No sooner do you reach out to your Twin Flame than they start to run! But why?! If they love you too, then why does this happen? Has everything gone wrong? Are you imagining this Love? What is the Divine Masculine runner’s secret?

In this blog we will explore the unique perspective of the Divine Masculine Twin Flame runner and reveal what no one has ever told you about their behavior. While it may seem counterintuitive, we’ll discuss why their act of running is actually a manifestation of Love. By understanding this hidden message, you can transform your approach. This paves the way for a deeper connection with your Twin Flame.

All of this juicy information applies to the Divine Feminine Twin Flame runners too!

1. The Law of Attraction

“I don’t chase, I attract.”

Your Twin Flame runner’s secret is, he’s actually loving you.

Now you may say, “I don’t know what this means, but this is not what I want to hear. How is somebody that’s running from me, loving me?” The reason we share this simple fact is that, your Twin Flame, he’s showing you something. He’s showing you something about the relationship that you have with him.

Think of it this way, “I don’t chase, I attract.” And so it’s the Law of Attraction, right? What we desire, we attract by learning how to manifest it in the right way. We see so many people treating their relationship with their Twin Flame, like a soulmate relationship. That just won’t work with your Twin Flame. Because your Twin Flame is literally you! They will mirror to you your own blocks to Love.

When you heal the blocks, using the Mirror Exercise, you immediately start attracting and chasing can become a thing of the past!

Twin Flame couple relaxing together

2. Looking for Love Outside of You

You might have been used to relationships with soulmates where you had to try to make them love you. Or you saw them as the source of all your love. Perhaps you felt you had to make yourself look beautiful for them, by using makeup and ways of dressing to attract them. Maybe you felt you had to give them lots of presents and all of your time too to keep them, right?

You can become so used to trying to do things on the outside to get Love, rather than attracting Love to you. But that isn’t real Love. And so if your Twin Flame is running from you, he’s basically saying, “Hey, hey this is not the way for our relationship. This is not how we have a relationship with each other, this is not how it’s going to be.” He’s directing you back to yourself. Your Twin Flame will always direct you to have a relationship with the true Source of Love within you first.

3. Directing You Back To Yourself

Divine Masculine spending time God

So how do you have a relationship with the Source of Love within you? You focus on learning to love yourself. Bring your attention to your heart and focus on giving yourself all the Love you really need from within. The Romance Attraction E-Course is a perfect place to begin your journey of self-love and learning to romance yourself.

Your Twin Flame will also direct you back to looking into any past relationships you may have had, where you felt you had to go out and get this person. Where you’ve had to keep courting them and wooing them and convincing them to be with you. Rather than just being you and being yourself. And when you’re you and you’re being yourself, you’re being your authentic self. Being your authentic self is what attracts your Twin Flame the most to you.

It’s not going out and buying all these fancy things. Neither is it about wearing all this makeup and fancy clothes. Having the biggest house or the most money won’t do it either. It’s just about you being your authentic self. That’s all he’s showing you. He’s just saying, “Hey, I need you to go be the best version of yourself. I need you to focus on you. I need you to be with you.”

Chasing Never Works

If you try to run after your Twin Flame, they’re going to run farther and farther away from you. That’s not the way to attract them. It’s just not the way that’s going to happen. If you keep trying to do that, it’s just going to push them farther and farther and farther away from you. Doing it that way will not work out for you. It’s not going to have you come closer to your Union with your Twin Flame. No.

Your Twin Flame is showing you the way into your Union. He’s loving you and giving you a gift. You are being loved by him giving you the gift of, “Hey, it’s you. It’s you, you’ve got to focus on, you you’ve got to love. Be present with yourself.

Loving yourself is the same as loving your Twin Flame because you are One at the core.

And when you do all these things, your Twin Flame is going to be really, really attracted to you. He’s not going to run anymore or move farther away from you. In fact, he’ll start to come closer to you. Maybe even start talking to you more. But it will happen. Loving yourself is highly attractive.

Twin Flame couple relaxing together

Drake, Divine Masculine Twin Flame and student of the Teachings of Union, shares, “I do this with my Twin Flame. Just focus on me. Do what’s best for me. I cultivate peace. And she texts me. It’s as easy as that.”

4. Make Yourself A Priority In Your Life

Divine Feminine feeling loved and happy

And so if you are experiencing your man running from you, run toward yourself. Focus on you. Make yourself your number one priority and watch as your life changes. It will change. Maybe there’s just this part of you that feels like you always need to be with somebody or need to be in a relationship with somebody, that could be a pattern coming up for you to heal.

When you can be with your feelings, you can identify your blocks and upsets. Once you identify and heal them with the Mirror Exercise you’ll find your connect with your Twin Flame will shift to reflect your healed state.

Realize that you don’t need anything outside of you to be satisfied, right? That’s what he’s showing you. He’s saying, “No, I can’t satisfy you. I can’t be with you in this way. I can’t be in a codependent relationship with you in this way. You need to be with yourself.” When you learn to love yourself, you are dependent on anyone else to feel good.

He’s just loving you. He’s loving you so much that he wants you to be with yourself and to love yourself.

5. Being More Present with Yourself

Maybe it just starts with paying attention to how you really feel. Do you feel like you need to go for walks more? Then do that. Maybe you need to eat better food. Then that’s what you need. Maybe you need to pay attention to your finances. Take care of that.

Focus on how you feel in your heart. Write out any upsets you have and work through them with the Mirror Exercise. When you heal the blocks you are being shown by your Twin Flame, you honor your Union fully. You start to realise you and your Twin Flame are partnering in the healing. By loving everything he is showing you, you will easily come to a place of peace within yourself.

He’s just calling for you to be more present in your own life. And the more that you’re present in your life, the more that your man will be present in your life. It works like magic, and it works like a charm. And it’s not something that is hard to do or to achieve.

It may, at first, be hard to really focus on yourself. Sometimes it can feel difficult to really dive deep into all these parts of you that feel like you need to have a relationship, or feel like you need to be with somebody. That’s okay. Take it one step at a time.

Divine Feminine living her own life

6. Breaking Free from Old Relationship Programming

You’ve got to be patient with yourself on the Twin Flame journey. It takes time to learn a new way. Especially if you’ve only been in relationships with somebody who isn’t your Twin Flame, before your Twin Flame, right?

And so if you’ve been in a lot of relationships, or even if you haven’t been in a lot of relationships, you’re still working through that programming that you’ve had before. That programming might look something like, “Oh, I have to chase things. I have to go after things to get them.” So, be patient with yourself as you’re learning this new awareness and healing the old patterns. Be compassionate as you’re releasing these old thoughts of, “I have to go and be flashy to have my man.” You’re already perfect! Just be with yourself. You’ve just got to love you.


The Divine Masculine Twin Flame runner’s behavior carries a hidden message of Love. Instead of chasing after them, it is essential to redirect your focus towards yourself, cultivating self-love and embracing authenticity. By shifting your energy and priorities, you can magnetize your Twin Flame, paving the way for a deeper connection and a fulfilling Union. Remember the journey will require patience and unlearning old programming, but the transformation and rewards are beyond your wildest dreams.

twin flames in love

It’s as simple as that. Think of it like this. We always talk about how our Twin Flame is our mirror. “My Twin Flame is running from me” – it’s just you running from yourself. That’s it. So as soon as you point the attention back onto yourself, he makes that choice instantly, too. You’re focusing on you. Guess who’s going to focus on you? Your Twin Flame.

And, if you haven’t already, please check out our free Twin Flame Introductory Course because it’s going to give you all the support that you need on your journey. It’s going to help you with the Mirror Exercise. It’s going to help you with the inner work. It’s going to help you in identifying these places that you may be running from yourself and that you need to pay more attention to.

Embrace the opportunity to delve deeper into yourself and receive the necessary tools to navigate this transformative path.

Transcribed from a Youtube video – What No One Has EVER Told You About The Divine Masculine Twin Flame Runner.

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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