What is the meaning of Twin Flames? How significant are they? What would the world look like if everyone were with their Twin Flame?

Imagine a world where everyone was with their one True Love. A world where everyone was 100% perfectly satisfied with their chosen partner. No one felt disappointed in their love life, or like they compromised. They would know deep within their hearts that they were 100%, without a doubt, unequivocally with the perfect person for them.

In this world, no one would have a need to be single or apart from their Twin Flame; the love of their Twin Flame Union would be so magnetizing, so powerful, their togetherness would be completely automatic and natural. The meaning of Twin Flames is True Love for all.

Being a Twin Flame means no more separation

the meaning of Twin Flames is forever love

Imagine a time on Earth where Twin Flames incarnate easily at the same time as each other.

This would mean no more separation, no more running or chasing. No more waiting around for each other. You and your Twin Flame would grow up together, attend the same school, be in all the same classes.

Your friends at school would also be with their Twin Flames. There would be no feelings of confusion, no jealousy, no competition. No one would feel hopeless or alone in the area of their love life. No one would feel left out, excluded, or wary of their friendships.

Emotional instability would be completely a thing of the past. Just everyone peacefully, happily in Love and close with their respective Twin Flames.

The meaning of Twin Flames is safety, supportiveness, and harmony.

Being a Twin Flame means safety and support in the home

Imagine going home from school every day to your parents, who are also Twin Flames. They love each other very much and love you very much as an extension of their love.

You would grow up feeling safe, supported, and loved. Your home life would be wonderful and these gifts of joy and peace from your parent’s Union would be passed on to you, instead of trauma or misery.

This is the Love of Harmonious Union.

No one would need to go through a divorce or experience an unhappy relationship. Domestic violence and abuse would be nonexistent.

Peace would be the main goal on everyone’s hearts and minds, as Twin Flame Union can only rest on a foundation of peace.

This is the meaning of Twin Flames: a world based on real Love, a New Earth, and a place that we, as a collective global society, are vibing into right now.

Everyone has a Twin Flame

Everyone has the desire to be with their perfect person.

According to the law of intention and desire, inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment.

That means that the desire in your heart automatically knows the way to perfect fulfillment. All you have to do is listen.

We also have perfect role-models for the new blueprint of Love and family, through our Spiritual Teachers and co-founders of TwinFlamesUniverse.com, Jeff and Shaleia.

Studying their work (the Teachings of Union) and applying the Mirror Exercise, prepares you perfectly for the new home life with your Beloved that we are all calling in collectively.

What does it Mean to be a Twin Flame?

Twin Flames are perfect lovers, best friends, and soul counterparts. They are complementary expressions of the same soul essence, or, two people who share the same soul blueprint.

You can have many soul mates but you only ever have one Twin Flame. This person does not change. 

Twin Flames are the blueprint for true Divine Love, because only God could have created something so beautiful, so perfect, so Divine as the Love between you and your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is the reason why you’ll never ultimately be able to settle in the area of romance. 

Whether you’ve met your Twin Flame or not, you can feel the desire for a happy, healthy Harmonious Union with your Beloved.

twin flames kissing and laughing

Why are Twin Flames so important?

Your Twin Flame is a representation of God’s Love for you. Their existence is a constant reminder of how much God loves you. Building a life with your Twin Flame and committing to your permanent Harmonious Union is the ultimate Ascension path for the spiritually-minded.

The Truth is simple: God loves you and desires you to live your Heaven on Earth experience. This includes being with your one True Love.

How do Twin Flames work?

Twin Flames are perfect mirrors of each other. The path of Twin Flames is inherently a path of spiritual Ascension, because it’s your Twin Flame’s job to show you everything that is out of alignment in your shared consciousness.

Being with your Twin Flame can feel more challenging than being with a soul mate or karmic partner, but transcending those challenges and moving deeper into Love together will always be a thousand times more rewarding than doing so with a soul mate or karmic partner.

With the right tools, you and your Twin Flame can very easily transcend any challenge you face and move deeper into Love together for all of eternity.

Jeff and Shaleia embody the meaning of Twin Flames

How can I begin attracting and being with my Twin Flame?

Being with your Twin Flame starts with accepting yourself as Divine and also worthy of receiving Divine love.

You will be invited to let go of all preconceived notions about Love as you call in the person whom the Divine created you to be with for all of eternity.

Purification is a natural and automatic part of the Ascension process as you commit to raising your vibration.

Our free Twin Flame Ascension Intro Course is the perfect place to start on your Twin Flame journey!

Written by Briana Manalo

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