Twin Flame astrology is a popular subject. Maybe it’s because so many people on the Twin Flame path are already well-informed about astrology and divination. Maybe it’s because the intense experiences with your Twin Flame leave you reeling and desperate for concrete evidence that you can rely on. Whatever it is that draws you to seek guidance in astrology, it’s important to realize that Twin Flame astrology doesn’t quite follow the same old rules.

Do you worry that your Union isn’t written in the stars because you and who you believe to be your Twin Flame don’t appear to be astrologically compatible? This is a common fear in the wider Twin Flame community. Jeff and Shaleia have seen instances where a pair of true Twin Flames found each other and enjoyed fiery chemistry and an exciting alignment of core values, only to fear that they were doomed because he was a Fire sign and she was an Earth sign.

If that sounds like you, you’re in good company. This was exactly the dilemma Jeff and Shaleia found themselves in when they began dating.

How Shaleia used Twin Flame astrology

Shaleia used to be really into Twin Flame astrology, especially before she met Jeff. She wasn’t just interested in finding her ultimate lover; she was interested in astrology for personal self-discovery and growth.

When she began dating Jeff, Shaleia wanted to use her expertise in astrology to help her understand how her relationship with Jeff would work. To her dismay, she learned that they were the most inauspicious match in astrology!

Shaleia is a Virgo and Jeff is an Aries. All of Shaleia’s research indicated that they were the least compatible couple possible. However, as she read further, she found something surprising: even those who dismissed Aries and Virgo as a terrible romantic match agreed that the two star signs were amazing business partners. Aries and Virgo could work extremely well together in business as long as each individual was grounded and balanced.

Instead of accepting a condemnation of her Union, Shaleia looked for information that confirmed how well-matched Aries and Virgo were. This allowed her to start finding the strengths in her Union with Jeff.

Finding out for Themselves

As Jeff and Shaleia deepened their connection by using the Mirror Exercise to uncover their blocks, they experienced increased romantic harmony. They suddenly understood why Aries and Virgo were said to clash so much. The clash happens because it’s such a challenge for these two Zodiac signs to open up to each other. And, if you are in an intimate romantic relationship, you are going to be called to open up a lot to your Twin Flame.

The energies that Aries and Virgo bring are so unique that each person has to become a canvas for the other. If you want to change the life of your Twin Flame, you also need to open up and allow yourself to be changed.

In a Twin Flame Union, the Aries individual is super fiery and passionate, while the Virgo individual is very organized and grounded. Each Zodiac sign is going to resist letting the other one change them. Ultimately, it wasn’t that Jeff and Shaleia were a bad match. It was just that many people with these star signs found it difficult to let themselves open up and be changed so deeply and dramatically.

What made Jeff and Shaleia different? Their Aries/Virgo Twin Flame astrology love story did not work out because they are special or because they had a secret magic sauce in their astrological charts. They simply committed to doing the work; the same, simple inner work that they teach their students in Twin Flame Ascension School.

Interpreting Twin Flame Astrology

If all it takes is the Mirror Exercise, are astrological charts pointless, you might wonder? Not exactly. Twin Flame astrology can help you navigate your growth and your Twin Flame Union, you just have to use it to see how you two are compatible, not whether you two are compatible.

For example, Shaleia’s rising sign is Sagittarius. That means she can really relate to the Fire element, and so she can relate to the Fire energy in her Aries Twin Flame, Jeff. Jeff’s rising sign is Scorpio, which is a Water sign. Water really balances Earth. Shaleia has four signs in Virgo, and jokes that she is a “professional Virgo”, so she finds that Jeff’s Water energy in Scorpio really balances her out. This is an example of how Shaleia found evidence of compatibility in the Aries/Virgo pairing. So it turns out that despite the popular opinion in astrology, Jeff and Shaleia are very well matched! They are astrologically perfect for each other.

Think for Yourself

Nobody controls your Union. You don’t have to visit a professional astrologer and then think, “Well she said that my natal chart makes me completely incompatible with a Leo, so I’d better not date this Leo guy even though I’m pretty sure he’s my Twin Flame.”

What you want to do instead is really look closely at your own Union and ask, “How does this work together? How is this supposed to fit?” When you understand that God intelligently designed the two of you, and your astrological compatibility was also intelligently designed, you can find the strengths in your natal charts. Study them to see how they complement each other, such as through your Life Purpose for example. Ask yourself not how your charts look, but how they make you feel.

Shaleia’s Union with Jeff helped her more deeply understand how she was incompatible with her false Twin Flame. One of the reasons Shaleia had thought this man was her Twin Flame was because of his astrology. He was a triple Aquarius, which seemed to match up perfectly with Shaleia’s natal chart. Shaleia became excited when she saw this and told him that they must be true Twin Flames. This man’s triple Aquarius was a polar opposite from Shaleia’s dating experience in her past, when she always seemed to attract Leo men or Aries men.

Her actual experience with this man, however, showed her that he was not interested in growing with her, and that he did not care to do the spiritual work with her. You can read more about Shaleia’s experience with her false Twin Flame in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

When the relationship with her false Twin Flame ended and Shaleia began dating Jeff, she re-evaluated her history of dating men with Fire signs. This ended up being another indication for Shaleia that her true Twin Flame might be a Fire sign, because that was an energy that she found appealing. Ultimately, however, Shaleia had to learn to let go of astrology as a guide to whether or not she and Jeff would make it. After the last Aries man that Shaleia dated before Jeff, her experience was so bad that she swore off dating Aries men. Then she met Jeff, and it turned out she was wrong!

The ultimate lesson of Twin Flame astrology: Surrender

As you can see, there are no hard and fast rules. You can’t use your past dating history to predict your Twin Flame’s Zodiac sign, as Shaleia found out. Your pattern with Zodiac signs might not match Shaleia’s story either. You might be attracting all types of signs that differ from your usual match, to help you learn lessons. This is just a growing stage to help you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

A lot of you want to have a clear “Yes!” or “No” sign post for your Twin Flame when it comes to astrology. But the truth is that this, like many other external signs, is not a substitute for your heart’s own guidance. You have to learn to keep letting your heart lead you forward. A lot of people are attached to Twin Flame astrology because they want to grab onto some form of external validation. This type of action is controlling, and control just does not bring you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The lesson here is that you can certainly enjoy Twin Flame astrology and use it to help you understand how your Union works, but you mustn’t become attached to it. Learn to let go and just trust the Mirror Exercise to clear the blocks to your Union. Know that this trust and surrender is the true pathway to your ascension with your beloved Twin Flame.

Don’t give your power away!

Have you been trying to find answers to your Twin Flame’s behavior in astrology with no luck? If you have been feeling powerless for a long time, try practicing the Mirror Exercise and reclaim your sovereignty over your Union. If you struggle with this technique, you can get support with a FREE consultation with one of our coaches who has been trained and vetted by Jeff and Shaleia personally. You can also check out our blooming and supportive community here in our Twin Flames Universe Facebook group!

Transcribed from the video “TWIN FLAME ASTROLOGY” by Jeff and Shaleia.