Society doesn’t teach you how a Twin Flame relationship thrives… and yet, this is probably the most important information ever.

Society tells us a story about love that feels incomplete. How many times have you felt like you weren’t prepared for love and didn’t have any explanation on how to “do love” properly.

Twin Flame relationships are so different but also so perfect and desirable because of their true love. It is worth it to work through whatever triggers are presented in order to have a Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The love between you and your Twin Flame was always present. It is eternal and has been awaiting realization. It is everything you have ever desired. It is the love that exists at the core of your relationship that makes all of this possible.

Because it is completely supported and blessed by love, the relationship based on unconditional love has been born to thrive.

Why did the Universe create Twin Flames?

The Divine completely loves us and created you and me. The Universe sent us to Earth to quickly purify our consciousness and achieve perfect Union in Love and Peace for all time. The Earth is a school for souls to learn and grow through love. People today forget that love heals and create distance from the Divine by believing that love is difficult, painful, and only temporary. Many people may try to avoid the challenges of growth by escaping into altered states of consciousness, movies, visualizations, substances, and other means. Every step of the way with your Twin Flame, the challenges result in a deeper sense of love and Union.

It is not a coincidence tht somehow you came across the term Twin Flames. Because your soul was created by the Divine in unconditional love with your divine partner at the same moment. Your soul was always asking to be with your Twin Flame. The answer to that call is this synchronicity of getting to know the term Twin Flame and reading this blog. As you come across this term Twin Flame, it reminds you that

Only Love is real and Love never Fails.

– Jeff and Shaleia

What are Twin Flames?

As Jeff and Shaleia explained and taught Twin Flames are manifested from the very same soul essence or the same soul blueprint. You and your Twin Flame are created by the Divine at the same moment, and you both are designed as your soul’s highest and most perfect eternal complement.

Both Twin Flames’ souls are created with individual specific codes, qualities, and traits that make them unique and they complement each other completely, which means they are not carbon copies of each other. One is created as the divine feminine and the other one is as divine masculine. This is the main explanation for your intense attraction and desire for your Twin Flame.

In this way both TwinFlames are already created whole and complete in divine perfection (like the yin and yang symbol). You both are already one as you are both created with the same blueprint.

For the masculine, it is:

“I desire to share myself with someone.”

For the feminine, it is:

“I desire someone to enjoy me.”

– Jeff and Shaleia

What is unconditional love in the Twin Flame Journey?

Unconditional love means to love yourself completely with full acceptance. In the same way, it also means to love your Twin Flame completely with full acceptance.

It is a journey of self-discovery, which involves loving yourself first.

To love unconditionally is to love without the need for anything in return, and that is the true essence of Twin Flame love. On this journey you learn and experience that your Source for everything is The Divine, not your Twin Flame or anyone else.

Important Roles Twin Flames Play with each other

Twin Flames always keep playing the role of teacher, friend, partner, and lover for each other in this journey. There is no specific order, in all roles friendship is the base and core foundation to build a palace of Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is your greatest teacher, your best friend, your perfect partner, and your Ultimate Lover. Yes, you are absolutely meant to be romantic and have sex with your Twin Flame. They are your One True Love, your true divine romantic partner for eternity. This is the truth of how a Twin Flame relationship thrives.

What are soul mates and karmic?

Let’s start from the beginning. A soulmate is someone that you have spent many lifetimes with, often as a spouse. Because of your closeness, you are kindred spirits but not perfect partners. In their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, Jeff and Shaleia refer to soulmates as “two people [that] relate to each other from the two different shores of their souls.” Soulmates may stay together for a time but they are not meant to be together romantically for eternity. This is the main core difference between the concepts of soulmates and Twin Flames.

A karmic relationship is someone with whom you are meant to have an experience in order to heal and learn a lesson. In truth, karmic partners are not really a “thing”. It is just a term coined to describe this experience. And, unlike many popular opinions out there, there is no obligation to stay with them in order to learn that lesson. Why? Because you can just as well learn and heal it with your Twin Flame, in the safe space of your Union. There are no contracts that bind you to be with a karmic for a certain amount of time. This is because there is no need for separation from your true and Ultimate Lover, your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame Mirror effect?

Twin Flames share the same soul blueprint or soul essence. And so, your Twin Flame is always mirroring back to you the state of your shared consciousness. When you are thriving, loving yourself, and enjoying your life purpose work, you experience that joy reflected in you through your Twin Flame. When you are struggling to love yourself or heal your upsets, your Twin Flame also reflects this to you.

They are always showing you what to heal within yourself, so that you can experience deeper levels of Love in your Union, instead of separation. When you heal your upsets the same mirror effect you receive from your Twin Flame. For example, In the past, if you were neglected your emotional needs were. Now you are taking care of your emotional needs. Now you can experience your Twin Flame emotionally available to you. In this way, you can receive Twin Flame mirror effects all along your Twin Flame journey by loving yourself.

To accelerate your ascension journey and come in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame Jeff and Shaleia’s mirror exercise can help you.

Stages of Twin Flame Journey

1. The first stage of the Twin Flame journey is Awakening or Realization

This is when you awaken to the true desire of your heart. It is the stage when one realizes that our outer world life is the exact mirror reflection of our inner world. We understand the power of our choices.

Which shifts us from victim or victimizer consciousness to Manifestor. We realize we are spiritual beings other than physical, and we can manifest anything with the Universe with the power of our choices. We are co-creators.

When you decide to be with your Twin Flame. Signs and synchronicities from the Universe may appear to guide you.

2. Exploration, Discovery

During your exploration of Truth, you may find yourself asking questions like, “Am I a Twin Flame?,” “Who could my Twin Flame be?,” and “How will I know I’ve found my Twin Flame?”

As you explore the answers in your own heart, trust your intuition. Through every situation, choose to feel your feelings and honor yourself completely. The more in tune you are with your heart, the more clarity you will receive.

3. Clarity, Fulfillment

You’ll know the questions in your heart have been completely answered when you feel perfect clarity and fulfillment. You embrace the desire to be in your Harmonious Union with the Divine and with your Twin Flame.

4. Meeting, Coming Together

You reap what you sow! So, when you are in alignment with meeting and being with your Twin Flame, you will move into the full manifestation in the 3D. Remember, during this time, you are meeting yourself most completely. It may take time for both of you to adapt to this new emotional energy.

Your Twin Flame is your perfect teacher and student, your best friend, your perfect partner, and your lover.

5. Upset, Expansion

Your Twin Flame, being your perfect mirror, will bring up all of your upsets to work through. Because of the very nature of a Twin Flame relationship (an Ascension path for you), they will show you all the places of your consciousness that are not aligned with love. This stage requires persistence; your Twin Flame will shine a light on your shadows, your false beliefs about yourself, and your false beliefs about Love. But they will do this most lovingly because they do love you. And the Creator loves you too! That is why He created you as One with your mirror soul.

With each upset you heal, you develop and expand the core of peace and love within. It creates a perfect strong foundation for your Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

6. Surrender, Unconditional Love

In the surrender and unconditional Love stage, You realize there is no upset large enough to tear you apart, and that you can never truly ‘run’ from each other. Love is endless, and only Love is real and Love always wins.

With your choice to continuously surrender and give unconditional Love to both you and your Twin Flame, you can fully experience the spiritual rewards of your Twin Flame Union.

7. Harmonious Union

The more you go through your inner healing cycles (healing upsets with the Mirror Exercise and continuously choosing surrender and unconditional Love), the more you experience your natural state of being with your Twin Flame.

This natural state of being is a Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is soul Union. It is the permanent marriage of two into One. You will have attained Harmonious Union physically when you have first reached the vibration within. This is how a Twin Flame relationship thrives.

8. The last stage of the Twin Flame journey is Perfect Union

As you deepen in love with your Twin Flame, you will naturally move into Perfect Union. Perfect Union is where you experience your entire One being in harmony with the Divine.

In Harmonious Union, your relationship with your Twin Flame reflects your perfect Oneness with the Divine. In Perfect Union, your entire life reflects your Oneness with the Divine.

What is the secret to attracting your Twin Flame to be in Harmonious Union?

The secret to attracting your Twin Flame is not just to love yourself, but to take on yourself and Life as your Lover. When you do this, your Twin Flame reflects that core choice and easily magnetizes into your life. Jeff mentioned in the book that try this with no attachment or expectations of how your love will manifest on the outside.

To learn more about how to do it easily and to know more you can read Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

What does Twin Flame love feel like in Harmonious Union?

Twin Flame love feels juicy, loving, peaceful, and grounded. This is the easiest relationship you’ll ever have. Twin Flames feel satisfied with each other in all levels of intimacy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s beyond just physical.

It’s a beautiful feeling of oneness to be with your Twin Flame. There are no insecurities or fears as both always belong to each other. This bond is eternal. 

God and Love protect this bond. The bond is full of both Twin Flames’ divine choices. Both feel safe and protected in love by God.

When you know your Union is unshakeable, you can invest everything that you have and are into it. Your Union is with you on your eternal journey. That means the possibilities in your Union are endless, and your partnership is infinite. There is no limit to the depth to which you can invest. This is how a Twin Flame relationship thrives.

Life Purpose in Twin Flame Journey

We all are uniquely blessed with skills and qualities by God. Both Twin Flames are designed with unique qualities that complement each other. When both work together on their passion as a profession they fly high. 

Serving Life purpose means you honor your unique design, skill sets, and qualities, and you put them into a profession for which you are passionate. When you do it with your Twin Flame, it’s like a perfect partnership that helps you to grow quicker and healthier. The same energy you radiate in your profession.

It makes each profession full of divine energies. As what we have inside only we can radiate outside. This is another way how a Twin Flame relationship thrives.

Twin Flame Relationship Thrives vs What Society Thinks

Being in a Twin Flame relationship is indeed different from a regular romantic relationship, which society prefers. In Twin Flame relationships the truth is, that’s where you totally commit to being your authentic self in the most effortless way. Living a life where love is all around you only manifests deeper love with exponential speed in Union with your Twin Flame. 

Healing yourself and having the perfect relationship that both you and your Twin Flame want is easy when you have all the support. Taking support is wisdom, not weakness. It enhances your strength. Support of the Twin Flame Ascension coach and Twin Flame Ascension School helps you Understand what will happen when vibing into a higher and more loving consciousness. When you heal and love yourself fully, your Harmonious Union is unstoppable with your Twin Flame.

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Written by Komal Aravind