A false Twin Flame experience is something that happens in many people’s lives on the Twin Flame journey. Although a false Twin Flame is never here to fulfill a certain type of soul contract, they sometimes play a very important part on the Twin Flame journey.

Experiences, like that of a false Twin Flame, can sometimes seem confusing and painful. That’s because a false Twin Flame isn’t designed to love you like a true Twin Flame is. Like everything in life, they will bring up spiritual lessons and upsets for you to heal with the Mirror Exercise. But, they are not meant to grow closer to you like your true Twin Flame.

If you are very attached to your false Twin Flame, you might ignore or dismiss the red flags that this person is sending your way. This often happens when we don’t know ourselves enough or when we don’t know how to identify the signs that this person is not for us. That is why you have been guided to this article; to help you identify your relationship for what it truly is and bring you closer to Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

What are the signs of a false Twin Flame experience and why would you have that experience in the first place?

The ‘Twin Flame Reveal’ Process

To understand why we experience false Twin Flames, we must understand how a true Twin Flame is revealed. Revealing your true Twin Flame is a process, a spiritual, sacred process. It takes time and it’s personal. That is why no psychic can ever confirm who your Twin Flame is, especially if they aren’t aligned with Union consciousness. No. The revealing process is an awareness that happens between you and God. That is why it is so sacred and deeply intimate. This is also what brings you your Harmonious Twin Flame Union: a deep certainty and commitment to loving your Twin Flame. All of it is part of the Twin Flame meeting stage. Meeting your Twin Flame completely, on every level of your being, takes months, sometimes years.

To be 100% sure about who your Twin Flame is is to be aligned and open to the Divine. But, it can definitely be difficult to attune to your heart and its desires at first. Early on, it may be difficult to recognize your Twin Flame. You must go through the process, it is the only way for you and your Twin Flame to experience the truth of your Union.

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To help you in the process, you can write a Love List. Created by Jeff and Shaleia, it is an accurate way to help you along in the process of knowing your true Twin Flame. Because your Twin Flame is the one that will fulfill all the desires you have for a lover and partner. Your Twin Flame matches your Love List 100%. Not 98%; they are and have everything you desire or they are in the process of growing into it. You can learn how to create your own Love List in Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

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This book provides the best tools to reveal your true Twin Flame. But your false Twin Flame can still help you complete and perfect your Love List. Your previous relationships and false Twin Flame experiences provide the contrast you may need to help you get clear on your true core values. In short, you learn more about your true Self. And the more you know yourself, the more you are able to both identify and attract your true Twin Flame. Being clear on your dreams, values and desires has the powerful effect of magnetizing your Twin Flame closer to you.

9 Signs Of A False Twin Flame

In their book, Jeff and Shaleia channel the differences between a false and a true Twin Flame. These are the nine signs that you are with or are experiencing a false Twin Flame. No matter what the person you’re asking about presents to you, you will need to heal your upsets, doing the Mirror Exercise. That is the way to complete the revealing process.

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1- A false Twin Flame regularly abandons you

A false Twin Flame is not meant to stay with you, contrary to a true Twin Flame, who is the only human that will stay with you for eternity. A false Twin Flame will always find a way to split up, physically, emotionally or spiritually. They can’t and won’t spend long stretches of time with you because they can’t be around you for long sustained periods. A sure way to recognize a true Twin Flame is that you feel at ease spending time together, working on your Life Purpose when you have honestly healed your blocks.

2- They will try to lie to you about who they really are

A false Twin Flame is not interested in sharing all of themselves with you and they will also try to lie about who they are so that they can get as much love and energy as they can from you. You may notice you’re always the one giving love, not receiving anything in return. This can happen if you are experiencing a block to receiving, or because you’re having a false Twin Flame experience.

3- A false Twin Flame will not share your vision for the future

You and your true Twin Flame share the same vision of life and your plans fit together perfectly. You and your Twin Flame make the same core choices; so your lives will naturally align when you get clear on your desires. This is not the case for a false Twin Flame.

4- They will not share all your core values

Similarly to #3, your Twin Flame makes the same core choices as you. If your deepest desires and core values do not align, this is the sign of a false Twin Flame. For example, wanting kids, or wanting to live in a certain country or environment are examples of core values. You may need to discuss these values to get clear, but a false Twin Flame will try to avoid the inner work necessary to get clear on your core values together.

5- A false Twin Flame will likely try to hide their true self from you

A false Twin Flame will probably not feel inclined to share deep personal things with you. Being vulnerable, sharing themselves with you is not something that they desire. They will try to avoid it, even if you try to persuade them into entering this intimate part of the relationship with you.

6- A false Twin Flame will not help you create the vision for your life

Your desires are hints and indicators of the vision you have for your life. Your true Twin Flame, seeing your true Divine Self at the core, will help you and encourage you to manifest this vision into reality. It is their design and function to love you in this way. A false Twin Flame will not be interested in helping you attain your vision, because of the energy they gain from you as you are now. They also won’t be inclined to be a part of this life’s vision you’re creating for yourself. This disinterest can be a telltale sign for you.

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7- A false Twin Flame will always prevent you from going deeper with them

A false Twin Flame will prevent the relationship from going deeper, no matter what you do. They are not designed to be your perfect match, so they cannot love you in this way.

8- They will not be interested in bringing your painful misalignments to the surface

Loving you by bringing up your upsets and misalignments is one of the key components of a Twin Flame relationship. Being on the Twin Flame journey means that in some way, you value your spiritual health. In truth, what you are seeking is a deeper relationship with God, the Divine (or the Universe, whatever you may call it). If the person you are with is not interested in helping you pursue this relationship, this deeper level of peace and alignment to your Divine Self, then they are most likely a false Twin Flame.

9- A false Twin Flame will appear as a true Twin Flame, but only on the surface

A false Twin Flame appears at first as a true Twin Flame, that is why false Twin Flame experiences are so common. But as you go deeper on the spiritual journey and look deep within the relationship, you will realize that this person is not the one you’re looking for. Throughout all the signs, we can observe that a false Twin Flame will never be able to go to the core of your being, of your upset and of your inner world with you. 

If you heal a core upset and this person still chooses separation there, then you will know that they don’t mirror your core choice and that they are not your true Twin Flame.

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The Deeper Truth To A False Twin Flame Experience

Your false Twin Flame experience is a fast-track to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. False Twin Flames bring up valuable lessons on your Twin Flame journey. That is why you have to fully resolve all your upsets and fully love the situation, no matter the person you are presented with.

“Love it until you leave it” doesn’t mean you stay in a toxic relationship, but that you heal the blocks presented to you. Spiritual lessons are important components of the journey. They may prepare you with tools and a strength you may need later on your life path. As Shaleia says in the book: “If it wasn’t for Jake [my false Twin Flame], or my choice to fast-track my Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I wouldn’t be writing this book and helping so many others meet their true Twin Flame and attain their own Harmonious Union today.”

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In conclusion, a false Twin Flame isn’t a curse or a sign of failure on your part. You deserve all the love of the Universe. But identifying a false Twin Flame can be difficult for anyone. You can claim support today and get clear on whether or not you are with a false Twin Flame with the help of an Ascension Coach.

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