Diwali, The Festival of Lights is here. The celebration of the day Lord Rama returned from his 14-year exile to his Kingdom Ayodhya, along with his wife and Twin Flame Sita, and his brother Laxman, after defeating the evil Ravana.

All celebrated his homecoming by lighting mud lamps in India. Let’s look at what that means, shall we. The Divine Masculine Lord Rama and the Divine Feminine Sita – are Twin Flames. They were the Avatars of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Prince Lord Rama had to leave behind his very comfortable, luxurious princely life, and spend 14 years in exile as a fulfilment of his promise to his step-mother: to live as an ascetic, a simple life.

The wicked king Ravana lusted after Sita and abducted her, after tricking her into believing he is a noble ascetic. He takes her away to his land, Lanka and tries his best to make her his. But she did not allow it.

Sita left a trail of her jewels so Lord Rama could recognise her and know where she is. Lord Rama did everything to get his Beloved Twin Flame back. At the same time, Jatayu (Garuda, the eagle God, Vishnu’s vehicle) – who sees Ravana taking Sita away, tried to stop him, but his wing got cut by Ravana. And Ravana took Sita from India to his Kingdom Lanka (present day Sri Lanka).

Jatayu informed Lord Rama about Sita. Along the way, he and his brother Laxman meet Hanuman, (the monkey God known for his devoted love towards his Master Lord Rama) and his companions – Sugreev and Jambavant. Lord Rama recognises his devoted disciple Hanuman immediately as they meet in person.

Along with Hanuman, Lord Rama, Sugreev, his monkey clan – army come to their aid. To build a bridge that connects India and Lanka over the Ocean. The stones are magically placed and float on water, after each one writes “Sri Ram” on each stone, forming an unbreakable bridge. A squirrel also help Lord Rama in building this bridge. Lord Rama, with his compassionate and loving heart, strokes the back of the squirrel out of tender love, and that’s how the squirrel gets her stripes.

As they complete the bridge – Lord Rama reaches Lanka, and wages a massive war against the wicked evil demon king Ravana. The battle goes on for a long time, Lord Rama defeating Ravana’s son, other companions – and finally slaying Ravana, the 10-headed demon – finally banishing the evil King (Dusshera, the Victory of Good over Evil).

Lord Rama finally reunites with his Beloved wife and Twin Flame Sita. They both come back to India with his army, to his Kingdom Ayodhya after completing the exile, happily. They are welcomed home joyously with pomp, lighting the mud lamps in their honour and homecoming (Diwali).


Lord Rama has always been a symbol of purity, of Goodness. The ideal good loving husband (Purushottam- highest of the Ideal Masculine). He only needed to be himself to slay the seemingly big evil demon, Ravana – or Ego or Fear. To find his Beloved Twin Flame again.

The exile, in the forest, which seems like a tough environment, is his training ground to strengthen his inner work, his spiritual expertise, to purify himself. So that he can be with his Twin Flame, Sita. No ego can keep Twin Flames separate from each other. They are always meant to be together forever.

Ravana, like fear or ego, would want to trick you into believing he is for your good. But you need to trust your inner voice present in your heart. Fear wants to scare you into believing it can harm you or defeat you.

But you are Divine! Fear not! Say no (like Sita), have firm boundaries. Go forth like Lord Rama, stable in his Goodness and innocence and win over fear with ease and grace. The army that accompanied Lord Rama is the Divine Army that God sent him – like God sends your Divine army – your Divine Friends, your beloved Twin Flames Universe community, Guru Jeff and Shaleia. Embrace them dearly and march ahead. Your victory is destined!


When you love yourself with the Mirror Exercise, you bring Light to the parts of you that were falsely in Darkness. You slay Ravana (Darkness) on a daily basis, making you an unstoppable Warrior of God.

This Sacred Illumination that occurs daily within your heart, is powerful, Divine. This loving draws forth your Divine Lover, your Twin Flame to you like a power magnet. Let yourself be your innocent Good Self, and let it be enough to slay any block you may face. Your simple, yet Godly love is enough.

Bring forth Diwali within you everyday – through this beautiful beautiful Teaching. The Teachings of Harmonious Union by Jeff and Shaleia imbued with Divine Nectar equip you eternally with weapons of God, Love – that defeat the illusion of massive fear/ego, bringing you into permanent Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Diwali is a celebration of the permanent Union of Lord Rama and Sita. Diwali is a direct representation of the Union of Twin Flames, their Victory with Love. Go forth and be victorious, my Beloved, in your Twin Flame Union. We are all with you, holding your hand.

Happy Diwali to you.

Many Blessings and Light!


Written by Revati Shinde

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