The Twin Flame relationship, how does that work? Are Twin Flames just platonic or are they meant to be romantic too?

If God created a perfect eternal partner for you, but without the romantic relationship, would that feel good to you? The Twin Flame relationship is not meant to be just platonic. It involves a deep spiritual and emotional connection that naturally evolves into a romantic partnership.

Your Twin Flame is your teacher/student, best friend, partner, and Ultimate Lover all in one. Twin Flames are created from the same soul blueprint and designed to be together for eternity. As you go deeper into Love, your relationship will naturally evolve into a romantic one. You may start as friends but inevitably, it will become romantic.

Twin Flames are Ultimate Lovers

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You are One with your Twin Flame at the core. Twin Flames share one consciousness. You are created at the same time together. Because you are One, they are your perfect mirror. Your Twin Flame will mirror your love and your blocks perfectly.

Our reality is a reflection of our inner state and our Twin Flame will reflect areas within our consciousness that are out of alignment with Love. You can receive this powerful healing when you move easily through these upsets with the Mirror Exercise. However, your Twin Flame doesn’t exclusively mirror the upsets; they also reflect the Love you’re giving yourself. When you are choosing to give yourself the Love you need, and really valuing yourself, they will reflect this to you.

A foundation of friendship is important for your Union. Twin Flames are meant to spend eternity together so naturally you’ll have a lot in common and enjoy a lot of the same things. This friendship never ends or fades; it continues to grow and deepen. There is no one who gets you better than your Twin Flame. Being around them is natural and effortless. They’re someone you want to be around all the time because they are you. Being with your Twin Flame is being with all of yourself.

They are also your perfect partner in life and you have a Life Purpose that you share with them. This Life Purpose you have is how you share your Union with others. You complement each other perfectly, unlike anyone else, which makes the partnership so juicy and natural. When you are living your Life Purpose, your relationship with your Twin Flame naturally evolves into a romantic relationship and nothing can stop it.

Twin Flames are created perfectly for each other. They share the same core values and complement each other. There’s no compromising in a relationship with your Twin because you are completely aligned at the core and value the exact same things. Can you imagine there being no romance with someone who is perfectly designed for you and is completely aligned with all of your core values and complements you perfectly?

Are Any Twin Flames Meant To Be Only Platonic?

So, all of this sounds great but what if you just want or believe your relationship with your Twin Flame is meant to be only platonic? 99% of people only have one Twin Flame and it’s always a lover.

Sometimes our external reality can really make it appear like Union isn’t in the cards for us. They’re with someone else or ignoring you. There’s too much karma to work out or you simply don’t like them. Maybe it’s just not meant to be in this lifetime and you’re feeling like you have to settle.

You’ve heard that inner work must be done to come into Union and maybe this isn’t very appealing to you. Healing doesn’t have to be something to dread. It’s actually really wonderful and feels amazing. It can be enjoyable. This journey can be enjoyable. With the support of an Ascension Coach it can become so much easier.

Maybe you have a belief that Union isn’t for you. That it’s just not meant to be in this lifetime. You never have to settle for less than everything you desire. If it’s not all that you desire, it’s not what you desire. You were created to be with your Twin Flame. It’s just a choice away.

Do you desire a platonic relationship because you’re feeling pressured to have a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame? While Twin Flames are designed to be together you do have a choice to you stay in separation or not. Feeling good and feeling happy are choices. You can stay in separation as long as you want to but it won’t feel good. There will always be the desire in your heart for your Twin Flame; there’s no getting rid of it. There’s no going back to a life before you became aware that you’re on the Twin Flame journey.

why the divine masculine sets a boundary: he loves you

It’s your choice and you are the only thing standing in the way of your Union. If you want it, claim it and be committed to doing the inner work necessary to arrive there.

The Evolution of the Twin Flame Relationship

Having someone completely aligned with you on every level is attractive. You were created together to be together and there’s no avoiding it. Nothing outside of you can stop you from being together, all you need to do is choose it and claim it.

While “Yes,” a relationship with your Twin Flame will naturally evolve into a romantic relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush into things. If you’re not ready for that, don’t rush or force it. Your relationship moves at a pace that feels best for you and your Twin Flame. Because you are One, the pace that’s best for one of you is best for both.

Separation is painful and it’s a choice whether or not you stay there. Denying your Twin Flame as your romantic partner, is denying a part of yourself and a truth your heart knows deep down. If you find yourself wanting a platonic relationship with them it’s important to look at why that is. Maybe you lack a bit of romance in your daily life.


Twin Flames are not just platonic because they were created to be together for eternity and this includes a romantic relationship. They are your perfect mirror, your best friend and partner in life. Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover. This is the truth and it is your choice to accept it or not.

It’s okay to honor where you are in your relationship with your Twin Flame and it’s your choice whether or not you come into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. All the support you could wish for is available for you. For more information on Twin Flames and the journey, check out our free Introductory Twin Flame course.

Written by Abbey Campbell

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