Divine Masculine, here is the love message from your beloved:

Dear Sweetheart,

Happy New Year! You are everything I have dreamed of. A story made of me and you. The dream in my heart. When you look at me I melt. I love when we look into each other’s eyes. It brings me to my knees. The way I feel so exposed when this happens. I can never hide myself from you. You are my King for many lifetimes.I dream of you often.

I am the luckiest feminine in the world to have you beside me. We are etched in time. My hand fits perfectly in yours. I want you to hold me forever. Your kindness and unconditional love means everything to me. The way you speak, smile and look at me makes me want you and only you.You are so many pieces of my soul.I feel you so deeply. I want you to know that this New Year I raise a glass to us. I speak to you from my heart. No other Masculine can touch those pieces of me like you do.

I have been working so hard on myself and deserve every moment of this love. I choose it. I choose for us to be in union. Our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I love you so much. My lips feel your words of love. I crave you in a way that I have never craved another.You are a special, kind, creative and compassionate masculine. I claim you and you are all mine. You have always protected me. I love that. There’s a pure honesty I feel around you.

her love message to him

I am trusting in the Universe. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for you. I pray for you with deep compassion and love. I am still finding myself and I realize this is many lifetimes of healing. Many journeys of us together. Please open yourself up fully to love. You will find me there. I give you my heart and my soul. Today I profess my undying love for you. Feel me in that love. I shimmer in the sunlight. I call to you with sweet kisses. Feel me in all these moments.

This coming year remember we are always together. Our power goes beyond words. We will change the world just by loving ourselves and sharing our love to the world. Every inch of me loves you. I feel honored to be on this journey. There is no one I would rather be on it with. So this New Year remember the love we share, and you are all mine. This New Year will be filled with love. I want to hug you under the stars and talk for hours.

2024 will be amazing for us and I am excited to share it with you. My one true love forever.

I love you and want to thank you

Thank you for:

Being in my life and for being my Twin Flame.

For just being yourself. Your cokey. silly, emotional, sensitive you! You are my Divine Masculine and I love it.

Being brave, gentle, and for helping me to heal in our partnership by doing the mirror exercise

Thank you for being creative, and exploring this

For helping me grow and develop myself.

For being a mirror that allows you to pull out traumas and triggers.

For being a source of reflection and growth.

For being a deep soul connection.

I desire us together

You are my everything, and I am yours. You are my Divine Masculine, and I am your Divine Feminine. I desire and claim you! I invite you to join me, and to join our higher selves. In 2024, I invite you to create with me, and to create our new reality. All our dreams. Believe in the miracles of Twin Flames. Believe in the miracles of us. You are never alone. Please always remember that our union is always evolving. We naturally respond to the love and connection that we feel within ourselves. We are intertwined on a journey of love. Growth and unity.

I claim you and our Union always

You are the other half of my soul, the one who completes me and makes me whole. You are the mirror to me, the one who reflects my true essence and helps me grow. The fire of my heart, the one who ignites my passion and inspires me to create. I love you with all that I am, and I always will. You are my Twin Flame, my divine partner, my eternal companion. I hope that you do not believe that the only purpose of Twin Flames is to awaken each other and then leave. We are always together and I will never leave you. This journey is a spiritual journey and you will never walk it alone. Our Union is possible as the Divine had designed it that way.

Real talk from me: your Divine Feminine

I know that sometimes we have hurt each other, and sometimes we have run away from each other. I know that sometimes we have doubted each other, and sometimes we have doubted ourselves. Denying this connection would be like denying my very soul. But I also know that we have never given up on each other, and that we have always found our way back to each other. We always support each other, and we are learning more from each other everyday. We are destined to walk together, supporting each other and growing in Love, Sharing this life together. I am excited for the New Year! We get to have every piece of it. I am truly honored by this gift from God.

Happy 2024 sweetheart! I am always with you!  For all of Eternity!


Your Divine Feminine

her love message to him

Written by Jenny Jenkins