The power behind your Twin Flame frequency can change you and change the world around us. What an exciting time for us on our Twin Flame journeys!

Can you manifest everything through meditation? Just think about it. You and your Twin Flame truly already have the same frequency. You operate on the same wavelength. Your energy is magnetic, especially to each other. So powerful that you can mirror each other’s upsets without even realizing you are doing so. Have you noticed sometimes that you know what they need to heal? Without even saying a word? 

Imagine how powerful our manifestations can be! You are a creative being and have the power to create your whole reality. You can use that Twin Flame frequency to manifest everything.You have the ability to change your entire reality.

432 Hz and 639 Hz – what is the Twin Flame frequency?

Your Twin Flame frequency is always accessible, because it is always with you. It is often said that there are two Twin Flame frequencies that help with the manifestation: 432 Hz and 639 Hz.

But in truth, your Twin Flame is already One with you. You already are in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Twin Flames are in the same frequency, always. Your Twin Flame is as spiritually awakened as you are.

Doing meditation will help you feel that Union consciousness you have with your Twin Flame in your heart. It will help you tune in to this wonderful vibration in your heart.

But how do you stay in this vibration? How do you use it to manifest Twin Flame Union on Earth?

Are there any Twin Flame frequency music?

A lot of songs are actually about love and Twin Flames. Although they are not geared towards manifesting the vibration of Union, a lot of music is actually Divine and helps in Twin Flame healing. It helps with communicating, not just with your Twin Flame, but the Universe as well.

The true question you may be asking here is how to manifest the right vibration for Union through sound. But manifesting requires more steps than that. Union is a complete paradigm-shift. You are choosing to grow love in every area of your life with it. Every aspect of your life must be changed through Union. This is why it isn’t just a Twin Flame journey. This is an Ascension journey. Twin Flame Ascension School was born from that belief that the journey is wholly life-changing.

In truth, when you are choosing your Twin Flame, you are choosing a life of harmony as One. A life of purpose. This is a complete change from what society believes about life and love. And complete changes need complete and deep solutions.

The true and fastest way to achieve that Twin Flame frequency?

You can absolutely manifest through meditation exercises. Meditation is a spiritual practice that’s been passed through the millenia.

It is also a deep practice of mastering your focus and thoughts (or absence of thoughts). A lot of meditation videos want to tell you you can arrive at manifestation faster, by listening to these frequencies. But going too fast can also get us ungrounded there.

So, what’s the true solution here? Well, in addition to meditation, you can use a tool that heals separation with your Twin Flame directly at the core.

That tool is the Mirror Exercise, explained by Jeff and Shaleia. This tool is a fast-track to Harmonious Twin Flame Union and goes directly to the core of separation in order to heal it. By doing this, you can weed out any upsets, and go deeper in your manifestation and healing process. Meditation can help bring up these emotions however.

How is manifestation helpful on your Twin Flame journey?

It helps you to understand yourself:

You are understanding yourself and are becoming the best version of yourself. Embodying the person you want to become. You are able to see your desired outcomes and visions. You become your own best, as you longer compare yourself to others. You realize you are an individual and how impactful you are.

It brings clarity on what you really want:

This is helping you tap into your highest potential. Creating the life of your dreams. You no longer sit back and watch, but have the clarity to envision everything through just being who you were always meant to be.

It helps you raise your vibration:

You are cultivating the energy that will attract everything to you. Everything happening on that vibrational level, including your twin flame union. You are creating a positive mindset. It’s your pure energy coming to the surface to light your way.

It helps to create your reality:

You begin to believe it is already on its way, because you are manifesting it already, The groundwork is being laid and you are processing everything to bring it into your reality. The essence of each new day, and the re-birth you bring to it.

It helps you to surrender:

You activate the power by surrendering. Then trusting that the best outcome will happen. In the process you are letting go of fear, All those things that are holding you back,you let go and allow everything to change, to come in. It is shown to you in such a loving way, as you are finally able to receive. Accepting grace and the true beauty in it.

Twin Flame frequency

What are some tips for manifesting?

Be specific: Try to get as clear as possible on what you want to manifest before you begin. Write it down if you need to or make a vision board with pictures on it. What would feel good right now? What things would make you happy? What things would you like support in? For example, you may say finances. If so, write down what you would want and need. I want a job where I work from 9 to 5. I need at least $5,000 from this job monthly to support myself. The more detailed you are about what you are manifesting the easier it will be.

Release doubts and negative energy: This will help you to keep your vibration high to attract the things you are meditating about. Repeat positive affirmations while meditating. Focus on your breathing and the things you are grateful for. If you have trouble focusing, start small. Meditate 5 minutes to start and work your way up as you feel comfortable, get into a routine that feels best for you.

Visualization: Use mental pictures before you meditate to set the attention. Visualize it as already being yours. Imagine the positive emotion associated with what you want to manifest. Play a guided meditation geared to what you want to manifest. A guided meditation can add structure to the meditation and will help you to relax and reflect.

What is the number for Twin Flame reunion?

There is no number in truth. Twin Flame reunion doesn’t depend on a number or on a frequency. It depends on taking action in order to manifest it. 

When you think about it, manifestation is easy. For a simple reason, abundance and Union are already yours.

Yes, you just need to claim them. But claiming isn’t just about, meditating and affirming. It is also about what you do to lift your vibration up. Waiting is not an option either, as Divine timing doesn’t exist. The right way to manifest is by Divine Order. Certain things need to happen in order to create a reality where Union is manifest.

Clear action is needed for a clear result. These Unions will tell you how they did it.

Twin Flame frequency

How rare is the Twin Flame connection?

It is not rare at all! Everyone has a Twin Flame. Twin Flames are spiritual, yes. But there isn’t necessarily a specific Twin Flame frequency to attune to. Simply because everyone is born a Twin Flame.

The only frequency to attune is your own joy and peace inside. And that is what healing upsets does: it brings you to your true Divine Self. And that authentic self is the one your true Twin Flame recognizes.

How strong is Twin Flame love?

Twin Flame is very strong. Twin Flames are eternal lovers. It is the strongest love you can experience besides that of the Divine. It is even more beautiful because you are experiencing the Divine within your Twin Flame.

It is okay if you are not in contact with your Twin Flame right now, if you are just friends, if you desire to stay friends or if you are in Union. You can start to claim complete peace and harmony with your Twin Flame inside yourself.

What happens when two Twin Flames meet?

This may surprise you but you don’t always realize you have met your Twin Flame. Sometimes, you go through this power kundalini awakening. But whether you have an obvious meeting or not, you always need to go through the revealing process in order to be 100% sure that this person is your Twin Flame or not.

The revealing process is very logical and grounded. It helps you understand yourself and what you desire in your Union, in your perfect partner. You can use a Love List in order to really go deep into what you desire here. The journey of revealing your Twin Flame with precise steps is the most powerful manifestation you can ever call for.

Do Twin Flames separate after reunion?

It happens that Twin Flames separate after they’ve been reunited. It occurs when they have chosen separation again in a place where it wasn’t compassionate to stay together in order to heal.

The Universe absolutely desires for you to be in Union so know that this isn’t a step back. You are just going deeper with your spiritual journey. Separation is painful, and this is why we offer the quickest way out of it with the inner work we do.

What delays Twin Flame reunion? Understanding manifestation

Twin Flame reunion is only delayed by the choice of separation. On Earth, illusions of separation are common. We believe we are separate, divided and upset at each, when in truth, we are One.

The most important thing you can do is love yourself. Whether it is while meditating, manifesting or healing yourself by doing the Mirror Exercise.

Going inwardly and loving yourself is the biggest form of loving expression. Accepting the grace in it all. The path is full of golden opportunities. You are meant to be in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

You and your twin flame’s frequency is as unique as your own fingerprint. Shaping itself with all the lessons throughout all your lifetimes with them. A whisper at its softest. As we are truly connecting to the Divine. 

How will you manifest your dreams? Your choice to pursue Union with all your heart is important. There lies the beauty. It will never be about what you look like, or the external. But more about the light you carry inside of you. That gentle smile, that heartfelt hug, that kind word. Let it shine! Today! Now! Your true Twin Flame and desired reality will be magnetized to that.

Twin Flame frequency

Written by Jenny Jenkins