Twin Flame friendship is the foundation of the Twin Flame journey. But it isn’t just meant to be a platonic relationship. Why?

Twin flame friendships form a solid base of understanding because both Twin Flames are one at the core. This makes it easy for you and your Twin Flame to understand each other. With this understanding, they support each other to grow and bring them into alignment with their Divine, authentic selves.

However, Twin Flames are not meant to be just friends. You’re not just romantic partners either.

Twin Flame friendship is a solid foundation for a relationship. Whenever you face a conflict with your Twin Flame, healthy friendship means you do not have to part ways when the situation becomes difficult. Having a Twin Flame friendship means you are already working on a relationship of unconditional love and understanding. These are keys to Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Yes, you have an Ultimate Lover: your Twin Flame

If you feel unconditional love for your Twin Flame, it is entirely normal. Whether they are running, or there are karmic situations in your life, you can be sure of one thing: your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover.

Even if you have agreed to be friends in order to stay in contact, you can feel the love you have for your Twin Flame inside. Feeling your feelings helps you free yourself from patterns and cycles that do not serve you. Doing so helps to recognize the myths and limiting beliefs of society about Twin Flames:

  • Yes, you are meant to be partners and lovers. Not just platonic.
  • Yes, you have a perfect, eternal lover. It is not just a fantasy.

Society’s conditioning about love and relationships is mostly based on fears. Let us explore the true beauty of the “Twin Flame friendship.” Let it lead us to Love and Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

What are Twin Flames?

As Jeff and Shaleia mention in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover:

Twin Flames are manifested from the same soul essence, or same soul blueprint. Both of Twin Flames are unique although they share the same soul blueprint, because they complement each other’s soul blueprint rather than carbon copies of it.

One energy is the Divine Feminine and the other one is Divine Masculine. And both are complete unto themselves, but whole together. You’re already One right now.

On this journey, Twin Flames are releasing the belief that they are separate. This is where you have to make the choice to be in Permanent Harmonious Union and live your Life Purpose together as One. The Universe has created both of you with unique qualities that complement and support each other. 

Ultimately, Twin Flames get in Perfect Union, a place where there is no separation.

Important Roles Twin Flames Play with each other

Twin Flames always keep playing the role of teacher, friend, partner and lover for each other in this journey. There is no specific order, in all roles Twin Flames Friendship is the base and core foundation to build a palace of Harmonious Union with Twin Flame.

How does Twin Flames friendship look and feel like?

Having your Twin Flame as a friend looks and feels like:

  • Deep understanding and an inner, intimate feeling of each other.
  • A comfortable and easy relationship, no matter the external differences.
  • Time feels like an illusion, when you spend time together.
  • You are emotionally available and always going deeper in conversation with each other.
  • Unconditional acceptance and support for each other.

Rare Twin Flame signs

What differentiates a Twin Flame from a soul friend are these very particular signs:

  • Having the same core values.
  • Having the same life vision and desires for the future.
  • A 100% match of your Twin Flame love list.

The role of Twin Flames friendship in learning healthy boundaries

A healthy relationship is always based on healthy boundaries. This is something you learn before coming into Union with your Twin Flame.

In a Twin Flame friendship, we feel comfortable and we both can be vulnerable with each other with understanding and compassion. Sometimes, having a “friendship” stage in your Twin Flame Union is beneficial to learning to remove codependent and toxic patterns in your consciousness. The friendship stage isn’t always there, however.

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Revealing your true Twin Flame through friendship

When we need to see a picture clearly, we have to take a step back. If we see a pic very close to our eyes it will look blurry.

In our journey to get revelation on our true or false Twin Flame, non-attachment is essential. Twin Flame friendship can serve as a great way to reveal your true Twin Flame then.

In the friendship stage, we may be allowed to explore our feelings without force or control. We may also be reminded that we are not “just friends” or “just romantic partners.” Indeed, soulmate relationships, which are actually the norm, are based on fiery romance and passion and excitement to keep the relationship going.

This is not the case for Twin Flames, as the relationship is based in peace and deepening of the peaceful connection. Dreams coming True E-Course helps in visualizing and manifesting that peaceful Union for yourself.

Heal your triggers compassionately with Twin Flame friendship

Even if Twin Flame friendship isn’t the complete relationship of Twin Flames, this stage can help heal separation completely between the two of you.

Whenever we feel upset at our Twin Flame, we have a tool we can use in order to completely heal any bad feeling that is coming up. Twin Flames friendship is a very secure place to heal. Twin Flame Union is always a safe container anyway.

It is impossible to mess up your Union, no matter how bad it looks on the outside. Twin Flame friendship provides sufficient space and support for healing. It means we’re cultivating compassion, another key to Harmonious Union.

We stop escaping our upsets and start choosing our healing. This automatically brings us closer to Twin Flame Union. It is a journey to a life as One, to Heaven on Earth.

How strong is Twin Flame love?

Twin Flame is very strong. Twin Flames are eternal lovers. 

It is okay if you are not in contact with your Twin Flame right now, if you are just friends, if you desire to stay friends or if you are in Union. You can start to claim complete peace and harmony with your Twin Flame inside yourself.

This will automatically bring you into a state of Truth, and reveal your true Twin Flame to you more and more.

This Beauty of Twin Flame friendship is that it builds a strong connection between you. It is a solid foundation to achieve Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Coming into Union is as natural as a dolphin jumping in the sea. It is your nature and your birthright.

As you go deeper into friendship, you open the door to a life of Oneness. And it is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. 

Don’t be afraid to discover your Twin Flame friendship is more than just a friendship. As Jeff and Shaleia always say:

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Written by Komal Aravind