Do Twin Flames exist? 

Sometimes, people talk about whether or not Twin Flames exist, as if they are rare mythical relationships only for a select few, that may not even come true in reality. The term soulmates is often more frequently used to describe deep romantic and spiritual relationships.

So, are Twin Flames actually rare? 

How can you know for sure that Twin Flames are real and actually exist?

The answer may not be as hard as it seems to be. Because wherever there is a desire, there must be a Divine reason beneath it.

“How Do I Know Twin Flames Exist?”

Feeling Real Love is a Sign

Everyone wants love, comfort, harmony, peace and to feel good. And how the Universe works, is to bring every disorder or chaos into harmony and peace according to those Divine desires. 

Meaning that if you have an undeniable desire for a perfect lover, then that person, which is your Twin Flame, must already exist. All Divine desires are meant to be fulfilled.

Peace and relief will always be desired after each distress.

All dissonance in music is finding its resolution into consonance

All disorder is finding its way to align with order in the end.

the heart of twin flames exist

That’s why perfect harmony can be found eventually in all things. It’s the same with romantic relationships.

Twin Flames exist because we have this longing and desire in our heart that calls for an exclusive and perfect lover.

Someone who fully understands us and unconditionally loves us, through any challenge.

Someone who is always seeking to be fulfilled and to find their resolution too.

The never-ending longing of wanting to know where they are and being with them is a Divine recognition that Twin Flame love is real.

Trusting your heart is essential here.

Your Heart Knows the Truth

Your feelings are where you connect to your divinity. You always recognize where there is real love, genuine relationship and perfect harmony.

For example, when you encounter any situations that feel off, hurtful or not good, your heart feels it immediately. You feel discomfort, pain, upset and separation thoughts.

On the contrary, when you feel something that is genuine, that is truth and is real love, you know it too. When you feel genuinely happy, safe and relieved, a good feeling is naturally felt in your heart.

When something feels like genuine unconditional love, you just know it. It helps you to feel sure of it and that you don’t have to worry about that love “disappearing.”

Real love is your natural state of being and it helps you to feel completely secure, safe and free to be yourself and to be loved.

And you also know whether something is temporary, unstable and superficial or whether it is truly in alignment, permanent and is creating a Divine experience.

The feeling that is genuine and everlasting is the love between true Twin Flames. And that’s how you recognize your Twin Flame exists by connecting to that feeling in your heart.

You Deserve Unconditional Love and That’s How You Know Twin Flames Exist

You have probably experienced the contrast of being in an unfulfilling relationship. That no matter how much effort has been put in, the connection cannot be maintained in a loving way.

The feeling of instability, knowing you need to hide or change parts of yourself in order to make this happen is your Divine knowing of what is real and what is not.

What is real can never be threatened and should always feel secure.

When you were in those unsatisfying relationships, the upsets kept reminding you that there is definitely something better for you.

There must be someone who unconditionally loves you completely, and is satisfyingly compatible with you.

It is how we were created, how the Universe works.

For Twin Flames, even if you are triggered and get upset with them, you are still really sure underneath that they cannot truly hate you.

The love is always there.

And that’s the love that will always cause you to find your way back to each other on this journey.

twin flames married eternally

This makes all the healing and moving through personal challenges so worth it. Because you know that the love you are revealing, experiencing and moving towards, is real. That’s the unconditional love of the Universe, manifested through Twin Flames.

Facts and Evidence of True Twin Flames

True Twin Flames always mirror each other’s choices. No matter how it looks externally, you make the same core choices. And that’s something which cannot be found in any other type of relationships, even with a soulmate.

And no matter how many challenges they seem to experience on the outside, the love you feel always calls you back to each other.

When you are witnessing a true Twin Flame relationship or are in Union yourself, you can’t deny that it is real. You can see the real, Divine love of Twin Flames being in Harmonious Union, and how much unconditional love there is in that relationship.

Just as Jeff mentions in Twin Flame Ascension School:

For Twin Flames, the healing, mirroring each other’s experience and the perfect love he experienced with Shaleia is fundamentally different from any relationships they experienced before. 

And that is mathematically impossible for two people to experience that same distinctive experience simultaneously by accident. 

– Twin Flame Ascension School, W7: Class 73

Twin flames exist and theu are together

Twin Flame Oneness, Attraction and Healing

How is the love between true Twin Flames different? Why do you feel forever attracted to them and feel so strongly drawn to getting back together with them?

Because Twin Flames are One and all Twin Flames love each other for eternity.

How can we comprehend this type of deep soul love? Let’s look at it through some common daily life experiences first.

Why do people choose certain careers, friends, activities or hobbies? Because those choices resonate with their heart and how they connect to love through those experiences. This is how you can feel part of yourself being fully expressed, recognized and loved.

We can also apply this to relationships. You will always try to find someone who resonates fully with you and lets you be fully loved, seen, heard and acknowledged as a person.

That is what true Twin Flames are: a person whose soul frequency is exactly the same as you. And that’s why they resonate with you completely.

It’s this deep inner resonance that creates the strong magnetic attraction which encourages your healing. You are seeking to align yourself with that place of resonance because you want to be fully loved, so you keep looking for your perfect match.

Naturally, you want to feel good, so whatever feels good for you will naturally help you to heal through all the upsets and the causes of suffering.


After reading all about identifying the real love of Twin Flames, does your heart feel something deep within that resonates and remembers this love? 

Or maybe you already have that experience in your life?

Do you want to call your true Twin Flame into your life?

Or do you desire to learn more about Twin Flames and how to heal yourself to make that love a reality on a daily basis? 

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