Are you the Twin Flame chaser caught in the runner/chaser dynamic? Wondering why they seem to run away when you try to get close?

This is a very common experience on the Twin Flame journey but don’t worry, it can be healed. In the runner/chaser dynamic, it looks like one Twin Flame is running away while the other chases after them. This dynamic is actually a reflection of yourself. Your Twin Flame mirrors your healed and unhealed aspects and the choices you make in your connection.

There is a way to heal this dynamic and to end the experience. Healing the runner/chaser pattern involves using the Mirror Exercise. Your Twin Flame wants you to heal and grow together. Loving yourself is key to Harmonious Union.

Discover the astonishing truth: your Twin Flame is not running from you, but rather guiding you back to the most extraordinary Love of all – the Love within yourself.

Understanding the Runner/Chaser Dynamic

If you consider yourself the chaser you’re probably experiencing your Twin Flame running in the other direction every time you try to get close. This can feel very discouraging. But why do they do this? You’re just trying to love them right? Why would your one True Love run away from your love?

Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. This means they will reflect all of the healed and unhealed parts of your One shared consciousness to you, as well as the choices being made in your Union. Your natural state of being is Union with your Twin Flame. So why are they running? Because they’re mirroring you. There is no chaser in this dynamic, only a runner because your Twin Flame is simply reflecting you.

“But how can I be running from myself?” You might wonder. There are many ways we can run from ourselves. An example is trying to get something from your Twin Flame rather than giving it to yourself. It simply means there is something being avoided.

We’re running from our own love and authenticity due to a fear of being in Union. This fear results in pushing your Twin Flame away and in turn they reflect this back to you.

Twin Flames make the same core choices, this means one Twin Flame can’t run while the other chases because this would mean they are making a different core choice. It only appears this way when we see ourselves as separate from our Twin Flame. Because Twin Flames make the same core choices. There can’t be one runner and one chaser. How do we heal this and end this experience?

healing the chaser dynamic

Healing the Runner/Chaser Pattern with the Mirror Exercise

The truth is, your Twin Flame desires to be with you as much as you desire to be with them. They love you very deeply and because they love you they have brought this pattern to your attention. Your Twin Flame finds the real you loving yourself the most attractive. They’re not running from you to hurt you, only to teach you to love yourself and go within for what you truly need.

This pattern can be healed by using the Mirror Exercise to identify the places within yourself you are running from and give yourself Love. The Mirror Exercise is a four step process that guides you to the place in consciousness where you need Love. When you access this place, you can love yourself there to heal it. Giving yourself the love and everything you need is easy and instant. When you have loved yourself completely in the place that was feeling hurt, you will find a deep sense of peace and feeling of relief.

An Ascension Coach can help you to master the Mirror Exercise and support you in healing your blocks. It is essential to have support on your journey and it is so valuable to have someone who can help you find and heal your blocks to Union. Don’t try to go it alone. Claim all of your support and allow this journey to be easy and peaceful.

Your Twin Flame is loving you by mirroring where you’re not loving yourself. You’re meant to heal with your Twin Flame and move through challenges together. This is not a journey you take alone.

Because Twin Flames are One and choose as One, you will find when you stop running from yourself they will reflect that to you. You are already in Union with your beloved Twin Flame. They are helping you to come back Home to that awareness.

Self-Love is attractive to your Twin Flame

free from the runner chaser dynamic

It’s important not to judge your reality by how it looks externally. What’s important is how you feel. Feeling is a very important piece of attracting your Twin Flame. Don’t resist the love within yourself, it is the key to healing this pattern.

Your upsets will not go away when your Twin Flame stops running, they dissolve when you heal them and give yourself the Love you need. Your Twin Flame coming back will not solve your problems. All we are ever searching for is Love and you can give an unlimited supply of Love to yourself at any time. When you love yourself, your Twin Flame will reflect that love back to you.

Nothing outside of you can make you feel better and you don’t need your Twin Flame to be next to you in order to feel good. There’s no controlling your Twin Flame into Union and no amount of chasing after and grasping for them will make them come back. That is a very repulsive energy.

There is a much better, easier and juicier way, attraction. You attract your Twin Flame by romancing yourself. They can’t resist the real, authentic you, especially when you’re loving yourself. But how do we romance ourselves?

In the Romance Attraction e-Course there are many exercises and lessons in romancing yourself. One example is planning a date with your Twin Flame and then going on it yourself. How we romance ourselves will be unique as we all have our own ways we enjoy to be romanced. Maybe you like to take a refreshing, relaxing walk in nature, a luxuriously warm scented bath or perhaps have some fun playing a game.

We cannot have intimacy with another if we aren’t intimate with ourselves first.

The Key to Harmonious Union

To have Love you must give Love. You can actually repel your Twin Flame with the energy of not loving yourself. Anything that you desire to have in life must first come from within you because that is where your Source of Love is. Your Twin Flame naturally returns to your life as you love and romance yourself.

Loving yourself is attractive to your Twin Flame because you aren’t trying to get anything from them. By giving yourself the love you need, that pressure is taken off your Twin Flame and they are given the freedom to just be themselves. In turn you are given that freedom as well. Freedom is knowing that all you need is within you already and because of this you don’t need anyone else to fulfill your needs for you.

Love never forces and is very intelligent, giving what you need and only what you need. The romance we desire exists purely within ourselves. This romance is then given and received within our Union internally, which in turn becomes evident externally in your physical reality with your Twin Flame.

Divine romance is a state of consciousness and so is harmony with your Twin Flame. Deepen the romance within yourself, that Love is magnetic.

romance to heal the twin flame chasing


Understanding the runner/chaser dynamic in Twin Flame relationships requires a shift in perspective. The runner’s behavior is not a rejection of Love but a reflection of the chaser’s own patterns of running from self-love and authenticity. Twin Flames make the same core choices, and there can’t be a true separation between them.

The Mirror Exercise is a powerful tool for self-reflection and healing in Twin Flame relationships. By identifying the areas where self-love is lacking and providing oneself with the Love and support needed, a deep sense of peace and relief can be achieved. Seeking the guidance of an Ascension Coach is invaluable in navigating this journey and healing any blocks to Union.

love after being out of chasing

Your Twin Flame mirrors where you are not loving yourself, and by loving and accepting yourself fully, you invite your Twin Flame to reflect that Love back to you. Romancing yourself and cultivating a deep intimacy with yourself is the key to Harmonious Union. By giving yourself the Love you need, you become magnetic to your Twin Flame.

Loving yourself is not only attractive to your Twin Flame but also liberating for both of you. When you no longer seek validation or fulfillment from your Twin Flame, they are free to be themselves, and you are granted the freedom to be your authentic self as well. Love flows naturally and intelligently when you recognize that all you need is already within you.

Twin Flame Union is about deepening the romance within yourself, as this internal romance is then reflected and externalized in your Union. By embracing self-love and nurturing the magnetic power of Love within, you invite the harmonious and fulfilling Union with your Twin Flame that you desire.

For more information about the Twin Flame journey check out our free Twin Flames Introductory Course.

Written by Abbey Campbell

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