At the moment of your creation, contrary to what you may have been brought up to believe, you were not created alone. You were created with your Divine Counterpart, your Twin Flame. The truth about Twin Flames is that each set is created together at the same time.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing with you 8 Twin Flame truths that will make your journey much easier and absolutely worth your while!

Twin Flame truth #1: Your Twin Flame is YOU.

You were created as a “dual-unit:” a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine counterpart, perfectly complementary to one another, meant to spend your eternal lives together.

Don’t be mistaken though, you are not “two halves of one soul.” You are two whole beings who share the same One consciousness. In the same way that you have biological DNA, you also have spiritual/soul DNA. As Twin Flames, you hold the exact same soul DNA otherwise known as your soul blueprint.

They are your energy expressed in either the Masculine or the Feminine energy, depending on which one you express. You, as a person, are not both Masculine and Feminine, you are either one or the other. You are either the complete embodiment of the Divine Masculine expression, or the Divine Feminine expression. This depends on your soul design, as you can also be a Divine Masculine expressing himself in a female body or vice versa.

Your relationship with your Twin Flame is a direct result of your relationship with yourself and the relationship with your Creator.

Truth #2: The relationship between Twin Flames

Well, first and foremost, your Twin Flame is your greatest teacher (after God). And, at the same time, you are your Twin Flame’s greatest teacher, too.

Secondly, you are each other’s greatest student, as you learn immensely from one another.

In third place, you are each other’s best friend. There is no one you will connect more deeply with than with your Twin Flame. There is no one you will share more in common with than them, for they are YOU.

Then, you are each other’s eternal life partner. You and your Twin Flame will also share a Life Purpose together, as you share One consciousness. You are a dual-unit expressing itself in two bodies.

Finally, you and your Twin Flame are Ultimate Lovers. You were designed to only be with each other, and to completely fulfil each other in every area of your existence. Including the areas of romance and sex.

Everything that you desire: a lover, a partner, a friend, and someone you can learn from -and grow with – you find all this in your Twin Flame.

All of these different relationships with your Twin Flame may take time to fully develop. However, these aspects are all interlinked and will flow effortlessly and simultaneously, deepening into one another.

Your Twin Flame is designed perfectly to fulfil you in EVERY AREA of your life. But, if you are experiencing a lack of a relationship in any of the previously mentioned areas, it is merely showing you a place where you are still believing in the illusion of separation. As you heal these layers of the illusion, you will experience fulfilment in that area, for the truth about Twin Flames is they are always One at their core.

Twin Flame truth #3: Healing the illusion of separation

As expressed before, you are always One with your Twin Flame. Even when you aren’t experiencing this Union in your physical reality yet. This is due to another Twin Flame truth: you are each other’s perfect mirrors. This means, your Twin Flame shows you which aspects of yourself are not in alignment with Love.

Your Twin Flame shows you every part of yourself that is asking for self-love. They show you where to love yourself next. They are your Divine Mirror.

Their way to show you these places within you is by “triggering” the upsets that are already inside of you. They trigger these upsets so that you can become aware of them, and then, heal and bring love there.

Another Twin Flame truth is that you share the same core blocks. This is because of your shared consciousness. These blocks are the same at the core but they may express themselves differently in the physical world. You will share the same fears, wounds, beliefs, and lessons. But again, they may express themselves and play out differently in your physical reality.

As you heal your blocks, your Twin Flame heals too, because it was a block in your shared consciousness. Thus, when they heal a block they are healing it for you as well, for this relationship goes both ways.

Truth #4: You heal as One

As we’ve been saying all along, you and your Twin Flame are One. Hence, you are always partnering up and working together to heal the illusion of separation. This, of course, happens on a soul level. This is the place within yourselves from which you heal and come into Union with God, yourselves, and with each other.

Healing the blocks is like tending to and nurturing a beautiful garden together. You may not tend to the same area at the same time. One may care for the rose bush, while the other tends to the sunflowers or pulls out the weeds. Your Twin Flame Union is like a spectacular garden. One that must be nurtured, cared for and loved, in order for it to grow. As you do, your Union will flourish, evolve, and provide the fruits that will nourish you. Remember that every garden has weeds and these weeds must be uprooted to have a beautiful garden.

In this example, the weeds are the blocks, the illusion of separation. In Divine Truth you are never separate, you only experience the illusion of separation. Once you uproot this illusion, your reality transforms and you no longer experience that separation anymore. As you can see, your Twin Flame is only helping you to find more Love. They show you everywhere that needs to be healed so you can both come into a state of Union and Oneness with God and thus embody your True Selves.

Twin Flame truth #5: They help you become who you truly are

As you heal the parts of you that are out of alignment with your Divine Self, you become more of who you TRULY are. You progressively attain a state of wholeness and awareness you’ve probably heard people in a spiritual or health-conscious community talk about!

That state of wholeness is a state of inner peace and a state of unconditional self-love. In this space, you have attained Union within yourself, with God within you, and thus with your Twin Flame. This inner state of peace is what reflects itself through your relationship with your Twin Flame in your external reality. This is what we call being in Union.

Twin Flame truth #6: Your reality is a mirror

Your external reality is only a projection of your internal reality. We are continually, in every moment, in a state of projecting our internal state to form the external reality. This translates into the reality we experience living in. And this happens whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Our life and experiences do not happen TO US. We create them based on how we truly feel about ourselves internally. It is for this very reason that once you begin to heal your relationship with yourself internally, your external reality begins to transform. It has to, it’s a Universal Law and there is no way around it, the only way is through it!

You might have come across the Law of Attraction at some point. Maybe you even accepted that you attracted all the good things in your life… but what about the not-so-good things? The pain, the suffering, the traumatic experiences? Did you attract those too? Yes, you did – unconsciously of course, but nevertheless these are your creations.

Again, your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. ALL the things you are experiencing in your life, are a result of the vibration you have been sending out to the Universe. It doesn’t matter if you were conscious of it or not. You are a being in a continual process of projecting your internal reality to your external one. This is how you create in your reality, and how you make your thoughts and beliefs real, tangible and visible.

Truth #7: You create in your own reality

What do you think about the reality you are experiencing? How do you REALLY feel about it?

Do you love it?

Are you in a state of true happiness and inner peace?

Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you feel ever expansive Love, abundance, joy and harmony?

If the answer is “Yes,” congratulations – this is how life SHOULD be and feel!

If the answer is “No,” great job for admitting it to yourself and choosing to see a deeper Divine Truth. Because I’m about to tell you that you have the power to transform your current life into the life of your dreams!

When you take this first step, you accept the fact that you are indeed creating what you are experiencing. You are taking full responsibility for yourself and your life. Not just for some parts of your reality, but for EVERY aspect of it. This is how you start to claim your power back.

Doesn’t it feel terrible to go through life, watching the years go by , feeling like the whole world is against you? To feel as if you are completely powerless in the cards you’ve been dealt? It must feel really bad, doesn’t it?

Twin Flame truth #8: You are a powerful creator

You are born to be a powerful co-creator of your reality. You are meant to become aware of your reality and your responsibility for it. Here is where your power lives. And to claim this power, is your birthright.

Your power does not come from you, nor does it come from your knowledge, or your skills. Your power comes from your free will. The free will given to you by God at the moment of your creation. Your power is in your wholeness, your presence, and in the state of Oneness with God, your True Self and your Twin Flame.

Being in Union with your Twin Flame is actually a level of spiritual awareness. One that is attained through clearing the resistance to receiving more Love in all its forms and shapes. It’s your birthright to attain this level of wholeness, and it’s your birthright to be with your Twin Flame. It’s the reason you were born: to become self-aware and to cultivate your Ultimate Romance with your Ultimate Lover: God through your Twin Flame. And the best way to start cultivating this romance is with our Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course.

Written by former student Sama Amlashi, November 2019. Edited by Déborah Bassow, June 2023.