“Does my Twin Flame know we are Twin Flames?” is one of the most common questions on the Twin Flame journey.

Regardless of how long you have been on this path, one thing is certain: 

You can’t help but wonder if your Twin Flame knows about your connection

And the answer is “Yes,” your Twin Flame knows.

How Do I Know That My Twin Flame Knows?

So, How Do I Know That My Twin Flame Knows?

The answer is easy:

Because you are One.

As you and your Twin Flame share the same one consciousness, this means you are both aware of the connection.

Like Rumi says:

“What you seek is seeking you.”

This means, you think about your Twin Flame just as much as your Twin Flame thinks about you.

As you both share the same desire, both are always thinking of one another.

Should I Let My Twin Flame Know We Are Twin Flames?

twin flames know who they are and enjoy the sunset

Answering this question depends entirely on the true intention behind doing this. 

Is it to share the love and wonders of being Twin Flames?

Or, is it to try to get something from your Twin Flame, like validation or acceptance?

You might believe telling the other person they are your Twin Flame will make them turn around and run towards you.

However, more often than not, this creates unnecessary upsets rather than solutions, because it comes from a place of control.

Because you still believe yourself to be separate from your Twin Flame, you go looking for a sense of Union outside of yourself, rather than finding that Union within.

Being clear about your true intentions will certainly help you make the right decision, and will save you from creating more upsets than necessary.

Why Doesn’t My Twin Flame Admit That They Know?

Being in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is primarily a state of being. 

It is a vibration you must first cultivate within yourself. 

When you are still giving power to the illusion of separation, you pour all of your focus and attention on the outside, expecting your Twin Flame to be the source of your Union. 

Jeff and Shaleia explain more in depth why your Twin Flame won’t admit they are your Twin Flame.

Since your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror, they will reflect this back to you, because the main purpose of your Twin Flame isn’t to be your source, but to point you back to it.

Why Is There A Need To Know In The First Place? 

The need to know is rather normal, especially during the time in which you are healing separation consciousness. 

Since you still see yourself as separate from your Twin Flame, you believe this person is someone different than you.

But they are not.

Your Twin Flame knows you are Twin Flames, regardless of how things may look on the outside.

What is important isn’t whether your Twin Flame knows, but rather, where is this need to know coming from? 

Is it coming from a place of peace?

Or is it coming from a place of upset, fear and separation?

Answering these questions honestly will ease your mind.

It will allow you to relax, knowing that your Twin Flame is as aware as you are about your connection. 

Because you are One at the core, there is really no need for something outside of you to confirm that your Twin Flame knows.

This might feel very relieving to you; you won’t have to spend so much time and energy focusing on how your Union looks on the outside.

do they know they are twin flames

Being With Your Twin Flame Forever

Relying on the truth that you are One with your Twin Flame is what will bring you the peace and joy you desire. 

As you master this inner knowing, you will manifest being with your Twin Flame both in your heart and in your physical reality. 

Because the Twin Flame journey is based on the Law of Attraction, as within, so without. 

Cultivating this truth within is easy, and you can start taking your first steps with the Free Twin Flame Intro Course.

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