentine’s Day on the Twin Flame journey? Maybe you’re still discovering who your Twin Flame is. Maybe you’re in separation or maybe you’re in Union. No matter where you are on your journey, this Valentine’s Day can be full of all the romance you desire.

If you’re still discovering who your Twin Flame is, Valentine’s Day may leave you with some mixed feelings. But rest assured, your Twin Flame is found in your heart and you can connect with them there all day everyday. In Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, there’s a wonderful “attracting your Twin Flame” meditation to practice as well.

Valentine’s Day while experiencing separation, may seem rough. That dreaded holiday where it seems constantly in your face that your Twin Flame isn’t with you. But in fact they are with you. Remember, you are One with your Twin Flame and they are always with you.

Now, you don’t need to dismiss any upsetting feelings you’re experiencing despite knowing the truth. Always feel your feelings and know that your Twin Flame is with you. You heal together and you can always connect with them in your heart.

How do you romance yourself (alone or with your Twin Flame)?

There is actually a way to ensure you spend a very good Valentine’s Day, whether you are in Union or not. As said earlier, romance must come from you. This is a lesson that you’ll keep when you achieve Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Because your Twin Flame will keep on mirroring the romance you give to yourself or not.

To become highly magnetic to your Twin Flame you will need to elevate your vibration of romance in your life. This beautiful knowledge is contained in the Romance Attraction E-Course by Jeff and Shaleia. This 8-part video course gives you all the tips, methods and practices to love yourself and make space for your Twin Flame in your life. You can read all about the experience of others who claimed their maximum love vibration on the Twin Flame journey.

So what do you do on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re alone or in Union? You romance yourself! It might sound unexpected but something wonderful to do for yourself is to plan a date with your Twin Flame. Then go on that date with God, or your Twin Flame (even if you just feel them with you in your heart).

enjoying yourself on Valentine's Day

If you’re experiencing separation or still not sure who your Twin is yet, this can seem a daunting and maybe even a little strange. But it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s important to really know who your Source is, God. The love and romance you desire doesn’t come from your Twin, it comes from God. And God is always with you and within you.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s day gifts for him

Having some trouble with what to get your Divine Masculine for Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re wondering if he even likes romance. Everyone wants to experience romance and love, even your Divine Masculine.

He is you and you can tap into his heart and what he desires simply by connecting in your heart. You are made perfectly for each other, so you can trust you will know exactly what to gift him.

Valentine’s day gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is an important holiday for most Divine Feminines. She loves experiencing romance and receiving loving attention from her man. Maybe you’re wondering how high are her expectations when it comes to romance?

The Divine Feminine loves to be romanced but it’s important to remember that you are not her source of Love and romance. It is also safe to release any pressure or expectations you may have placed on yourself. You are perfect for her and you can only love her perfectly when it comes from the heart.

Be my Valentine

Will you be my Valentine? Have you always wanted to ask your Twin Flame this question? Your Twin Flame is always going to be your Valentine regardless of how things look on the outside.

Even if they say they don’t want to be with you or are with someone else, they still love you. Your Twin is only ever loving you by reflecting the state of your shared consciousness. They are your perfect person, your Divine complement and lover. God made your Twin Flame for you and you are meant to be together.

reunited for Valentine's Day

If you’re not in Union yet don’t worry. You can heal separation with the Mirror Exercise and bring all of yourself home to Love. Never give up, do the inner work and you will find yourself in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You’re the gift that God gives to your Twin Flame.

Final thoughts

Valentine’s Day can be a juicy and romantic holiday regardless of whether or not your Twin Flame is with you physically. Both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine love to be romanced.

No matter where your Union is right now, you can always romance yourself. Your Twin Flame is your eternal Valentine. If you desire to go deeper in your Love vibration this Valentine’s Day check out our Free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Written by Abbey Campbell