Are you alone for Christmas, Hanukkah, or the holidays without your beloved Twin Flame? Then this blog is for you. 

This time of year can be rather a sensitive period if you’re not yet in Union. Lots of uncomfortable feelings tend to come to the surface. But it’s exactly these challenges that can lead to powerful new choices which will transform everything…

Disclaimer! – This blog isn’t for encouraging you to mope around feeling miserable about being alone for Christmas and focusing on what you haven’t got. Instead, it’s about offering you a feel-good guide on how to navigate the holidays in a fun, loving way.

Let’s find out how to harness the power of your heart to bring you your Divine Lover.

How ego cheats you out of your happiness

Images of families gathered around a beautiful Christmas tree or meal all smiling, with everyone looking picture-perfect and splashed across social media. You might well imagine your Twin Flame is blissfully happy without you. 

But is this reality? 

Is what you see on social media always the truth?

The most important Divine truth that Jeff and Shaleia share with us, through the Teachings of Union, is that: 

Only Love is Real and Love Never Fails

So why is it that we feel unhappy and experience separation from our beloved Twin Flame?

embracing for christmas

The answer is: the ego.

The ego is the voice that speaks to you from a place of fear. It is the voice that says: “Love isn’t real” or “You can’t have real love.”

When we hear this voice speaking within us, it makes us feel really bad indeed.

The good news is, the ego is an illusion. It is just a belief-system. And is never the truth.

This ego-based belief-system cheats you and robs you of your happiness.

And it wreaks havoc on your love life.

So what can we do to reverse its effects? This is the perfect question to ask.

How to end the ego

Thanks to Jeff and Shaleia, we now have an Ascension path that Twin Flames can walk together. That Ascension path consists of purifying your consciousness from all the fearful beliefs you have given power to so that you can live your lives together in a state of perfect love.

Your Twin Flame is your Ascension buddy. They will show you all the fearful beliefs so that you can heal them together.

Thankfully, Jeff and Shaleia have refined and perfected the Mirror Exercise healing tool which helps us to identify each upsetting belief so that we can heal it and then dissolve it. When we dissolve the belief, we return to our naturally divinely loving state of being. And our life will reflect that to us. 

Because: Only Love is Real.

But, importantly, you are the only one who can liberate yourself from these fearful beliefs. No-one can do it for you. Not even your Twin Flame.

Let’s take a look at how ego tricks us out of our good.

What the pesky ego tells you

Firstly, ego is not your friend. It might try to appear that way, but it is not!

Secondly, discovering ego’s game is a helpful way of dissolving the fearful beliefs. With awareness comes healing.

Let’s take a look at some common ways that ego might speak to you this holiday period, within your own consciousness, to use fear to pull you away from love and into suffering. We’re sure you will recognize some of these:

  1. Love hurts. Protect your heart by running away.
  2. Your Twin Flame doesn’t need or want you.
  3. Your Twin Flame is happier with the third-party person.
  4. You shouldn’t want your Twin Flame because you, or they, are married to someone else and you should feel guilty.
  5. Don’t break up a marriage to pursue real love because it would hurt other people.
  6. You shouldn’t pursue real love because what would other people think?
  7. Your Twin Flame is too old, or too young for you.
  8. You’re not allowed to have all of your good and for your dreams to come true. You have to settle for less.
  9. You might as well give up and choose a soulmate. It’s easier than truly loving yourself.
  10. You’re unlovable or not good enough.
  11. You’re a bad person and don’t deserve real love.
  12. You’ve made it all up. You’re crazy!
  13. Nothing can change the circumstances. Your Union is doomed. 
  14. Maybe next lifetime?
  15. It’s hopeless and you are powerless.

You get the picture, right?

meditating during holidays

How to tell when ego is speaking

All of these statements conjure up a bad feeling. You can almost imagine the “up to no good” ego whispering these upsetting beliefs in your ear. 

Imagine a little child hearing these statements and believing that they’re true? Imagine how upset that child would become. 

That little child is you.

We may have bought into these unkind beliefs at some point in the past. But, we don’t have to put up with this abusive way of being spoken to any longer. 

You actually do have power. And it’s the power of choice.

The truth: are you really alone for Christmas?

If we were to say to you: 

“Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. We really wanted you to receive a supportive and loving message this holiday season. We really hope this message helps you to feel loved and encouraged on your journey into love and Union with your beloved.”

How does it make you feel? Do you feel the warmth and connection in receiving this message? If you answered “Yes,” it’s because you connected with love in your heart.

Love feels good.

Ego feels bad.

How does love speak to us?

So, let’s take each of the ego statements above and reveal the Divine truth. Love is the absence of fear. How do you feel reading these statements?

finding my Twin Flame at Christmas
  1. Divine Love loves you unconditionally and eternally. It is always present with you in your heart. It can never leave you.
  2. Your Twin Flame is One with you. When you choose to love yourself, your Twin Flame does the same.
  3. Your Twin Flame is only truly happy with their own Divine Complement. That’s you. 
  4. Your Twin Flame was created only for you. Choosing to be with them is the most natural thing you could ever do. If there’s a third party, they have their own Divine Partner. 
  5. The only marriages that are real are the Divine marriages of true Twin Flames.
  6. You can choose to stop giving your power away to others. Choose to follow and trust in your own heart, no matter what. 
  7. Your Twin Flame is the perfect age for you, as are you for them. Love has no age and no limits. 
  8. You were created to have all of your good. You deserve nothing less. 
  9. If you give up on your Twin Flame, you give up on yourself. Don’t do that! Love yourself. Commit to yourself, you deserve it.
  10. You’re lovable, divinely perfect exactly as you are right now..
  11. You’re a Divine child of God and you were created to be loved. 
  12. The feelings in your heart are real. Honor your truth. 
  13. You have the power to heal every upsetting feeling and every block. Just use the Mirror Exercise. 
  14. Study the Teachings of Union by spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia. Heal and you will have your Union in this lifetime. 
  15. Only Love is Real and Love Never Fails. 

A world created from Love knows no fear, or sadness or separation. It knows only Love.

How does it feel to you to read the truth? What do you choose to do next?

Manifesting your lover for all Christmases and holidays to come

Take heart. The holiday season and the New Year are the perfect time to review your life’s direction and to make beautiful new choices.

Are you done with separation? Have you had enough of waiting for things to change?

Yes? Good.

Why not make this holiday season the time to make a New Year’s resolution to:

  • Meet your Twin Flame.
  • Reveal your true Twin Flame.
  • Communicate with your Twin Flame.
  • Start healing your blocks.
  • Commit to Twin Flame Ascension School.
  • Attain your Union or Harmonious Union.

The sky’s not even the limit. If you can dream it, you can have it!

What do you need to take that next step? Are you feeling the urge to give yourself the gift of Divine Love?

ready to come into Union at Christmas

What do you need to take that next step? Are you feeling the urge to give yourself the gift of Divine Love? Do you choose to end separation?

Once you’ve made your choice to get the journey going, here are some recommendations to help you on your way.

  • Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover is the perfect starting point. Often referred to as the “Twin Flame Bible.” Packed full of juicy information, including a complete chapter on how to heal your Union with the Mirror Exercise.
  • Learning how to heal your blocks to Union takes a little time. So why not reach out to connect with one of our highly experienced Certified Ascension Coaches and allow yourself to have the success you desire.
  • And if you’re ready to go “all in” to claim your Harmonious Union, then you will definitely want to study and receive the masterpiece that is the Teachings of Union. You can take that next step and subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School. Allow the pre-recorded classes to align you with the vibration of Harmonious Union and to purify your consciousness with Divine Love. 

All the love you invest in yourself and your Union will inevitably lead to a life filled with Love.

We’re here to support you all the way into your life of perfect love. 

Remember most importantly to love yourself during this holiday period.

twin flames eternally together

Christmas, holiday and end of year Divine decree for 2022-2023

A decree is a powerful statement of Divine truth that will set the wheels in motion of your deepest desires.

You can state this decree aloud, or in your heart:

I choose to claim the life of perfect love that I was created to have. I choose to release all difficulty and separation. And I claim my Harmonious Union now.

We wish you love, prosperity and happiness for the year to come.

And if you’re done with feeling alone at Christmas, get to know Jeff and Shaleia and what the Teachings of Union provide through the Free Twin Flames Introductory Ascension Course.

With 8 powerful lessons, you will receive a huge boost on your journey and you’ll get a glimpse of exactly what is involved on the Ascension path of Twin Flames.

Further Reading and Resources to Claim Your Twin Flame Union Now!