When we moved into our new home three years ago, our first priority was preparing the nursery for Grace. We bought the house to have a family in. We built our career in part to support the family we desired. Manifesting Grace guided our every move and put huge drive behind our efforts.

This is a manifestation. We used the principles we teach in Twin Flames: Romance Attraction E-Course (Sign up for our free 8 lesson intro course for a 50% off coupon.) This blog is about how we did some silly seeming things to help us manifest Grace.

The first work we put into the house was painting the nursery pink, so we could be ready for Grace. So we could make a place for her in our lives and hearts. We did not desire someone else, just her. It wasn’t a small ordeal, the painter would tell us. It took many extra coats to get this particular color of pink just right. He wondered when we were due. I told him we weren’t pregnant yet. A father himself, he gave me a strange look, but seemed to understand completely when I told him we lived to the beat of our own drum.

Almost a couple years passed and we renovated the bathroom next to her room, Grace’s bathroom. It has a programmable shower setting for each user. I told the installer to put three people in: Jeff, Shaleia, and Grace. At the time it seemed strange, unbelievable almost. We had failed IVF once or twice already by this point, but we didn’t let go of our dream. We were still clear on what we desired. Grace. So I had him put her name in there.

Every time I would go take a shower I would see her name there next to ours. This was going to be her bathroom, across the hallway from her nursery.

For some time the nursery was closed off, we didn’t want to go in there and dredge up the emotional difficulties of the failed IVF cycles, the loss, the pain. We took it one day at a time, bought a couple of puppies and a jet ski and tried to move forward with the joy in our lives. It wouldn’t be long after that we found out we were pregnant. We traded the jet ski in for a more family friendly SUV, the puppies however, would be staying.

Through it all we didn’t give up on our dream. We let our dream go many times. We didn’t have to stop dreaming. We had to move on in some ways and give the dream up to God, we had to surrender to Him. But we never quit on our dream. As strange as it may have seemed to others to have a pink nursery before we were even pregnant, it was the right thing to do. We had to assume we would be successful in manifesting our dream.

Assuming we would fail in our hearts’ biggest desire would have felt way worse. We held the dream in our hearts, we followed our guided action steps along the way. We took the spiritual journey and lo and behold, the spiritual results manifested.

This is how you manifest your Twin Flame. This is how you manifest anything.

Written by Jeff Divine

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