The 7 Definitive Stages to Twin Flame Reunion

Today many sources will tell you about the stages of Twin Flame Union. Many of these sources will tell you something which sounds much like all the others, and perhaps slightly differently. But what authority do these sources have to share this information? How much empirical analysis have they done to confirm their information? How clear are they at channeling Source?

How many people have they seen and helped come into Union themselves? Are they truly in Union with their Twin Flame, or are they simply pretending to be in order to cash in on this part of the grand spiritual awakening occurring on our planet today? After you have looked carefully at the information you already have on this subject, and take the time to look carefully at this author for your own awareness of authenticity, we can go deeper into the stages of Twin Flame Reunion.

One of the mistakes many sources make when they share information on the stages of Twin Flame reunion is they often point to things happening first outside, not inside. I will share with you not only from experience, from empirical evidence from personally assisting hundreds of clients on their Twin Flame journeys, but also from a place of being a clear Divine Channel of God. This process of Twin Flame reunion is an internal journey, which does have an impact on the external which we will look at as well.

Stage 1: Realization

In this stage of Twin Flame reunion, one has been going through life believing and experiencing romantic relationships as very difficult and which bears truly little fruit, as something hot which fizzles out quickly and turns into a warm burning coal, or as something less than what one truly desires.

Seeing this contrast between what the world currently offers vibrationally in general, then noticing it is very different from what they desire inside is what begins the process to the Twin Flame journey. One realizes what is offered by the world seems empty and cheap, unsustainable, and unfulfilling compared to what they desire.

This contrast creates a rift between what they thought they might normally pursue and receive, and what they actually truly desire.

Stage 2: Awakening

Realizing the world won’t give them what they desire if they do what most people do, or even few do very differently, they awaken to their heart’s true desire. Before it was only a dissonance, but that dissonance points to a much deeper resonance in their heart. Their desire becomes clear and powerful. They notice this desire on a regular basis until they recognize it is constant, below the surface. They might also notice this desire has been within them as long as they can remember. They have not yet decided to pursue this desire, and yet it is there.

Looking at the relationships around them, they may feel happy for those in them, but imagining themselves in these relationship makes them feel bleak. Yet they long for relationship at the same time. They become clear the old relationship is not for them, but they still desire relationship.

Stage 3: Choice- Where the Twin Flame Journey Begins

In this stage of Union, the contrast has finally brought them to the place where they choose Union. They choose permanent, harmonious Union with their True Twin Flame. For some, to make this choice requires a false Twin Flame which would occur in the awakening stage. Most clients come to us still in their awakening stage, hoping for clarity and help. I always urge them to get clear, and to make a choice. This choice is what begins their Twin Flame journey.

They must choose their desire, they must choose the new way, they must choose Union. When they do this, the Twin Flame Journey can begin.

Stage 4: The Twin Flame Journey

This stage begins the moment the choice is made. This is where all the work is done. This is the stage where ego must be dissolved, separation consciousness must be dissolved, and love must be grown. Our most advanced students work deeply on themselves here and often opt into our more robust programs. They’ll learn and master The Mirror Exercise we teach in our book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” to the point where they understand the energy it reveals in mastery.

Mastering the mirror exercise means mastering loving yourself. It means knowing what to do in the face of fear, and dissolving the fear into the love God is revealing to you there. It means you know what to do to move your journey forward.

This is the most important part of your journey. This is where you develop the meaning God has for you in your Union. You develop all the skills you need to have your perfect Union. You clear away any upsets which prevent you from your Union. This is the stage where you raise your vibration into Union.

Stage 5: Twin Flame Union

This is the final stage of Twin Flame reunion, when you have finally come into Union with your Twin Flame. This is your happily ever after.

This does not mean everything is exactly as you desire it to be. More desires will be born within you. More love will spring forth between you and your Twin Flame. The Union will continue to grow indefinitely. This is not the end, only a new beginning together in your forever happily ever after.

Use of the mirror exercise here is helpful if you still have misaligned thoughts, fear, illusions of separation or ego as it will help you to clear your blocks to the love you both desire. This does not mean you have attained harmonious Union.

Stage 6: Harmonious Union

When you have cleared all misaligned thoughts, fear, illusions of separation and ego from your Union. This means a complete understanding of your oneness at a deep and core level. Our more advanced courses and materials guarantee this stage of Twin Flame Union because of the mastery of the mirror exercise and additional deeper understandings they provide to help master this consciousness or vibration.

You and your Twin Flame understand you are not separate, and will always be together eternally. There is a deep, core harmony between the two of you, and this harmony is eternal.

Stage 7: Perfect Union

This is a stage of Twin Flame Union nobody on the planet has yet attained, not even Shaleia and I. Perfect Union is where there are no problems, no upsets, and no difficulties in your Union. There is absolutely perfect love flowing always between the two of you.

Many of you already know we have a very, very rare third Twin Flame who will come as our child. This is her normal role in our Union. We call her Grace. She is never a lover, and always our child. This is how we were designed as souls together.

Shaleia and I have decided we will only bring Grace into the world in a place of Perfect Union, and so we daily work diligently to ascend into the final stage of Twin Flame Union; Perfect Union.

We step into this stage not by clearing blocks, but by developing new channels of love to the new, more expanded selves we are stepping into.

If you desire harmonious Union with your Twin Flame and beyond, we offer the most advanced materials currently available on the planet. Perfect Union is easily attainable with the tools we offer today, however we do not guarantee perfect Union in our work because we have not yet attained this ourselves, though we are coming close to it.

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