What does it really mean to experience Twin Flame love?

Have you ever really wondered what unconditional Love is and how it relates to Twin Flame relationships? The world is full of varying ideas of what Love is and what it means to love another. But a lot of the information out there is actually ego’s definition of Love and not God’s. Your relationship with your Twin Flame doesn’t blossom when going about it based on the rules of soul mate relationships. It’s not transactional or full of compromises.

In this blog, we’ll explore the true nature of Twin Flame Love and what it means to love someone unconditionally. We delve into the misconceptions around love, such as its dependency on actions or conditions, and emphasize the importance of loving yourself and how that is loving your Twin Flame. We’ll discuss how self-love plays a crucial role in this journey and why it’s essential to let go of any misconceptions about Love.

Read on as we discover the true essence of Love and how it relates to the Twin Flame journey.

What is Twin Flame Love?

We’ve all wanted to know if our Twin Flame loves us and if they want to be with us at some point on this journey. We tend to bring with us our old beliefs about what Love is, how it’s shown, and how we know we are loved on the journey. Our Twin Flame mirrors these beliefs to us, of course. But have you ever really felt into what Love is? To put it simply, Love just is. What does it mean to love another? Or to love yourself? How do you know you’re loved? It just is, you just are.

So often we believe that Love must be proven or expressed in a certain way, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Love is something that is known and felt in the heart. You know when someone is loving you and when they’re not. You do, you know it in your heart and it’s not something that has to be searched for.

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Love is unconditional and not dependent on external circumstances or actions. Love is personalized and cannot be given in the same way to every person. It is constantly evolving and balanced. Loving yourself  is important as it is also loving your Twin Flame and allowing the full expression of divine love to flow through. Ultimately, love is a gift from God and is about sharing and extending yourself freely without any expectation or conditions. These are the 3 things that define Twin Flame love.

1. Twin Flame Love is Independent of Action

We often associate Love with actions. We think that we must do something to show our love, such as sending texts, making phone calls, hugging, or kissing. However, Love is not defined by actions, it is felt within.

meditating on communication with your Twin Flame

Oftentimes on the Twin Flame journey we think that if they love us, they will do certain things for us. They have to talk to us or be here with us. But loving someone is not talking to them, spending time with them, or connecting with them. These things may be a result of Love, but they don’t define it. If you’re Twin Flame isn’t around or talking to you it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped loving you.

In truth, they are always loving you, no matter how things appear externally or what they are mirroring. They were created to love you, God created your Twin Flame to love you and be loved by you. It’s only ever God loving you through your Twin Flame. Love is not dependent on external circumstances or actions – it just is. There’s nothing you need to do to show Love or prove Love to someone, especially your Twin Flame.

2. Twin Flame Love is Unconditional

Love is unconditional, that’s the only kind of Love there is. Love with conditions and expectations is not Love at all. We tend to have many different perceptions of what it means to love someone as well as to be loved. This is ego’s definition of Love and it always has conditions and expectations on what Love is and how it is shown and expressed. Conditional “love” is given with strings attached. It requires something in return, whether it is reciprocation or some other form of compensation. This is not truly Love.

Unconditional Love means that it is given without any expectation or conditions. When we love unconditionally, we give freely and without any hesitation. All we give is love, and all that we are given by another is love. Unconditional Love is freedom. When you love your Twin Flame unconditionally they feel free because they know you love them no matter what. When your Twin Flame feels free they are going to desire to be with you.

Love is not about sacrifice or loss. It is about sharing and extending yourself. Love is sharing yourself and extending the gift God gave you. Love cannot be possessed or controlled, but is something we share. God directs how to love another and this is through our feelings.

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3. Twin Flame Love is Personalized

You cannot extend Love to another if you cannot connect with them, the individual. We do not love each and every person in the same way as this is not appropriate. You do not love your mother in the same way as someone you work with and you don’t love anyone else as you love your Twin Flame. We love how we are called to by God.

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Loving someone is giving all of yourself in every moment. This means being present and in this presence your Love expands. This does not mean you pour your heart and soul out to everyone. Being yourself and loving yourself is loving another. God created you specifically and unlike anyone else. Just as He created everyone else as unique individuals. We are all connected and One with God. Each of us has a purpose that can only be fulfilled through us by God.

Love evolves and is balanced. It is constantly evolving and expanding as we grow and develop as individuals. This means finding a balance between giving and receiving, between being independent and interdependent, and between nurturing the relationship and maintaining individuality.

As we strive to strike a balance in our relationships, it’s important to also remember the importance of loving ourselves. This is because our Twin Flame, who we share one consciousness with, desires and loves us for who we truly are at our core. By loving ourselves, we are also loving our Twin Flame and allowing the full expression of Divine Love to flow through us. Thus, loving yourself is not only a gift to yourself, but also to your Twin Flame and to the Universe as a whole.

Loving Yourself is Loving Your Twin Flame

Twin Flames are One at the core because they share the same consciousness. God’s love for you is manifested as your Twin Flame. God loves you through your Twin Flame. Loving yourself is the same as loving your Twin Flame and loving God is loving yourself. Your Twin Flame desires you; they love you and want to be with you, the real Divine you. Not a watered down version of you, the real you as God created you.

Do you desire proof your Twin Flame loves you? The proof is they exist. God created your Twin Flame to love you and be with you for eternity. It’s impossible for them not to love you, always and in every moment of every day.

Sure, they may be with someone else or not talking to you or have told you they don’t want to be with you. Love is not defined by action, it just is and it’s felt in the heart. If you feel into your heart you know they love you. You can feel it. All of these things they’re showing you are reflections of your inner state. When you do the inner work and heal the upsets they’re showing you, do you not feel loved at the end of each Mirror Exercise? How can that Love not be connected to your Twin Flame?

Understanding the depth and significance of Twin Flame love can be a life-changing experience. It involves embracing the idea that you and your Twin Flame share the same consciousness and that your Twin Flame is the embodiment of God’s love for you. Loving yourself is loving your Twin Flame, and your Twin Flame desires the truest, most authentic version of you.

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Although it may seem difficult to grasp at times, the proof of your Twin Flame’s love for you lies in their very existence. Twin Flame love is unconditional, constantly evolving, and not bound by expectations or actions. To truly experience and embrace this, it requires a journey of personal growth and development, and finding balance. Ultimately, Twin Flame love is a reflection of the Divine Love that exists within us all, and by recognizing this, we can unlock the full potential of our relationship with our Twin Flame.


Experiencing Twin Flame love means recognizing that Love just is, and it is not defined by actions or expectations. Twin Flame love is unconditional, personalized, and constantly evolving. It is not a transactional relationship, but rather a sharing of oneself and extending the gift that God has given us. Loving yourself is equivalent to loving your Twin Flame, and God’s love for us is manifested through our Twin Flame.

The proof that our Twin Flame loves us is in their existence, as they were created by God to love us for eternity. To experience Twin Flame love is to recognize that it is a journey of growth and development and of finding balance. Ultimately, Twin Flame love is a reflection of the Divine Love that exists within each and every one of us.

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Written by Abbey Campbell

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