The morning before her pregnancy test, Shaleia dreamed she was in a tunnel of angel wings all in a flurry around her.  The angels were giving the energy of an urgent message, but of joy. This experience was so powerful, she woke up immediately after.

The next morning she had the same dream again. This time Shaleia took her pregnancy test. It was positive.

We have both had many dreams of Grace. I remember my first ever dream I could recall in my life, and the dream after that. I was five years old. I was the size of a bug and was climbing on giant leaves. There was a huge caterpillar climbing up the leaves with me. The next dream I remember I was sitting in the back of a car being driven. There were two little girls, one on each side of me. They both held my hand and I loved them both in my heart. They both felt so familiar and yet I didn’t know who they were. I never forgot the feeling or the dream.

Since becoming pregnant, our dreams of Grace have been significantly more frequent. My first dream of Grace was when she she could fit in the palm of my hand. She came to see me and jumped into my hand. She was connected to what looked an IV drip that an angel was wheeling around for her, I think it was the placenta. I was surprised and scolded her for being out while she’s still so fragile. I still held her in my hand and loved her and she loved me.

I’ve had many visitations from Grace, always coming to see me. It’s always so special for me. We feel so close, I’m holding her. In some she’s a newborn, in others she’s a toddler, in some she’s a baby. We always feel the same and it always feels like such an incredible privilege to be with her. My heart is full.

A few days after the angel dreams, Shaleia dreamed she received a bouquet of red, white and violet (Grace’s middle name) roses at a congratulatory party. She didn’t recognize any of the people around her, although they all felt familiar. They were congratulating her for the pregnancy.

In another dream, Grace is an adult and Shaleia was in a cafe with people she didn’t really vibe with. Grace walked in wearing all black, but looking very chique. They actually got along on a deep level. They walked out of the cafe together and were talking and decided to go to an Indian restaurant together. She said it was like finding her best girlfriend.

After buying all the baby items for Grace, Shaleia dreamed one night she saw Grace in the new cradle we bought her. It felt really good, like she was part of the manifesting process of buying her new things. She felt adorable, it gave her warm feelings.

She dreamed her belly was quite large and looked down and could see Grace’s sweet hands and feet pushing against Shaleia’s skin wanting to be close to her. Shaleia smiled and her heart glowed.

Shaleia had another dream where Grace was a pre-teen and we were thinking of buying a nice downtown house so our family and Grace’s friends could enjoy the chique clothing shops and really cool coffee joints. It was like the vibe of the city was very cool and cultural, like you want to be seen there. The house we were considering was very large. Grace’s room was above Shaleia’s room and there was a staircase going between their bedrooms so they were always connected.

Most of Shaleia’s dreams have centered around processing her daily experiences, and processing or exploring her inner healing work that pregnancy has amplified, which is a good thing.

Life is an ever-unfolding miracle.

Written by Jeff Divine