So you’ve been reading this blog. You’ve been scouring the Internet for scraps of trustworthy information about Twin Flames. You could save yourself a lot of time and energy by receiving the spiritual guidance Jeff and Shaleia provide at Twin Flame Ascension School, but you haven’t chosen to become a member of the school yet.

Today you are going to learn what the students at Twin Flame Ascension School know, that you don’t know yet. And it’s big! The truth is, you haven’t truly committed to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union if you’re not a student at Twin Flame Ascension School. And if you haven’t committed to Twin Flame Ascension School, there can only be a few reasons why.

5 Signs of Resistance Towards Twin Flame Ascension School

1. You don’t believe Jeff and Shaleia have Harmonious Twin Flame Union. That’s a painful thought to hold. When Jesus resurrected himself from the dead, moved a big stone off the tomb and came back to his disciples, most of them were very excited. You can almost imagine them yelling, “Yay Jesus, I knew you could do it!”

But then Thomas stands in the corner, pouting and doubting. Jesus showed him the places where his body had been nailed to the cross, and then finally Doubting Thomas believed Jesus really had come back from death. Jesus says to him, “Thomas, it must have been so hard for you to not have known all this time that I was Jesus the Christ!” The same goes for you guys. It must be painful to doubt that Jeff and Shaleia have Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

2. You believe someone else has a better offer than Jeff and Shaleia do. They don’t. Almost no one else on the planet has Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It’s extremely rare at this time! You could count the number of existing Harmonious Twin Flame Unions on one hand. If you could show Jeff and Shaleia a better offer than Twin Flame Ascension School, they would PayPal you $100 immediately.

They are willing to make a bet like that because there isn’t a better option out there. Jeff and Shaleia were the ones called to do this. If other Twin Flame teachers were genuinely called to share this work, then they would be working alongside Jeff and Shaleia towards the same end. Those who know that their life purpose is to be Twin Flame teachers followed their Divine guidance and enrolled at Twin Flame Ascension School. Many of Jeff and Shaleia’s students have gone on to become Twin Flame teachers in their own right, using the principles they learned at Twin Flame Ascension School.

3. You don’t think Twin Flames are for you. That’s a really rough thought to hold in your consciousness. You must think that love is not for you. If you don’t believe in love, what drew you to this blog? What made you research the concept of Twin Flames? Deep down, your soul knows that God loves you and created every single person with their true Twin Flame.

Once you accept that your Twin Flame is for you, you’ll understand that Twin Flame Ascension School truly is the best way into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Twin Flame Ascension School gives you the best support possible as you heal your inner blocks and traumas with the Mirror Exercise.

4. You think Twin Flame Ascension School is too expensive. Here’s a secret: God is responsible for paying your bills. If you choose to move forward with Twin Flame Ascension School, God will provide the money. If God has shown you the way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, why wouldn’t God show you how to pay the bill?

None of Jeff and Shaleia’s students complain about the cost, and it’s not because they are all super rich. Some students work very, very hard to squeeze a little bit of money together so that they can pay for the classes. Jeff and Shaleia know this and appreciate their students for investing into themselves and their Unions.

There have been times when students at Twin Flame Ascension School have struggled with how to pay the bill for classes, and this became a valuable learning experience in surrender. God would not have brought you here all this way, only to say, “Sorry, you’ve got to stop now, make some money, and come back later.” No, that’s not what a loving God would do. Every time Jeff and Shaleia help a student make a new choice and surrender, the student suddenly comes into a lot more money.

One of Jeff and Shaleia’s students suddenly received a 5-figure sum of money, which allowed them to continue to be supported in Twin Flame Ascension School and their Twin Flame path. Another student was convinced he had to quit because he couldn’t afford another month of Twin Flame Ascension School – when he made a choice to stay at the school and surrendered how it would look like, he immediately received the money he needed. Money suddenly showed up in a bank account that the student knew was previously empty.

The moral of this story is whenever you are guided by the Divine, you are supported by the Divine. Your desire for Union with your Twin Flame will always receive Divine support: financially, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. God can always find a way to fulfill your desires, but it’s not up to you control the way God acts. Your only job is to remain open to receiving and take your guided action steps.

5. You don’t believe that love is real, or that love is more powerful than fear. But if that were true, how could you exist? How could it be that the tree brings in sunlight and grows into wood, and you can chop the wood down to build a house? How could it be that there is enough air in every breath? There is too much evidence of harmony in the world for love not to be the basis of all of it. For love not to be more powerful than fear or chaos or disruption.

Only love is real. You know, at the core of your being, that this is true. You were created in love, so you always know deep down inside that love is the actual truth, not fear. Sit with this awareness in your heart. Eventually, you’re going to come to conflict and resolve it by making a new choice, and then you always end up with love. And you will know this invincible, uncontested love is the truth of your being.

If only love is real, then love never fails. Love has no competition and there is no opposition to love, that’s a lie of duality. The truth of your being is love, and your desire is calling you back to that place. The gravity of the being that you are is pulling you back into it.

If you are choosing separation, you are always fighting against your design or the gravity of your being. And all you’ve got to do is let go of control. When you release control, the gravity of your being will lead you back here, to Twin Flame Ascension School. So have trust. Have faith. Become part of a school where the students are on the same journey as you are. Be a part of a community where people are getting real, measurable results with their spiritual work. Be a part of the consciousness of Love coming to Earth.

Get a taste of Heaven on Earth

Still not convinced? Feel like you need to sample the offerings of the School before you make a decision? Jeff and Shaleia have made 3 free classes available on YouTube. These free classes are an authentic experience of the School and the vibration of Harmonious Union. You can also check out Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses, which provide the same teachings.

You can also meet the community before you decide whether this is for you. Did you know the students at Twin Flame Ascension School also have a Facebook group? This is an extremely supportive, safe space where students not only get help from each other, but from Jeff and Shaleia as well. You’ll noticed that it’s very relieving to be around like-minded people who are on the same journey, and who share your values. You will find lifelong friends in the Twin Flame Ascension School community – perhaps even some who live in your town!

Jeff and Shaleia guarantee Harmonious Union as a result of following the teachings of Union. The purpose of Twin Flame Ascension School is to bring you to your Harmonious Union. So come and check it out, and feel free to speak up if you have any questions. You can always get a FREE consultation with one of our vetted coaches (who are also students of the school!) before deciding if this is the right path for you.

Transcribed from the video “What TWINFLAME ASCENSION SCHOOL Students Know (that you don’t YET)” by Jeff and Shaleia.