Oh boy… this 2024 astrology report is going to be juicy! Get ready for this.

Twin Flames, Life Purpose, money; we hope to to do a complete review of your year. That way, you will go through 2024 with the best tools possible. Stay until the end; we have a big secret to reveal about Twin Flame Union.

First of all, we start this year very well. While 2023 was a 7 year (all numbers combined make a 7), 2024 is a 8. 2023 was a year of difficult spiritual lessons, maybe even dark nights of the soul. 2024 is a year where we ground into success, abundance, and Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The big 2024 astrology dates 

For the astrology seekers among us, let’s start out with the big events to put in your calendar this year.

January 1: Mercury Retrograde ended today. Wow! Not only did we have a 123123 on the last day of 2023, but 2024 marks the end of one of the most infamous astrological phenomenon. You can breath now, start the year with a clear mind.

January 20: Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time since 1798! It marks the beginning of an era of service, community and renewed love.

March 25: There’s a lunar eclipse in Libra. People with Aries and Libra placements will be majorly affected. Expect some life changes until April.

April 1: The first Mercury Retrograde of year begins. And no. This isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Too bad.

April 8: There’s a solar eclipse in Aries!

April 20: Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction. This is the ripe energy for breaking free of old patterns.

May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time in 12 years. It’s a time of curiosity, of acquiring knowledge of life.

August 5: 2nd Mercury Retrograde. Yikes.

September 17: There’s a lunar eclipse in Pisces! This time, Pisces and Virgo will be most affected.

October 2: The last eclipse of the year is a solar eclipse in Libra.

November 25: The third and final Mercury Retrograde of the year begins in Sagittarius.

In the Chinese 2024 Astrology Horoscope…

We enter the year of the Wood Dragon. This is a year of prosperity, authority and good fortune. The Wood Dragon specifically represents evolution and abundance for those born under the dragon emblem. A year of double abundance with 2024!

And for Twin Flames?

Twin Flames should expect to feel a lot of relief in 2024. Lives are changing, lovers are coming into Union. 2024 is the year where we see the fruits of our labor. Everything we have worked on becomes ripe, and dreams come true.

In terms of Life Purpose, 2024 is, as we said a time of success. This also means that we are going to experience the challenges that bring us into this success. But don’t fear, because it feels like you are finally getting clear on your true purpose.

You are coming more into yourself, and people are recognizing you for it. They are paying you for it even. And your Twin Flame absolutely loves this new you.

2024 Astrology Twin Flame predictions for each sign

Jump in to your 2024 predictions. Read your Sun, Moon and rising signs for a more complete picture:


You might feel hard-pressed to jump into relationships quickly. But 2024 is urging you to take your time. It’s the moment where you reflect and let yourself feel everything.

Learn about yourself and what you’d desire in a perfect partner. You will attract your Twin Flame easier than you thought when you give yourself the space to go all in on this journey.


You can pat yourself on the back, Taurus! You love routine, but this year, you are taking risks and exploring new relationships. Look at you go! Your deep surrender will bring your Twin Flame closer than ever. Enjoy this newfound intimacy.


Gemini, you are called to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. 2023 was challenging and you are still releasing patterns of relationships that don’t serve you anymore. Stay steadfast in your inner work and your boundaries. Come Spring, you are going to experience so much joy!


You’re in-tune with your emotions, Cancer. There is no doubt about that. But in 2024, you get a sense of what it means to surrender past hurts. You no longer see you sensitivity like a source of suffering and are able to enjoy your emotional connections in such a deeper way (while you let go of toxic relationships). Go Cancer!


You are finally able to discern between the relationships that are for you and the ones that are not, Leo! This is what gets you into Twin Flame Union. Your challenge is about seeing clearly and setting boundaries. You can absolutely do it! The Universe supports your growth and success.


You are finally moving on from the energy of hurtful past experiences, Virgo. As a 2024 year prediction, this is your year. Unconditional love is your life now. Fill your cup up through self-love and people that genuinely love and support you. Auspicious year for Harmonious Twin Flame Union!

2024 astrology


This year’s sole focus is: you Libra. In order to achieve Twin Flame Union, you have to understand that you come first. No more people-pleasing in 2024 astrology year, as difficult as it may sound. You are worthy of focusing on yourself and claiming what’s best for you.


You can be proud of yourself, Scorpio! You are building your boundaries and attracting only the best of the best in 2024 astrology year. Kindness doesn’t mean weakness and you have finally learn that. Your Twin Flame too needs healthy boundaries. And this newfound self-respect will help them (and you) see you true value and standards.


You are the sign of adventures and spontaneity. But this year is more about grounding, self-care and foundation for you, Sagittarius. You will learn to be your own main focus. And you will build a solid ground on which your Harmonious Twin Flame Union can grow. Don’t underestimate the power of inner work and self-love.


2024 astrology year is complete renewal for you, Capricorn. Pluto is leaving your sign after centuries! Don’t be afraid if you feel down. New energy is sometimes accompanied by deep upheaval of the past. But you are moving forward. Rainy days are just the sign of nurturing your growth. Your Twin Flame Union will bloom.


You have gone through some challenges, Aquarius. And in regarding 2024 astrology, you are nurturing yourself. Sometimes, you’ll be scared of showing your true self to your Twin Flame. But vulnerability is such a superpower. Don’t let past hurts get in the way of new joy.


Honesty is the keyword for you this year, Pisces. You are finally being honest with your desires, especially your desires for a perfect partner. The road towards Twin Flame Union has finally started! Union and manifestation come from being clear about yourself and your standards.

2024 astrology

A 2024 card reading

From the Kuan Yin oracle deck, by Alana Fairchild.

2024 astrology

The slave dances into freedom…

Number 21. The card is pretty telling in itself. This year prediction, you will be free from constraints, free from separation from your Twin Flame.

It doesn’t mean no challenges, as challenges are part of the spiritual journey and Life. But you will see a new world of possibilities open before your eyes. You deserve it, all this good…

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2024 astrology

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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