The Twin Flame journey is a mystical and spiritual journey that promises a profound connection between two souls called Twin Soul or Twin Flame, who are said to be the mirror of your soul. Twin Flames Journey is the Ascension journey. The Twin Flame journey is a profound and transformative experience that offers the potential for immense personal growth and spiritual connection. While it is not without its challenges, the rewards of this journey can be life-changing. Remember that each Twin Flame journey is unique, and it’s essential to approach it with an open heart, patience, and a commitment to self-discovery and love.

The Twin Flame journey is the path that these two Twin souls begin on to reunite, rekindle their spiritual connection, and attain a profound sense of oneness.

Embrace the mysteries of your Twin Flame connection and allow it to lead you on a journey of deep love and spiritual awakening.

You will explore the Twin Flame Journey step by step:

  • The origin of Twin Flames
  • False Twin Flame?
  • Can you cut the cord with your Twin Flame?
  • The main Twin Flame block
  • Life Purpose and Twin Flames
  • Stages of Twin Flame Journey
  • What does Twin Flame love feel like in Harmonious Union?

Origin of Twin Flames

As Jeff and Shaleia described in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover: Twin Flames are manifested from the very same soul essence or the same soul blueprint. You and your Twin Flame are created by God at the same moment, and you both are designed as your soul’s highest and most perfect eternal complement.

Both Twin Flames’ souls are created with individual specific codes, qualities, and traits that make them unique and they complement each other completely, which means they are not carbon copies of each other. One is created as the divine feminine and the other one is as divine masculine. This is the main explanation for your intense attraction and desire for your Twin Flame.

In this way both TwinFlames are already created whole and complete in Divine Perfection (like the yin and yang symbol). You both are already one as you both created the same blueprint.

How to know if you are a Divine Feminine or a Divine Masculine?

For the masculine, it is:

“I desire to share myself with someone.”

For the feminine, it is:

“I desire someone to enjoy me.”

– Jeff and Shaleia

Twin Flame Journey’s important part is knowing yourself completely. It starts with knowing if you are Feminine or Masculine. It is based on your energy, not on gender.

You can check it by qualities, energies, or archetypal characteristics traditionally associated with the feminine and masculine aspects of the divine, rather than specific gender identities.

Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is often associated with receptivity, nurturing, intuition, empathy, and compassion.

It represents the receptive and creative aspects of the divine, akin to the nurturing and life-giving energy found in nature, symbolized by the Earth and the Moon.

It is seen as the embodiment of the yin energy in the Chinese concept of yin and yang.

Divine Masculine

The divine masculine is associated with qualities such as strength, action, logic, leadership, and protection.

It represents the active and assertive aspects of the divine, akin to the sun’s powerful, illuminating energy and the protector of the Earth.

It is seen as the embodiment of the yang energy in the Chinese concept of yin and yang.

It’s important to note that these concepts are not limited to any specific religious or spiritual tradition.

How to claim your Twin Flame?

We all have free will. Free will means the power of choices. Although God’s will is we get in Harmonious Union with our Twin Flame but to choose this will or not it’s power God has given to us.

You need to claim your Twin Flame in your heart once, once you do this it’s like from your free will, you choose the divine will. After that, the Universe starts playing its role to support your choice.

Who is a false Twin Flame?

A false Twin Flame is someone who may exhibit some initial signs of being a twin flame, such as intense chemistry or a strong spiritual connection, but eventually, the connection proves to be less profound. A relationship that was mistaken for a twin flame connection but was ultimately a learning experience or a karmic relationship.

The role of a false Twin Flame

Your awakening can be triggered by a false Twin Flame instead of a true Twin Flame. false Twin Flame is a bridge towards your true Twin Flame in Twin Flame journey.

Learning and Growth: false twin flames see these experiences as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. These relationships may be challenging, and they can teach valuable lessons about self-love, boundaries, and the nature of true soul connections.

Preparation for your True Twin Flame: A false twin flame can serve as a preparation or a stepping stone for meeting one’s true twin flame. These experiences can help individuals evolve spiritually and emotionally, making them better prepared for a deep and harmonious connection with their true twin flame when it eventually appears.

Karmic Clearing: False Twin Flame connections may be seen as part of one’s karmic journey. They can serve to help individuals work through past-life issues or karmic debts, ultimately leading to spiritual healing and progress.

Recognition of True Twin Flame: Meeting a false Twin Flame can help individuals better recognize and appreciate the true twin flame connection when it does occur. These experiences may provide contrast, making the genuine twin flame connection feel more profound and unique.

What is unconditional love?

Unconditional love means to love yourself completely with full acceptance. In the same way, to love your Twin Flame completely with full acceptance.

It is a journey of self-discovery, which involves loving yourself first.

To love unconditionally is to love without the need for anything in return, and that is the true essence of twin flame love because in this journey you learn and experience your source for everything is God, not your Twin Flame or anyone else.

Can you cut the cord with your Twin Flame?

Whenever we meet someone and get emotionally attached in some way we form an invisible cord with them.

This cord can be cut with them and even they can separate from you once their role is over in this lifetime or after a few lifetimes.

In the same way, you have an invisible cord connected from your heart to your Twin Flames heart. Beauty is you can not cut this cord in this lifetime or any lifetime. It’s eternal. No one can cut the cord between them.

As with birth, you both are connected with this cord; it’s not formed by emotional attachment.

It means you are always connected with your Twin Flame. You are never separated from your Twin Flame. Either you met them or not.

Anytime you can feel your Twin Flame in your heart space.

Are Twin Flames toxic?

Twin Flames are not toxic. This relationship is not toxic. It is based on self-love and unconditional love, yes your Twin Flame always reflects the truth that

How are you treating yourself?

How are you loving yourself?

Do you criticize yourself or are you compassionate with yourself?

The relationship you are having with yourself as it is your twin flame relationship will look like and you will experience

Ask yourself “Where do you have a toxic relationship in your life with yourself?” And heal it.

The main block to heal

Blocks are steps, not stops

– Jeff and Shaleia

On the Twin Flame journey healing your blocks is very important. These blocks are responsible for keeping you apart from your true Twin Flame. There is no need to fear the term blocks. It is not a condition that you have to heal all blocks first to come into Union with your Twin Flame. Yes! You have to heal blocks to come to Union.

The main common blocks can be:

  • Unworthiness
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Feeling Unlovable
  • Feeling not good enough

Do you have to keep healthy boundaries with Twin Flame?

Yes! It is an important lesson in Twin Flames Journey. You need to learn to practice healthy boundaries with your Twin Flame and all others. You can heal codependency with mirror exercise and it can help you to practice healthy boundaries.

Life Purpose and Twin Flames: a match made in Heaven

We all are uniquely blessed with skills and qualities by God. Both Twin Flames are designed with unique qualities that complement each other. When both work together on their passion as a profession they fly high.

Serving Life purpose means you honor your unique design, skill sets, and qualities and you put in a profession for which you are passionate. When you do it with your twin flame, it’s like a perfect partnership that helps you to grow quicker and healthier. The same energy you radiate in your profession.

It makes each profession full of divine energies. As what we have inside only we can radiate outside.

Twin Flame Journey is based on Unconditional Love. In the process of Twin Flame Journey both Twin Flames learn how to heal their upsets and come out from limiting beliefs, tap into their higher consciousness, and get deeper in love. By choosing love and God every time they face any upset. This Consciousness and love energy they radiate in their profession which make each profession blessed with divine love.

Ultimately that helps you to manifest all your good in your life.

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Stages of Twin Flame Journey

1. The first stage of the twin flame journey is Awakening or Realization:

This is when you awaken to the true desire of your heart. It is the stage when one realises that our outer world life is the exact mirror reflection of our inner world. We understand the power of our choices.

Which shifts us from victim or victimizer consciousness to Manifestor. We realize we are spiritual beings other than physical, and we can manifest anything with God with the power of our choices. We are co-creators.

When you decide to be with your Twin Flame. Signs and synchronicities from the Universe may appear to guide you.

2. Exploration, Discovery

During your exploration of Truth, you may find yourself asking questions like, “Am I a Twin Flame?,” “Who could my Twin Flame be?,” and “How will I know I’ve found my Twin Flame?”

As you explore the answers in your own heart, trust your intuition. Through every situation, choose to feel your feelings and honor yourself completely. The more in tune you are with your heart, the more clarity you will receive.

3. Clarity, Fulfillment

You’ll know the questions in your heart have been completely answered when you feel perfect clarity and fulfillment. You embrace the desire to be in harmonious union with God and with your Twin Flame.

4. Meeting, Coming Together

You reap what you sow! So, when you are in alignment with meeting and being with your Twin Flame, you will move into the full manifestation in the 3D. Remember, during this time, you are meeting yourself most completely. It may take time for both of you to adapt to this new emotional energy.

Your Twin Flame is your perfect teacher and student, your best friend, your perfect partner, and your lover.

5. Upset, Expansion

Your Twin Flame, being your perfect mirror, will bring up all of your upsets to work through. Because of the very nature of a Twin Flame relationship (an Ascension path for you), they will show you all the places of your consciousness that are not aligned with love. This stage requires persistence; your Twin Flame will shine a light on your shadows, your false beliefs about yourself, and your false beliefs about Love. But they will do this most lovingly because they do love you. And the Creator loves you too! That is why He created you as One with your mirror soul.

With the healing of each upset, every time you reach within the core of peace and love. It creates a perfect strong foundation for your harmonious union with your Twin Flame.

6. Surrender, Unconditional Love

In the surrender and unconditional Love stage, You realize there is no upset large enough to tear you apart, and that you can never truly ‘run’ from each other. Love is endless, and only Love is real and always wins.

With your choice to continuously surrender and give unconditional Love to both you and your Twin Flame, you can fully experience the spiritual rewards of your Twin Flame Union.

7. Harmonious Union

The more you go through your inner healing cycles (healing upsets with the Mirror Exercise and continuously choosing surrender and unconditional Love), the more you experience your natural state of being with your Twin Flame.

This natural state of being is a Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is soul Union. It is the permanent marriage of two into One. You will have attained Harmonious Union physically when you have first reached the vibration within.

8. The last stage of the twin flame journey is Perfect Union

As you deepen in love with your Twin Flame, you will naturally move into Perfect Union. Perfect Union is where you experience your entire One being in harmony with the Divine.

In Harmonious Union, your relationship with your Twin Flame reflects your perfect Oneness with the Divine. In Perfect Union, your entire life reflects your Oneness with the Divine.

What does Harmonious Twin Flame Union feel like?

The secret to attracting your Twin Flame is not just to love yourself, but to on God as your Lover. When you do this, your Twin Flame reflects that core choice and easily magnetizes into your life. Jeff mentioned in the book that try this with no attachment or expectations of how your love will manifest on the outside. Just be with God’s Love and the Love you have for God.

Twin Flame love feels juicy, loving, peaceful, and grounded. This is the easiest relationship you’ll ever have. Twin Flames feel satisfied with each other in all levels of intimacy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s beyond just physical.

It’s a beautiful feeling of oneness to be with your twin flame. There are no insecurities or fears as both always belong to each other. This bond is eternal.

With understanding, patience, and the right tools, your journey can be easy. Remember, seeking help when needed isn’t a sign of weakness, but a step towards healthier, happier relationships.

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Written by Komal Aravind