Twin Flame abundance is oftentimes one of the biggest challenges on this journey. This is because this journey is even more than just being with your Twin Flame in a romantic relationship. It is a journey of personal transformation. A path towards improving every single aspect of your life, including your finances, romance, Life Purpose and relationships.

The various challenges and obstacles you will face help you heal into deeper alignment. One of the most common ones is the challenge to manifest your abundance, particularly through your finances. However, there is a powerful tool that can aid you in overcoming these difficulties and will easily help you to heal and attract much more abundance—the Mirror Exercise. In this article, we will explore how the Mirror Exercise can help you heal and manifest greater financial abundance, allowing you to thrive on your Twin Flame path.

Understanding the Twin Flame Journey

The journey towards Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is first and foremost, a spiritual one. It’s a path that leads you towards healing any misbelief you may still have about your true Divine nature and birthright. As you can see, the Twin Flame journey is not solely about romantic love; it is a Divine Union with a higher purpose. Twin Flames come together to help each other heal and grow both at a personal level and at a spiritual one.

One of the fundamental aspects of the Twin Flame journey is the mirroring effect. Twin Flames reflect each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and unresolved emotional wounds. This mirroring process acts as a powerful catalyst for self-discovery and healing. As Twin Flames navigate their relationship, they are confronted with their own inner shadows, unresolved traumas, and limiting beliefs. By acknowledging and healing these, they open up to experience profound personal growth, self-love, and inner transformation. One of these aspects to be healed includes your relationship with your finances.

Twin Flames are often called to heal and release abundance blocks within themselves. This means, letting go of any thoughts or beliefs about poverty. Poverty stems from the belief that you are separate from your good. It is rooted in a core belief of not being enough. But, spiritual law says everyone is created abundantly. Abundance is not limited to material wealth either. It encompasses an overall sense of well-being, joy, and feelings of fulfilment.

Twin Flames may encounter deep-seated beliefs of unworthiness, scarcity, and fear that hinder their ability to manifest abundance in various areas of life. This includes financial wealth and abundance. By working through these blocks and aligning with your true essence, you can access the limitless abundance of the Universe and create a life filled with purpose, Love, and prosperity. And I know this to be true, because this has been my own personal experience.

Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia

Financial Abundance on the Twin Flame Journey

As I mentioned previously, abundance encompasses various aspects of life, including finances. It is important to understand that abundance is not limited to monetary wealth alone, but also an abundance of Love, joy, health, and opportunities. While the financial aspect is an important one, it is not the only aspect of your Twin Flame Union. And, while abundance poses a significant challenge for many Twin Flames, they can be overcome.

Healing poverty in my own Twin Flame Union has been an ongoing process since day one. When I first “woke up” to the Twin Flame journey I was living in Argentina, a country that is currently bankrupt. This means, it does not have enough money to pay off its debts, in spite of being very wealthy in resources. But, how can this be? Simple, how we manage our resources is what will create either abundance or poverty. How we choose to use what we have does make a difference. And, since poverty is a choice, we can also choose to heal it and transcend it.

The Mirror Exercise: A Path to Healing Finances and Abundance

Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia

So, how was I able to heal this and, hence, experience a more abundant and joyful life?

Like everything else on this journey, the location where you live is also a mirror to your thoughts and beliefs. And, upon knowing the Teachings of Union, I soon realised Argentina was mirroring my beliefs of poverty. Here is where the Mirror Exercise played an important role, and continues to do so.

The Mirror Exercise is a powerful tool that involves looking within and reflecting on one’s beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

It is a very simple exercise, and yet has the power to transform your life from the inside out. The Mirror Exercise helps you to identify and release limiting beliefs, patterns, and fears that may be blocking the flow of abundance. By using the Mirror Exercise, you can gain clarity and heal your relationship with wealth and money, ultimately attracting more financial abundance into your life. And more abundance means more cool things you get to experience with your Twin Flame in this lifetime.

Manifesting Your Financial Abundance: Benefits of the Mirror Exercise

As I shared before, healing limiting beliefs with The Mirror Exercise allows you to confront and release deep-seated patterns that may be hindering your financial abundance. By healing these beliefs, you create space for new, more empowering beliefs that support your prosperity, and hence, your journey.

You stop feeling powerless, and instead, experience an increased sense of self-worth. Practising the Mirror Exercise regularly helps you to develop a more positive self-image, recognizing your inherent worthiness to receive your financial abundance. As you embrace your true value more, you naturally attract more opportunities for financial growth.

The process of self-reflection and introspection during the Mirror Exercise also brings clarity to your financial goals. You gain a deeper understanding of your desires and how you can align your actions accordingly, making better decisions. This translates into investing your resources, rather than spending them straight away. Investing means you always receive more than what you gave. Spending means you receive less than what you’ve paid.

Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia

Living An Abundant Life

The Twin Flame journey is an invitation to change and improve every aspect of your life, including your financial wealth. The more you choose to heal this aspect of your life, the better your relationship with your finances will feel too. Feeling abundant starts first from within. When you cultivate a deeper sense of fulflment, joy and gratitude, this sets you up to see your abundance expand. Because you now feel better about yourself and your finances. You can start to feel good about where you are at, because you know you can also grow from there.

This is the main purpose of the Mirror Exercise. It is a transformative tool that holds the potential to heal and overcome all difficulties in manifesting more abundance on the Twin Flame journey. Which includes your finances. By using this exercise regularly and with clear intention, you and your Twin Flame can release limiting beliefs, increase self-worth, gain clarity, and align your energy with the frequency of abundance. To help you get started, sign up for the free Twin Flame Intro course today.

Written by Déborah Bassow, July 2023.