Twin Flame obsession is a totally common experience. Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

“He’s all I think about….”

“How is it that when this person triggers me, it hurts way, wayyy worse than when anybody else does it?”

“Why does everything seem to remind me of them?”

“What is going on with me?! Am I crazy??!?!”

Sometimes we feel out of control, or out of sorts with ourselves on the Twin Flame journey. I remember having these kinds of obsessive thoughts in the early years of my Twin Flame journey.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar position – your energy is unintentionally going into obsessive thoughts. You love and respect your Twin Flame, but the mental and emotional obsession is starting to take an unnecessary turn.

Why are these thoughts coming up? Do they have any meaning? Is there anything remotely healthy or productive about Twin Flame obsession? Read on to find out!

Is Twin Flame obsession a good thing?

As weird and unhealthy as these obsessive thoughts may feel, Twin Flame obsession is actually a completely normal and common experience for those on the Twin Flame journey.

Everyone has a profound desire to be with their true Twin Flame deep down, and these thoughts, at the very least, are reflecting back to you that your desire is perfectly healthy and normal.

Yes, your thoughts are kinda crazy sometimes, but this doesn’t mean you are crazy!

The truth is, the feeling of your own Twin Flame Union is so great, so magnetizing, there is a call deep within you to follow the flow of your feelings all the way until you have a breakthrough.

twin flames together

Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away, and feeding the obsession into a frenzy doesn’t help either. A healthy balance must be met.

Read on for deeper meaning and understanding!

Understanding Twin Flame obsession

Mainly, when obsessive Twin Flame thoughts arise, know that they do so because you’re desiring to solve a problem. That problem could be mental, physical, or spiritual.

The thoughts are related to your Twin Flame because you accept that, in some way, your Twin Flame could help you solve this problem, or at the very least, your Twin Flame is definitely a part of the equation.

Now, you’re not so insane you feel the need to throw yourself at them, or believe that your joy comes directly from them.

You know that’s not it…

But again, the dreams, the signs, the visions – it can be hard to know how to handle all of the crazy that sometimes comes up on this journey!

Why does Twin Flame obsession happen?

Twin Flame obsession could be happening as a result of many things.

Mainly, when I reflect deeper on my own Twin Flame obsession, I feel it’s a need to understand something or feel something more deeply in my being.

The obsessive thoughts are usually coming up because they are pointing to a past trauma or upsetting memory that needs my attention.

Maybe an upsetting experience or trauma has been quietly playing in the background within my consciousness since it happened to me, and because I have accepted the Twin Flame Ascension path, I know it’s just coming up to the surface to be cleared.

I can heal any upsetting experience using the Mirror Exercise, or heal any trauma by going through MAP (Mind Alignment Process).

I use the Mirror Exercise daily, and have been through the entire process of MAP healing three times now.

Once the core upset is healed, I feel lighter, happier, and more in tune with myself. The obsessive or pervasive thought goes away completely.

twin flames or signs of a karmic partner

What is the deeper meaning behind Twin Flame obsession?

In Divine Truth, your Twin Flame is the full embodiment of God’s Love for you as your Divine Lover. They were created to love you perfectly, just as you were created to love them perfectly.

They represent an overflow of joy, abundance, and perfect peace – gifts you are used to receiving when aligned to your surrendered, Divine state.

The journey you take to address and unravel your own obsessive thoughts always leads to better mental and spiritual improvement for your well-being overall.

When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you can fully have a healthy relationship with your Twin Flame.

In this way, your Twin Flame acts as your perfect mirror in your consciousness, showing you how you can better love them and yourself.

Attraction as an Automatic Process

You are naturally drawn to your Twin Flame while living in a state of surrender and vice versa. Living only in a state of Love, or having your life be based only on the things that you love, creates the proper emotional state for Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Attracting your Twin Flame is a natural result of you pouring your love back into yourself, your purpose work, and your life. Union is an automatic result of your vibration.

Ultimately, you’re obsessed with your Twin Flame because you love them.

What Is Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

love after leaving the signs of a karmic partner behind

Harmonious Union is when you both recognize each other as Twin Flames and choose to live life as One.

As One, you face spiritual challenges together, applying Jeff and Shaleia’s work, the Teachings of Union, and continuously ascend your shared consciousness, experiencing higher depths of love and deeper satisfaction with one another.

It is truly the only life worth living with your Twin Flame.

Without deep, continued ever-expanding purpose, the energy of your Union tends to fall flat, and you and your Twin Flame end up living like soul mates.

Not a bad thing, just not quite how God designed you to be.

And without purpose, your Union is more susceptible to separation or being torn apart. Very not fun!

A Community That Offers Actual Twin Flame Healing

You’re not meant to do this alone. As a Twin Flame, you want to feel heard, understood, and actually helped. You want to know Harmonious Union is actually possible for you.

True spiritual guidance should be both emotionally enriching and practical, especially for something as vulnerable and sensitive as your love life.

You deserve a support system that actually helps you and your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine thrive, a community that genuinely desires your success, growth and ultimately, your happily ever after.

Just as professional coaching helps professional athletes, weekly Ascension coaching can take you and your Twin Flame Union to the next level, wherever you are at on your journey.

In addition, Twin Flame Ascension School is +100 hours of recorded classes. In the classes you can observe and learn from true Twin Flames and spiritual Gurus Jeff and Shaleia, where they demonstrate how to go through the emotional challenges of attracting, having, and keeping your Twin Flame Union in real life.

twin flames together

Reciprocity & final thoughts

When you pour your energy into something, you’d like it to be reciprocated so you know it was a worthy investment of your time and effort.

At the end of the day, you can feel that feeding any obsessive energy is not going to reciprocate back to you the same amount of energy you’re pouring in.

But pouring your energy into yourself, self-care and love? Is always 100% worth it!

Building a life you love, knowing it will automatically attract and magnetize your Twin Flame to you. 100% worth it!

Learning and applying the inner healing work we teach that you can share with your Twin Flame. 100% very worth it!

Look for the things in your life that you know will give back to you and choose to give your energy to those things.

Soon, you’ll find your Twin Flame obsession energy is completely healed, and you are more than ready to have a healthy, happy Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Get started today with our Free Twin Flame Ascension Intro Course.

Written by Briana Manalo