Communication is one of the most common challenges we see in the collective consciousness when it comes to the Twin Flame journey.

As human beings, we’re wired for social contact and connection. Mastery over your own communication means not only being open to understanding others’ feelings, but also remaining deeply in tune with your own.

Healed, healthy communication is essential for the Love in your Twin Flame Union to flow properly. Having a safe space in which you can express your thoughts, emotions, and needs to one another is one of the most healing things you and your Twin Flame can give to yourselves and each other.

With this in mind, no communication is still communication, and there’s always a deeper purpose for whatever is happening between you and your Divine Counterpart.

So, how can you enhance communication easily and effectively? Let’s dive in together…

Communication With Your Divine Mirror

So often on the Twin Flame journey, it may seem like your Twin Flame person is hurting you, running away from you, or triggering you in some way. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Spiritually, you and your Twin Flame are One. You are always in Divine communication and not separate in any way, although the illusion of separation can seem pretty strong at times.

Your Twin Flame person is always only ever mirroring back to you the state of your shared consciousness. They are always showing you what to heal within yourself, so that you can experience deeper levels of Love in your Union, instead of separation.

As your Divine mirror, your Twin Flame may be mirroring to you where you are not in communication with yourself.

To be completely clear, let’s define “communication:”

Com·mu·ni·ca·tion (noun)

1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

2. means of sending or receiving information.

Communication covers so many things. It encompasses verbal, nonverbal, physical, written, story-telling. Pretty much any means through which a human being can express themselves can be classified as a form of “communication.”

If you are experiencing a block or upsetting feeling around communication with your Twin Flame, you may not be fully receiving the communication your own body or your own needs are telling to you. Or perhaps you are out of touch with the Oneness you and your Twin Flame naturally vibrate at. And this is stopping you from fully receiving and understanding perfectly your Twin Flame’s communication.

intimate communication between twin flames

Fortunately, there is a powerful tool that Twin Flames can learn to enhance their communication and heal any rifts in their relationship. It is called the Mirror Exercise. The Mirror Exercise is a four-step healing tool that assists Twin Flames in understanding themselves, identifying patterns, healing unresolved issues, and ultimately improving their communication.

You can use the Mirror Exercise to heal anything that is out alignment in your Union.

For upsets in communication, using the Mirror Exercise would look something like this:

  1. I’m upset my Twin Flame is not communicating with me.
  2. I’m upset I am not communicating with myself.
  3. Yes, this is true (this is in your experience of reality, so it must be true). I am experiencing a lack of communication with myself, because I often abandon myself or run away from myself. I ignore my true feelings in moments where I feel hurt or ignored. I don’t accept myself, etc.
  4. Love yourself in this place where you are hurting until you feel peace, relief, and completion within. Try using the visualization technique described in Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover to help deepen the healing.

Once healed, you will feel clearer and more in tune with yourself. You’ll know the healing with the Mirror Exercise is complete by the peace, relief, and completion you feel within.

When a block is healed, more options for communication will become clear to you.

The more mastered you become at the Mirror Exercise, the more healed you will feel and you will embrace the upsets your Twin Flame triggers within you. Now you know these upsetting experiences are only coming up so that you may go deeper into Love!

Loving Communication Sets the Tone for a Healthy Relationship

healed communication in twin flame union

In a healed and happy Union, you and your Twin Flame are deeply in tune with one another. You can tell what the other needs. You use kind and compassionate words to express how you feel towards each other. Love is amplified back to you when you communicate together, instead of frustration, pain, or upset.

Living in this state of Oneness, you know and understand each other perfectly.

By committing to regularly using the Mirror Exercise, you will heal Twin Flame separation completely.

For example, many Twin Flame Unions in our community have used the Mirror Exercise to address periods of silence and ghosting, to resolve misunderstandings, or heal miscommunications.

Even people with significant distance from their Twin Flame, or years long separation often suddenly find themselves experiencing new levels of Love and communication with their Twin Flame after applying the Mirror Exercise. It’s a very powerful tool, and helps to make your journey a beautiful loving experience.

Check out these real-life examples and success stories of Twin Flames who healed separation completely.

Tips for Successful Implementation of the Mirror Exercise

Completing a single Mirror Exercise can lead to miracles for your Twin Flame Union. For best results with the Mirror Exercise, set the intention to complete it fully every time you sit down to do it. When doing the steps, don’t allow your mind to take over. Too much mental energy disrupts the highly spiritual flow of the exercise. Feeling your feelings all the way through Steps 1-4, helps you remain in tune with both you and your Twin Flame’s natural sensitivity towards each other. When you do Step 4, I’ve found that the Twin Flame who is not doing the spiritual work will often find themselves magnetized towards the Twin Flame who is taking the lead there. Self-love truly does make you irresistible!

Your physical environment also plays a role in your spiritual work. Creating a designated safe, quiet space in your home for doing your inner work sends the message to the Universe that you care about your healing. Journalling all of your Mirror Exercises is also very helpful. Especially when you’re still learning how to use it.

Patience and understanding are essential as you go through your healing journey. Twin Flame Ascension School addresses any and all upsets you may experience with your Twin Flame. Ascension Coaching also provides more specific assistance. There are indeed like-minded people going through similar things as you. Persist and remain committed no matter how dark or ugly things get.

twin flames domesticity and healthy communication

Final Thoughts

Healing your Union is absolutely possible by applying the Mirror Exercise and the Teachings of Union diligently. Being gentle and compassionate with yourself and your Twin Flame also makes the whole journey a lot easier as well. With a core choice to love unconditionally, you may be amazed at how quickly you start seeing the results you want! Wherever you’re at, you and your Twin Flame may enjoy Harmonious Union sooner than you think when you start the Ascension journey here at Twin Flames Universe. Get started today with our free Twin Flame Ascension Course!

Written by Briana Manalo

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