There are a lot of things to discover about the Twin Flame connection. And one of the most fascinating aspects of it is telepathy. To understand telepathy between Twin Flames, we need to know more about what Twin Flames are and how they were created. From that understanding, we will be able to explain the telepathy much better.

What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames share One consciousness. As Jeff and Shaleia share in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, think of Twin Flames as the yin and yang symbol. Different, but complementary and always connected; always One. They share the same soul blueprint. This helps us to understand that Twin Flames are never separate at the core.

Twin Flames exist on planes higher than just the physical plane. Have you noticed how spiritual the relationship can be? How energy flows through your relationship at all times? This is the truth of the eternal lovers; always One, never separated.

It explains why many people experience an inner communication with their Twin Flame. That’s what we refer to as telepathy. You and your Twin Flame are always communicating in your heart of hearts, and you can learn how to use this tool in order to manifest physical Union. Let us show you how.

married couple communicating by telepathy

Is it true telepathy?

The mechanism by which telepathy between Twin Flames works, remains unknown and not fully understood. There are theories, based on the experiences and testimonials of many people on the Twin Flame journey. Knowing that Twin Flames are One and the same at the core already explains part of it. Our information on it is based, however, on a solid observation of many Twin Flames in our community and how they communicate with their own Twin Flames.

Twin Flames are connected, not only in the physical, but on a soul level. On this level, they are actually always in Union, always together. They are married in spiritual truth. Attaining the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union on Earth is simply a confirmation of what already exists within the Divine.

Our inner self is our being, while the physical body is an extension of our being. The same being that is always in the presence of their Twin Flame in higher realms. Therefore, telepathy is simply the word used to illustrate what is always the truth between Twin Flames: we are in constant communication with our Divine Lover.

The different types of telepathy between Twin Flames

How do you recognize telepathic signals between Twin Flames? From Twin Flame experiences, we have observed 4 different types of telepathy between Twin Flames:

#1 Dream telepathy

Telepathy between Twin Flames can take several forms. One of the most known is the dream state. Dreams are a representation of subconscious thoughts. So it’s no surprise that most people dream about interacting with their one True Love.

Dreams are communication from your Twin Flame. Just as in real waking life, your Twin Flame also mirrors some things to you in your sleep. A lot of people notice doing inner work during the night. So pay attention to your dreams! You could always write them down in the morning to remember them and do the Mirror Exercise on how they make you feel. Yes, it’s possible to do that! You’ll have a healthier Twin Flame Union because of it.

If you desire to have communication from your Twin Flame in your dreams, you can always ask the Divine to provide them to you before you go to sleep. Everything is possible to those who ask. Don’t be shy about claiming your Union through the many avenues the Universe provides.

#2 Emotional telepathy

telepathy between two twin flames

From time to time, some people indicate feeling their Twin Flame’s emotions. Emotions are a very sensitive and vulnerable place. You reader, know and see your Twin Flame better than anyone else in the world. It’s only normal to feel their emotions.

But let us tell you a secret; anything you feel within you, is yours. So, the emotions you feel within, are truly yours. For example, let’s say that your Twin Flame feels sad, and you’re feeling that sadness, and you know it’s theirs. It may not seem as obviously within you as it does in them but there may be a part of you, a childhood memory, an old relationship that is causing you to have this sadness in your vibration.

You can learn all about how your Twin Flame reflects everything inside of you by doing the Mirror Exercise. It may feel uncomfortable to look at all of it at first, but Harmonious Twin Flame Union is realizing that the Twin Flame mirroring is a huge blessing. You discover more about yourself than you ever could have done alone. And you get to have a romantic relationship that gets better and better because of it.

#3 Physical telepathy

Some Twin Flames report having physical sensations related to their Twin Flames. This is probably the most rare and unknown type. There isn’t a theory, proof or explanation for it at the moment.

What we know is that many Twin Flames have reported these cool similarities in their Union: wearing the same color or outfit, desiring the same food and drinks. Sometimes, one Twin Flame may think about something and the other does it. Have you noticed that in your Union? Let us know if that’s happened to you.

#4 Mental telepathy

Contrary to the latter, this is probably the most commonly known and experienced. Twin Flames will experience communication with words from their twin Flames. Through the center of your heart, you may receive a message or guidance that will help you on your Twin Flame journey.

That was the case for Shaleia:

“I experienced a dark night of the soul. I was sleeping on my friend’s mattress and I wished that my Twin Flame would come save me. And he said “No.” And with reason. It isn’t his job.”

If you want to experience receiving these messages from your Twin Flame, go to our Twin Flame Meditation CD.

reunited after communication by telepathy

Developing telepathy within your Twin Flame Union

Telepathy, like any spiritual skill, may be strengthened. But do you know how to wield it to have physical Union with your Twin Flame? Telepathy is not some woo-woo thing outside of yourself, just simply a connection to how you feel inside. It is really the knowing that your Twin Flame is One with you. It is as simple as that.

Anything other than that is a belief in separation. You are One. Interest in communication with your twin Flame should be a tool for getting know yourself and heal your Union, which in turn, will help you manifest physical Union. Telepathy between Twin Flames is natural. Wanting to connect with them as a special event stems from the belief that separation is real, which it is not. Telepathy is the connection that happens, whether we think of it consciously or not.

If you are experiencing telepathy, relax! It is how you were created to be. Strengthening that bond is actually healing and bringing you back into your Divine state of Creation. We show you how to heal that in our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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