Twin Flame success is truly possible…

Once upon a time, two people met online, looking for “the One,” their Ultimate Lover. The woman offered a pretty accurate card reading to the man, and they never stopped talking ever since. 

A few months later, they would finally meet in Sedona, where they would talk under the stars all night. 

Come morning, the woman, Shaleia would meditate upon her connection to the man, Jeff. She would see their balanced, harmonious faces together in her 3rd eye. 

For her there was no doubt, she was on the Twin Flame journey. 

Going to Hawaii together, they would achieve Harmonious Twin Flame Union, then get married in 2016. What Jeff and Shaleia would accomplish, the joy they experienced, they couldn’t help but share it with the world. 

Thus came the book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. This book would be the cornerstone to the Teachings of Union, the entire body of work from Twin Flames Universe. 

Ever since the first book release, Jeff and Shaleia would touch thousands of Twin Flames and help many attain their goal: Twin Flame Union and Harmonious Union. 

In a world where many think the Twin Flame journey is about suffering and Reunion is impossible, Twin Flames Universe has helped many take the path of an easy, peaceful journey. 

Read below how the different courses have affected these Twin Flames for the better, by helping them come into Union.

Twin Flame Ascension School – José & Michaila

Persistence truly pays off, and José and Michaila are a testament to that. Their story begins when Michaila discovers the work of Jeff and Shaleia and enrolls in Twin Flame Ascension School. At the time, she is experiencing a false Twin Flame. But she heals her blocks all the same. This is what she says from that time:

I was feeling that deep longing for my Twin Flame and searching for him in everything I did.

This desire motivated Michaila. She’d do all the steps necessary to with her one true love. That’s when she started her journey as a live student in Twin Flame Ascension School.

I was starting to feel hopeful and feeling myself “come alive” after my life before. I felt a spark starting to come alive within me.

Finding Jeff and Shaleia on YouTube gave me this deep feeling of peace, hope and “home” that I’d never known. I remember when I first watched one of their free Twin Flame Ascension School classes on YouTube, I had never felt such deep peace. It just felt right. I knew this was where God was guiding me.

444 Angel Number Twin Flame couple relaxing together

In the beginning of 2020, José and Michaila came into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. José had been healing as well, quietly but powerfully mastering the Mirror Exercise and the lessons of Twin Flame Ascension School. They are now married by the Church of Union and living together in Spain, preparing to go on to new adventures together, ever expanding their love.

Not only did I manifest my Harmonious Union with my wonderful Twin Flame, I also married him and we work together and live our Life Purpose helping other Twin Flames achieve Harmonious Union and helping their dreams come true.

José and Michaila have come together by choice and because they knew to follow their hearts:

The inner work isn’t necessarily the “fun” part, but it is highly rewarding. And it leads somewhere. That’s what I didn’t realize when I was 20, that things will really change for me. The healing work and spiritual purification required of you is worth it. They will change for you too. You just have to have faith.

Life Purpose Class – Jason & Chrissy

What if Life Purpose was helping you get closer to Twin Flame Union and Harmonious Union? That’s what happens to Jason and Chrissy, because claiming your wealth and true life path is very attractive to your Twin Flame. This is one of the core lessons of Twin Flames Universe through Life Purpose Class. Here’s Jason and Chrissy story:

Jason and Chrissy twin flame success

Chrissy became aware of repeating patterns in her romantic relationships and decided to take full responsibility for them. She started researching information until she finally listened to Jeff and Shaleia’s Youtube videos and signed up as a live student in Twin Flame Ascension School. She was able to go all-in because she was willing to learn and willing to change. She says:

I knew I needed to heal something within me to transform my life.

After an intense connection with a false Twin Flame, Jason was curious to know more about his experience and also researched online. He was drawn to the logic in Jeff and Shaleia’s videos, and he also committed fully to studying, as a live student, in Twin Flame Ascension School at around the same time. From the wisdom of their journey, they share:

Walk with God, follow what’s good for you. Continue to have faith in the process. Your Twin Flame will be magnetized to you with unstoppable force.

Whilst working together on Life Purpose and believing they were soul family, Jason and Chrissy did not yet know they were true Twin Flames. A profound revealing process lay ahead for them. Watch the podcast to see how they revealed the truth!

Jason and Chrissy are now happily married by the Church of Union and living in their new Michigan home, where they continue to expand their Life Purpose and manifest all of their dreams.

Romance in Sedona – Charles & Oceana

We all love weddings. They’re a symbol that true love exists. Now, a Twin Flame wedding is the symbol that “Love is real and Love never fails” (one of our favorite quotes from Shaleia). And we got to experience a real-life Twin Flame wedding, with Charles and Oceana in Sedona.

Charles and Oceana came together thanks to the Teachings of Union, and they overcame just about any relationship challenge together. Here is their story:

Charles and Oceana have a significant age gap of 20 years between them. Charles was a family friend and lived quite a distance from Oceana. As a teenager, Oceana felt crushed when the relationships she had ended. But she kept the faith in real love and her heart soon led her to Jeff and Shaleia’s Youtube channel. She made the decision:

The next one has got to be the one.

Meanwhile, Charles was enjoying a long-distance friendship with Oceana. They felt good getting to know one another and, bit by bit, they noticed their romantic thoughts and feelings were growing.

Finally, the time came for them to meet, but they hadn’t truly claimed each other. Charles bought Oceana the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia. Even though they did not yet know they were Twin Flames, as an act of love, Charles says:

I knew the book would help her get through that, instead of running.

It did! Not long after, their friendship deepened and transformed into a beautiful romance. Naturally, their next step was to move in together. Then a miracle! Their baby daughter Pearl was born and they married at the Romance in Sedona Workshop. The first live in-person marriage between Twin Flames in Harmonious Union!

Charles and Oceana twin flame success

Romance Attraction – Danny & Kristina

Spoiler Alert! Before Danny and Kristina came into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, Kristina says this:

I had been investing in the Romance Attraction e-course, taking myself on dates and learning more about real romance. Two weeks later, I attracted my Twin Flame!

We absolutely love stories like this, and Danny and Kristina’s is definitely one for the books:

When Danny and Kristina met for the first time, little did they know that they were Twin Flames. They were experiencing false Twin Flames, but their spiritual path had naturally brought them together.

Danny and Kristina

Unbeknownst to Danny, who had a crush on Kristina from the get-go, he believed his attraction was merely a personal obstacle to overcome. He thought of it as a “block” that required healing, unaware of the profound connection they actually shared. On the other hand, Kristina found herself torn between the fear of distraction from her personal journey and the undeniable ease of her relationship with Danny.

What started as a friendship soon blossomed into something deeper. Danny and Kristina started exploring their connection. They explain how they revealed each other as their true Twin Flame, Danny’s realization that he was the Divine Masculine in their Union was a huge turning point in their journey. They accepted their authentic selves, and so naturally were able to see each other clearly.

Together, Danny and Kristina embarked on a journey of self-discovery and Love. Their efforts to heal and overcome all the obstacles in their life, brought them closer than ever before. With dedication and devotion, they manifested one of their biggest desires—Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Their story stands as a testament to the power of Love, commitment, and spiritual growth on the Twin Flame path.

In sharing their experiences, Danny and Kristina offer hope and inspiration to others on a similar journey. They are an example for the transgender community, proof that everyone can have the life of their dreams with their perfect lover. Their tale is funny and sweet, and proves that Love is guiding you perfectly.

Everything Package – Dylan & Hannah

Your life can really change in a year. You just gotta love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more.

Everyone experiencing success on the Twin Flame journey will tell you this: going all in on the Twin Flame journey is your best bet and your best investment. Dylan and Hannah’s story is one of the many that help us understand why:

In June 2022, Hannah had no idea who her true Twin Flame was. But she was determined to live a better life and have her Union. So she went all in on her Twin Flame journey and invested in the Everything Package.

I had no savings, and was living at home with my parents to regroup after traveling for 6 months. I overcame some initial fear, but I trusted God was going to make all of my class payments and that I had nothing to worry about. It is safe to say that I am SO grateful to my past self. And it is safe to go all in with God.

Hannah experienced the transformative power of the Teachings and pretty soon, have her first miracles:
Two months later, I met my Twin Flame, Dylan. Who was literally there ALL ALONG, right in front of my face throughout my entire life.
And although she had known Dylan, it was really the inner work that brought them both together. Hannah explained how she really achieved her Twin Flame success:
The two months of studying the Teachings before meeting taught me and prepped me for being my true self around him, there were no games involved in coming together. Every step was guided and felt so supported. I remember our first Facetime felt like catching up with my best friend about our time on planet earth this round.
Dylan and Hannah twin flame success

It’s safe to take that leap of faith and claim your Twin Flame Success

All these Twin Flame success stories truly have one thing in common, each of these Twin Flame was brave enough to take a leap of faith and believe that their dream for the one was possible. Once you find something that truly works, you can go for it and make the change.

You reading this blog, just like them when they discovered Twin Flames Universe, is the signal you’ve been waiting from the Universe. The signal to go all-in for your Union and commit to your success (and never look back). So many people today think that their good is unreachable, and so many other people try to sell miracle formulas for Twin Flame success. Twin Flames in Union, and students of the Teachings are always expressing that relief that there’s a real solution to all of your Twin Flame problems. It exists in studying true love and cultivating real joy. It is possible because you learn to purify your consciousness.

You learn that you have the power to transform your life and manifest everything you desire. Do you feel you’re ready to make that jump, that leap of faith? Then invest in the Teachings today, while the prices are very low!

Not sure yet what to do and hesitating to make that choice? Have a free consultation with someone that can answer all your questions.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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